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Messina: We Got Beat by Mean Rich People

The Obama Campaign today admitted that the Mitt Romney outraised President Obama by some $17 million last month.

In an email to supporters with the subject line “We got beat,” Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina acknowledged the obvious and asked for more money. And of course, he showed all the usual graciousness of the Obama crowd.

We don’t have the special-interest and high-dollar donor advantage that Romney has. Barack Obama has you, and we are bound and determined to fight back on behalf of a country where everyone gets a fair shot and a fair shake.

AWWW,  you’re breaking my heart.

What Messina leaves out is that the Obama campaign got beat at the very same game it won in 2008. Messina wants people to think that Romney’s fundraising is somehow related to the unlimited donations given to PACs, but it’s just the same equal playing field of limited candidate and Party donations on which Obama destroyed McCain four years ago.

The problem for the Obama campaign is not, in this case, that there’s more fat cats in the game than in 2008. It’s that there’s more enthusiasm on the Republican side.

Wrote Messina:

We know that only 15 percent of Romney’s May totals came from people giving less than $250, compared to 98 percent in that category for us.

This is actually very dishonest, even for politics.

The sentence above clearly suggests that 98 percent of the money received by Obama came from people giving less than $250, which is untrue. Actually, 98 percent of the donations made were for $250 or less, which is what you get when you are constantly auctioning off a meal with the president for $3. Plenty of Obama’s money still came from evil rich people.

By comparison, 93 percent of Romney’s donations were for $250 or less.

It’s true that about 15 percent of Romney’s total take was from people making more than $250. But the correct comparison is between 98 percent and 93 percent, not 98 percent and 15 percent. I haven’t seen any info from the Obama campaign on what percentage of its total haul was from those making more than $250

From the beginning we’ve built this campaign together, from the bottom up. More people giving a little bit is the only way to compete with a few people giving a lot.

That’s also untrue, as Messina well knows. Ninety three percent of Romney donors giving less than $250 is not anywhere close to just “a few people giving a lot.”

By touting what it claims is its army of poor people, the Obama campaign is trying to make sweet Riesling out of its sour grapes. In reality, it desperately wants more money from the wealthy, but it’s not getting what it had hoped.

Perhaps if Obama had succeeded in improving the economy, those who work their asses off and make a lot of money would give him more of what they’ve earned. Maybe even if he’d just stop vilifying the rich and dissing the conduct of capitalism he get more from the well heeled, even in the Obama economy.

17 thoughts on “Messina: We Got Beat by Mean Rich People”

  1. Boo Hoo! Obama can’t disparage the rich and expect grand results, people are scared. Look around you, everyone is scared and tired of the last few years. Never have I seen our country in such a state, truly sad. Hope and change is what we need, big time, I pray we get it.

    1. That seems like 41 billion campaign contribution right there. Donated by the Dem controlled house and senate in the Prez’s 1st two years. That ought to buy him a few votes anyway.

  2. Cry me a river Messina. How can you say you have no backing from special interests when your boss is busy cajoling Hollyweirdos to join his campaign? Drudge is linking to an article about an early morning breakfast meeting the campaigner in chief had with “young stars”. Sure must have been an important meeting because he rarely rolls out of bed before 10:00am any other day of the week.

      1. Maybe we’ll be seeing a lot more of the raffles with these kids. Or in order to fill a stadium he can appear with them.

    1. I thought the same thing — what about the gay marriage supporters who are now paying out to Obama in hopes that their special interest will come true? I suppose the Os classify them as social justice activists, which in my book doesn’t prevent them from also being special interest citizenry.

  3. Keith, you know Obama has now succeeded Bill Clinton as the new face of the three dollar bill don’t you. The bill is much bigger than normal to accommodate Barry’s wide grin.

  4. I am so glad I am not on one of these email lists. The only qualification I am looking for in a chief executive is the depth and coherence of his ideas put forth to staunch the hemorrhage of the US Treasury and get our country’s people working again.
    OBAMA has nothing but electric cars that burn up, failed jobs programs to industries that look more like political payoffs, and a runway government intruding into the lives of people who actually are doing work.
    Next summer I expect to see him at a barbacue in Hyde Park with his guy-I-know -in-my-neighborhood pal Ayers.

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  6. As you sow, so shall you reap. Maybe if Obama didn’t lie about only using federal election funds he would not be crying now. McCain’s problem is he was gullible.

    Besides, all we hear about is him jetting here or there at twenty to thirty thousand dollar a head campaign stops or auctioning himself off for three bucks. Both are despicable.

  7. First observation, those commenting on this site are about a thousand times more civil and intelligent-sounding than on so many other sites with everyone is a moron, tard, et al. Second, I agree with the commends, the hypocrisy in the letter (as he’s closing a public beach in Connecticut for yet another celebrity big $ fund-raiser). I may have found a site where people understand and speak intelligently using reason instead of pure emotion (usually hatred). Kudos to author and those making comments so far.

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