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Obama Raises $60 Million in May

President Obama’s campaign raised $60 million in May for itself and Democrats, a jump from its April total of $43.6 million, the campaign tweeted this morning.

Mitt Romney, whose $40.1 million April take nearly matched Obama’s, has not yet announced his May total.

Romney’s April take was close to Obama’s even though Romney did not start raising money for Republicans – which allows him to ask donors for more cash – until partway through the month.

The Obama campaign said 98 percent of the donations received in May were for less than $250, and the average donation was $54.94.

The campaign boosts its small donor base by continually raffling off lunch or dinner with the president, a practice Romney has begun as well.

38 thoughts on “Obama Raises $60 Million in May”

  1. Right and I’m sure his total would have been a lot less if we the people weren’t paying for the majority of his travel expenses!

  2. It looks like the Obama administration believes that reposting a 2009 speech on the WhiteHouse website about D-Day is good enough to cover his obligation to honor our fighting men in WWII.

    Of all the insults, all the ridicule this man has thrown at the American voter, none was as offensive as the insult and ridicule he threw on his own wife and mother of his children in public yesterday. His off-color, sexually suggestive remark about his wife was beyond all good taste, respect for his audience and his position in the world.
    He has brought the exalted position of POTUS to a new, distasteful low.

    1. srdem65: I just read that remark in its entirely on another blog. You are so right, it was utterly disgraceful. I’ll let someone else post the whole “joke.” I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself as a non-regular here.

    2. srdem, thank you for bringing his comments up. I was unaware of them but just looked for them after seeing your reference. Reminds me of him giving Hillary “the finger” during that debate. Street trash always show their true side eventually.

    3. Agree, a new, distasteful low to the position but right in line with being the celebrity-in-chief and a Chicago street punk.

    4. You can learn much about a man’s character by how he refers to his wife. I cringe every time I hear a man call his wife “the old lady” “the ball and chain” or some other such comment. It shows, to me, a total lack of respect for the person that is supposed to be their partner and companion. His sexually overt comment regarding Mrs. Obama and their personal life simply shows what he thinks of women. No respect. No class. Hopefully no re-election.

      1. Like I said empty sentiments meant for nothing more than CYA. Had he
        ”meant’ to remember it would have been original no one believes his
        lame repeat of someone else’s words. He’s just going with his inflated
        ego and he comes first. Almost worse than when he ignored it entirely.

      2. Shofar, I agree with your assessment of “how you speak of your wife” and may I add, how you think of your mom. Remembered the High School yearbook of Duh Won…he mentioned (glowingly…like the ember of a joint) the guy who got them the good weed. But NO mention of his mom (neither step dad or bio-dad–guess he wasnt channeling the dreams yet).

        This is one ugly commentary. Props to Politico and to Drudge for running with it.

    5. So, what could he imagine that he’s accomplished with this remark?
      1. Private payback for the say Michelle Antoinette’s extravagance has made his admin look bad? Or her public remarks about him? Or the say that she seems so eager to snatch the microphone from him when he speaks in public?
      2. Provide “evidence” that he is heterosexual?
      3. Provide “evidence” that he and Michelle have a sexual relationship?
      4. Edgy, cool, hipness vote pandering?

      When I read the story about how BO “tucks’ Mooch into bed every night, my first thought was “b.s.” and my second was that it suggested that they have separate beds. Who tucks someone into a bed that they themselves will be entering? Unless it’s bec she goes sleepy-bye and he stays up all night working – not likely.

      1. My guess is he was trying to impress his LGBT audience with tales of lore about his and the Mooch’s sexual escapades. This man isn’t the president…he is a vaudevillian entertainer. Rush was right – he is the male version of Kim Kardashian. America’s head of state is Baraka Kardashian.

        1. I loved the Kardashian reference. I do think Kim works harder than BO, but she’s basically rich and famous for doing nothing. So that would make MrsO the Paris Hilton of first ladies :D

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  4. So, we see the reason for the $3 donation appeals — now it can be claimed that 98% of the people who love Barack can only give less than $250. He’s a real man of the ordinary people and so is his wife in her twice-worn designer duds.

  5. Okay, he raises $60 million in May, but we the taxpayers pay $9,563,392 (approx.) for the cost of operating just AF1 for his fundraising and photo ops in May. This madness has got to stop somewhere!

    That $9.56 million does not include any costs related to Mrs. Obama, Biden, or any other travel expenses related to any of their trips.

    Through today, Obama has spent $29,239,084 in travel on AF1 this year.

    1. I wonder if we could get an audit of the DNC to see exactly how much the taxpayers are picking up on his travel costs. These “delivering remarks” trips with recycled campaign speeches are starting to look scammy to me.

      Thanks for crunching the numbers Shofar !

  6. What a vulgar remark from the Potty Mouth-in-Chief! If this doesn’t lose the womens’ vote–I give up! No wonder he forces everyone to relinquish their blackberries and cell phones at his fundraisers!

  7. Either Romney isn’t listening when conservatives voice their displeasure with the disgusting tactic of raffling off of the office of the presidency, or else he just doesn’t care. Following the lead of the campaigner in chief won’t endear him to those of us who have had enough of the games these establishment politicians play…

    1. I still think these “raffles” are illegal. When Obama first started doing it, you didn’t need to donate to enter.

      I’m also betting the winners are heavily vetted or pre-selected. We really don’t hear much about them.

      1. Denise, DOJ cleared them under the “Fast & Furious” ruling. As for the “winners” they will be released from captivity after the election. :>)

          1. They have to screen out all the conservatives who try to enter some way. That is creepy that the want so much personal information to enter a raffle. What do they do with all that info they collect? Sell it to identity thieves?

  8. I can only add what “insight” this “joke” gives into Duh Won’s mindset. I am still trying to find WHICH fundraiser this “line” was dropped at. One was to be at the home of the creator of the “glee” tv show (a male w/his male fiancé as hosts). That kinda adds more to the “he KNEW what he was saying” line of thinkings if the joke was delivered to a more GLTB friendly environment. This is icky, creepy and misogynistic beyond belief…..

    Wonder how (intoning Wintour) “Me!chelle” and his “sons” feel about “the joke.”

    Obama’s joke? –

    1. This is the leader of the free world?!!! Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying that about Nancy? Its so disrespectful to the office! What were people thinking when they voted him in? I hope they have had enough of “cool” and vote next for someone with some class.

    2. Spot on Mary about that joke! What a creepy, pathetic little man our POTus is.

      Obama has mentioned his “sons” five times this year according to Breitbart. I’m starting to wonder if he’s losing it or if he really has sons…

  9. Romney raised $70,000,000 so he beat Obama in fundraising. Bet that is a bur in his backside.

    The joke told by Obama was offensive, tacky and shows a total lack of respect for women….please let this person get voted out in Nov!

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