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What Does Dinner Look Like at an Obama Fundraiser?

This is what dinner looks like at an Obama fundraiser.

With the private sector doing fine, President Obama and his donors can afford to feast on some Surf and Turf! Looks to be a rather large chunk of filet mignon and a crab cake on the plate. Nice.

I assume it cost more than a $3 donation to get in.

This photo – taken by Politico’s Reid Epstein for use by other White House reporters – is from the second of three fundraisers Obama held Tuesday night at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It was also the fifth of an incredible six fundraisers Obama staged during the day, coming off of three he hosted earlier in Maryland.

This is the second time this month Obama has packed six fundraisers into a single day. The Obama campaign is lagging behind its fundraising goals.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I like my meat well-done, so I guess I wouldn’t fit in too well with this crowd. That meat looks okay, not a lot of fat (yuck — nothing worse on a piece of meat than mushy fat), but I’d have to have it a LOT more done than that. As for the rest, I recognize the asparagus (though I’ve never had it), but I can’t say I recognize any of the rest of it aside from the lemon wedge beside “whatever-that-is” and the lettuce leaf under the other “whatever-that-is.”

  2. Have the plates been inspected by Moochelle and approved for meeting her “My Plate” requirements? It doesn’t look so to me. Oh wait, silly me, those rules are only for us peons.

    Meanwhile, after taking her two daughters and ten of their friends to Red Robin for a birthday party with cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes the other day (for Sasha’s birthday), she took them to Pinkberry on Sunday:

      • Photo is from the Kids Choice Awards, I’m sure all cell phones were confiscated at the Red Robin :)

        Looks like Dad missed both events :(

      • Susan, you’re one of my favorite posters here, but now that you made me go back and look at that photo….LOL

        Yes, Denise is right; that’s a photo from the Kids Choice Awards when MO wore her “I Wanna Be Beyonce” outfit. Ya know, ’cause she’s such a classy, glamorous FLOTUS. (barf)

  3. Assembly line food for lock step people.
    Appears the food is as cold and unappealing as the one for whom the fundraiser is created. Gives definition in pictures to the suggestion that O is out of touch with everyday people. This looks like a $10, 000.00 plate to you?

  4. So is that the $40,000, $10,000 or $250 meal? I’d seriously be asking for a refund. The meat is raw and whatever that is on top of the lettuce looks like a hairball yakked up by a cat.

  5. A Ticket to This Event cost anywhere from the small $3.00 Donation (just to see him talk), or $240.00 to $40,000.00 to have dinner and a round table discussion and meet and greet with the President.


    8:14 A.M.

  6. The way Dear Leader’s campaign has been screwing up, this spread might have been for a fund raiser targeting a vegetarian segment.

  7. Fine dining for the liberal establishment who have the hubris to think they and they alone know what the little people need. Hope you scumbags choke on your filet.

  8. The Failed President is a narcissist liar, socialist, and a statist loser, and is destroying America. He is a very dangerous man and ignores the law in general, the will of the American people, Congress, and the Constitution. There are no longer massive adoring crowds to deceive. For the first time in Barack Obama’s life, he is accountable.

    Obama has never stood for individualism, capitalism, or liberty. The White House has been marginalized and he has proven himself to be the most inept president in modern history. He is symbolic of a man who has downgraded the White House, the Constitution, human life, foreign policy, race relations, and America herself.

    The majority of Americans are sick of his condescension, his policies, his racist bigotry, and his incompetence. Obama is “the most disastrous president in our history.”
    This is the most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous tyrannical administration in American history. He is an arrogant, hyper-partisan, race-baiting, and a committed Black Liberation Socialist.

    President Obama flaunts a sinister, in-your-face egotism; the self-gratifying arrogance of a narcissist that would issue an Executive Order sealing all of his personal records within 24 hours of taking office.

    Obama’s characteristics — arrogance, conceit, egotism, vanity, hubris and, above all, rank amateurism — that would mark his presidency and doom it to frustration and failure.

  9. Actually, My wife and I would Never accept one, (1) million dollars to even be in a room with the Failed President, let alone dine.

  10. i suppose they have cake as the dessert since this “administration” is telling the private sector and its citizenry to “eat cake”…

  11. Looks like a plate lunch cafeteria style, no cover on the plates,not very elegant! And what is that glob of weird looking things on a lettuce leaf…ugh…I’ll pass on the meal. Hope they are enjoying their last suppers at the taxpayers’ expense. It won’t be long till they’re back to chitlins, yams, and Fred’s Fish Fry…Oh and check it out at the far end of the table in the shadows…looks like Michelle doing push-ups….could it be!!!