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Obama Triples Bush’s Fundraising Event Pace

President Obama is staging fundraisers at a torrid pace, holding nearly three times as many this year as George W. Bush had by the same date during his 2004 reelection bid.

Obama has done 86 fundraising events in 2012, including one he will hold this morning at a private residence in Los Angeles. Once today’s event is complete, he will already have done 14 fundraisers in June alone, an average of two per day.

By this time in 2004, Bush had only done 31 fundraisers. Since filing for reelection, Bush had done a total of 79 fundraisers by June 7, 2004, just over half the 153 fundraising events Obama has done since filing as a candidate in April 2011.

Obama’s packed fundraising schedule raises the question about how much fundraising is too much: At what point do the demands on the president’s time and the costs to taxpayers of jetting him to far-flung money events become unacceptably high?

Obama this year has already made multiple trips to California to collect from his avid supporters in Hollywood and Northern California. And he has also hopscotched up to New York City several times to scoop up money from the many wealthy liberal inhabitants of Manhattan Island.

The election is still five months away, and the June fundraising blitz suggests the Obama effort is only going to expand. The Obama campaign is trailing its own fundraising expectations, so Obama operatives will likely want to make greater and greater use of their chief money attracting asset, the president.

What’s more, Obama has not even started staging regular campaign rallies, though many of his “official” presidential events certainly have a campaign feel to them.

* A hat tip to CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller for the statistics used in this piece. Knoller, the widely accepted expert on presidential data, can be found on Twitter at @markknoller and on the CBS News Political Hotsheet.

26 thoughts on “Obama Triples Bush’s Fundraising Event Pace”

  1. Buh-rock is a super campaigner. He’s way cool, like, you know, he can sling the b.s. even without a teleprompter. Unfortunately, that is the only thing he is good at.
    ABO. A.

  2. But, but, but…the lefties in Wisconsin say that collecting a lot of money is a bad thing.

    Or at least it is if you’re a Republican.

    1. MSNBC reported how outspent Barrett was in Wisconsin without mentioning the millions poured into the recall effort by the unions. No need for those pesky details when you can smash the opponent with all that dirty billionaire money ;)

  3. Unless MrO is planning on redistributing his campaign wealth with the American public, one billion, two billion, or however much he plans to spend on the election won’t buy him one vote or change one person’s mind.

    The only thing that will change how the votes are cast in November is a grievous, horrible crime, or revelation that would fall on either candidate.
    We all know that the economy isn’t going to rebound, our homes are not going to break the surface and jobs aren’t going to return to the US.
    Rightfully or not, MrObama takes the heat for it all, and it will cost him a re-election victory.

    1. I think so much reporting on Wisconsin focused on getting out the vote efforts, money, and other political items, and omitted or downplayed that people basically just approve of Walker.

  4. At what point do the demands on the president’s time and the costs to taxpayers of jetting him to far-flung money events become unacceptably high?

    about 50 fundraisers ago?

    1. What about the USAF crews who have to keep Air Force 1 going all day/all week just to make sure Obama & Michelle can ‘jet off’ to where ever they like for fundraising or some ego inflating media event…

  5. If he maintains this mad dash – jetting around on the taxpayers dime performing his vaudevillian act in front of dwindling audiences of trained seals – he won’t have time to stop and consider what a massive failure he is.

    Meanwhile…the facts about this liar keep piling up. The fraudster in chief did anything he could to win the office of the presidency – lie, cheat, steal, and heaven only knows what else.

    1. BTW…?
      If Obama golfs so much:
      What is his handicap/score? Obama golfs alot but no one ever mentions what he scored?
      Why is that?

  6. Drudge Report reports that Romney raised 76,8 million dollars in May, thereby topping Obamas 60 million dollars. Hallelujah, this saved my day !
    Read about Obamas creepy remark about his wife, so disgusting. My guess is that he now tries a “macho” image since many people suspects that he is not heterosexual.

    1. Romney should compliment his wife on “the beauty and poise she has after all she has been through” to contrast and compare with Obama. Tit for tat.

    “My fellow Americans: Please give me 40,000 dollars now and I send you a special window decal that will show YOU CARE. It will also let the Occupy thugs to spare your house when they march down your neighborhood torching your town suburbs in a strangly organized season of chaos leading up to my suspending the elections in November. GIVE NOW!”


    1. Jeff, you nailed it. Additionally, family time for the military involved, Secret Service, staff. Who cares? Dear Leader’s needs must be met.

  8. How many of these has the taxpayer paid the expense for? Were all of them official business that just happened to have a fundraiser in the same place?

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