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Romney’s New “Private Sector Doing Fine” Video

The Romney campaign has released a new video assailing President Obama for his “private sector is doing fine” comment. It’s more sophisticated than the quick job I showed you yesterday. This one has ominous music, poor quality video of Obama, and real live unhappy people who are not doing fine – that is, all the things that make up a great attack video.

I show you this to make the point that Obama really blew it with this one. It’s one of those moments that won’t go away, will become part of the story of the campaign, and will be cited as part of the reason Obama lost, if he loses.

27 Responses to Romney’s New “Private Sector Doing Fine” Video

  1. I think the bigger point is where he thinks the economy IS having trouble is his own words. He says both during this news conference AND in his “walk back” later that day, the economy is suffering in the public sector.

    The man wants to borrow more money to prevent public employees at the state and local level from being laid off.

    Obviously he is trying to keep this union happy. He used stimulus money to float them last time and what’s to do it again.

    He just does not get that these employees can not be supported locally any longer. So he is basically suggesting that the fed money should be poured down a hole that will always need more.

    He just doesn’t get it. Or if he does, he’s not enough of a leader to point out the insanity of the suggestion.

    • I agree completely. Obama does not care if the private sector produces jobs, so long as governments can employ more people. What is amazing is that he thinks the government can employ anyone, much less more people, if the private job market does not do well. Or, just maybe, he wants us all to work for the government. The government brings you cars, except for Ford which has the audacity to survive on its own and foreign manufacturers; the government operates the only passenger service in the country; soon the government will bring you health insurance and eventually medical care;. Now let’s expand goverment’s role. That is Obama’s plan.

  2. That is effective.

    I’ve said this over and over that I am amazed that people support this President. I can understand that initially he had some appeal. But pretty is as pretty does;
    and pretty doesn’t.

  3. That ad has much more impact than the RNC video you posted on Friday. Unfortunately, the Romney campaign could make several feature length movies with all the Americans who have suffered under the iron fist of the Obama regime.

    He will lose this election, Keith. I’m sure they’ll try to steal the election with illegal aliens, the walking dead, and the usual Democrat shenanigans, but it will all be for naught. The tides are turning and we the people will be reclaiming ownership of this country come November. The win for Walker in Wisconsin was of more significance than anyone is letting on. Wisconsin was the birthplace of the progressive era. On Tuesday, the 5th of June, it became the birthplace of a new era of liberty and freedom.

    • Isn’t Wisconsin the home of Russ Feingold ? I’m surprised he didn’t have an impact with his new Progressive Pac. Then again, as popular as he was, he was voted out.

      Perhaps the rebirth of American has truly begun in Wisconsin. The People have spoken :D

      • The progressive hero FDR warned that government unions would eventually pit Americans against each other. It took a financial collapse for us to see just how right he was about that. The kid that was blubbering that democracy died that night was wrong. The stronghold that progressives and government unions held over Wisconsin died that night.

  4. I’m glad to see that Romney is not going to just let Obama walk away with the election like McCain did. Romney is good with the responses and I still giggle about his press conference in front of the Solyndra plant. Until then, who knew Solyndra had robots that played Disney tunes for the employees? Such a waste of taxpayer money!

  5. There’s a reason why MrO would say that the private sector is “doing fine” and it has more to do with his view or what he sees every day than the reality of the countrywide recession. Everyone he “sees” is working, he knows that business’ are making profits, contributors to his campaign are flush with cash and the DC area is still productive and even in a boom cycle.

    He doesn’t go to the small towns or cities and see the “for sale’ signs, the boarded up small manufactoring buildings, the long lines at the unemployment offices, or even the longer lines at local food banks. He doesn’t dare enter the ghetto sections of the big cities where despair and poverty are growing every day. He is, truly, out of touch, literally.
    He knows the answer to how many jobs were “created”, but he doesn’t understand that the 350K people who signed up for unemployment this week is not the total number of the unemployed Touting 80,000 jobs filled last month when 1,000,000 people in the same month lost their jobs doesn’t get through the fog of statistics.

    The political ads write themselves this week for MrRomney and the Obama campaign is gasping like a fish who ran out of water. More important than what MrO said is that this is what he believes. It wasn’t a gaffe, or something taken out of context. He believes that the answer to an economic recovery begins with hiring more government employees and that is his gaffe.

    • Obama can’t even run on his staged photo ops. His speeches are always given to students, celebrities, military or unions. Not quite the slice of working class America he needs for re-election.

      At least the first time around he was hanging with the likes of Joe the Plumber :)

      • I think Obama is so deluded he thinks as long as the MSM is all in and
        he thinks the peasants are still stupid he’s fine. Truly he’s got issues
        he’s got absolutely no grasp of reality. Hopefully he will get a large dose
        of it in Novmber.

  6. No, we’re not doing fine. Weakness in local and state governments….really? A calculated bone thrown to the government unions. The curtain has been raised thanks to the good people of Wisconsin. RNC, keep it up!

  7. Have Mr. O look at this article, and tell me that everything is ok, this story pretty much sums up so much of the issues relating to out of work Americans. I’m so sorry that Mr. O, never bothers to leave his constant campaigning to look at the reality of the state of this country and the economy we the people live or try to live within, but alas since he lives with binders on he will never really know the truth. Hey Mr. O, try being out of work for a few years, oh but wait….what’s that…did someone say NOVEMBER. OH dear to loos a job right before the holidays, how awful! I pray that the rest of us can make it to the holidays.

  8. If I could suggest one small change to the Romney campaign, it would be this: Add some racial diversity, to avoid criticism and cries of “racism!”, and to appeal to voters of all ethnicities.

    • People who escape from the Democrat plantation, especially minorities, pay a very high price personally for speaking out. Wouldn’t doubt it if Mr. Romney’s team had difficulty finding minorities willing to speak out publicly against Obama.

      We all saw what happened to Cory Booker for being honest. The Great Divider’s camp said he is “dead” to them. It doesn’t only happen with minorities. Last year a public school teacher made a campaign commercial against the recall of Gov Walker and was rewarded for her efforts with harassment and threats from her peers. The left will make an example of the runaways, by crucifying those who come out in the open. That is how they keep the rest of the slaves from escaping the Democrat plantation.

  9. Hope they start bringing up two things that are very important to this country. One is the leaks, the fact they threw the doctor who found Osama under the bus, the other leaks as well and Holder trying to make Florida NOT purge its voter registration roles of non-citizens and dead people. If these corrupt people get back in for 4 more years, this country will be ruined!

  10. We all know that Obama didn’t get where he is on his own.
    He’s the front man for the progressive machine.
    He owes a lot of people for putting him in his present position.
    Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw.

    I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.

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