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Obama Plays Golf for the 99th Time

President Obama this afternoon went golfing for the 99th time of his presidency.

Obama is on the links at Fort Belvoir with White House staffers Mike Brush and Marvin Nicholson, and Joe Paulson.

This is Obama’s seventh time golfing this year.

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  1. Given that President and Mrs. Obama dislike Congress so much that they will not invite any member of Congress (much less their spouse) to a dinner or lunch at the White House in order to foster goodwill, and given the president’s love of golfing, one would think he could find a Congressman to play golf with occasionally. (Obviously, since he is never played golf with the woman, he would not invite a Congresswoman.) Amazing that he’s only done this once I believe. Even more amazing, given the number of trips he makes on Air Force 1, and his willingness to invite wealthy musicians and celebrities to fly on the plane, is the fact that he is never apparently invited a Congressman, much less a Congresswoman, to fly with it on one of his all too frequent trips across the country. Or has Nancy Pelosi been hitching rides that we don’t know about?

  2. Thanks Keith. I was waiting for this post. I hope the RNC/Romney remembers to celebrate the 100th. The private sector is doing so well he can go golfing 100 times etc. It almost writes itself.

  3. If he were making the first tee time in the early a.m. this wouldn’t bug me so much. He plays on military courses, so that really screws up the schedule for the troops and vets.

    Nor does he seem to want to have family time, especially that he’s on road and away from home so much. If that sounded catty, then tell the Obamas to stop saying family is their first priority :P

    • He does family time on weekdays during the hours that the rest of us are at work working. Have you ever looked at the huge gaps in his schedule? Between 8 am and 2pm last Friday, he did five minutes of actual work.

    • Yes I saw that too he is as bad as BO. He charges the Secrest Service
      rent for the cottages on his property. If a man is willing to take a bullet
      for you couldn’t let him sleep free? These are the worst freeloaders I’ve
      ever seen.

    • Nah, just the usually “fore”play with the guys. Makes it much easier to “screw” the country when he gets off the green. ; )

  4. My Private-sector working husband is working today. He’d love to have a Saturday OFF let alone go golfing. He works every other Saturday to give his employees time off, but he’s got extra duty since some are taking holidays.

    Obama put in half-days, and mostly just fund-raised this week. The man doesn’t know what a hard day of work is.

    • You said it, he does not work, he campaigns and raises money for his re-election. Good thing for us that is looking less likely daily, with freinds like the Clintons and all.

    • My private sector working husband found out yesterday that the economy is doing so well they don’t need him at his job anymore. He has it until the end of July and then he’s done. I’m sure that since we’re adding so many new jobs a month he’ll have no trouble finding something new. Obama makes me physically ill now.

      • Hey Robin, good luck to your husband and yourself. We all unload here about Bam, etc, but your situation is real. Lets hope better days are coming.

      • Robin, I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s job. Hope your husband finds something quickly. Best wishes and good luck. We will all have to celebrate here when Obama loses his job in November!

      • Sorry about that bad news!

        However, here is what I think. Most employers are waiting until they know if Obama will be gone in January before expanding or even keeping their employees. It looks to me like your hustand’s employer just can’t wait.

        I understand your fears and frustration. We had to let go almost all of our employees. We are at bare bones. Our business depends on the rest of the economy being on sturdy legs. Our customers need to know that they have a job in the future before they continue spending money. A different President will give them that hope.

      • Sorry to hear that Robin. Good luck to you. I think he made a lot of people physically ill with that comment. Notice how only the Republicans have suggested Obama is out of touch. The press assumes it’s just a gaffe, whereas if a Republican president had said it . . .

      • Robin, I’m so sorry about your husband. Good luck to you both. Unfortunately, so many companies are sitting tight and not hiring until after the election. Just keep positive and know that this nightmare will be over soon.

  5. OOH, OOH!!! I just thought of the perfect way to get Obama out of office. I’ll wangle a round of golf with him and then I’ll make him count EVERY stroke. No cheatin’ whatsoever. That should drive him crazy!!!!! Unless he can get the Secret Service to whack me. (I can always bring along a couple of Colombian prostitutes as insurance against that).

    • Sadly, unless you are a Chicago mobster, Hollyweird phony, or New York/D.C. Trotskyite, the chances of the fraud in chief playing a round of golf with one of the little people has a snowballs chance in Hades of ever occurring.

  6. It’s better that he stick with things he knows how to do (i.e. swing a golf club) instead of things he doesn’t know how to do (i.e. be President).

  7. I can’t decide what’s worse-the fact that king putt has spent more time on the golf course than any of his predecessors…..or the fact that he spends this time with such low caliber flunkies. It always looks like Barry wandered into the WH kitchen and rounded up a foursome! Aren’t there some Generals or captains of industry who play golf? Barry needs to broaden his horizons. Then again, he is nothing but a ‘seat filler’ himself! What a farce!

  8. Obama is on the links at Fort Belvoir with White House staffers Mike Brush and Marvin Nicholson, and Joe Paulson.

    Does this qualify them as having “green jobs”?

  9. Sixteen and a half man-days on the links, when unemployment hasn’t been this high, this long, since the Great Depression.

    And people are still going to vote for him blindly.

    America cannot, and will not, long survive this many ignorant voters.

    After America is over, last person out, turn off the lights. It’s been swell.

  10. I see that the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary by congregating in DC and if I am not mistaken, First Ladies are Honorary Chair of the organization. Where is Michelle?

      • Nice that the Prez took photos, but it’s the First Lady who is historically the chair. I wonder if Michelle opted out since she has two daughters, neither of whom are scouts and she might be asked alot of q’s about why they aren’t.

  11. Once again, he’s golfing on a military installation, which means added security and a virtual shutdown of the base. Sunday is for our military to enjoy the recreation that they’ve earned, not for some wannabe golfer who should pay for a private club membership. Besides, he is no Tiger Woods, and for the most part, golf is a white man’s sport. Invite some of your brothers to shoot some hoops…doesn’t the WH have their own basketball court? Why not use the entertainment we pay for at your residence, rather than showboatin’ out in public, going to golf in a motorcade…as usual, wasting money and time. Should be home brushing up on economics and foreign policies…no one needs to see you anymore than we have to…

  12. King putt . . . that is really great Girly1. Can I have permission to use it

    LOL. No permission needed, Keith – heard it on Rush a few months ago – so appropos!