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Shhh . . . The President is Sleeping

President Obama’s job keeps him busy, and with the added amount of fundraising he’s been doing in recent weeks, he can often be found “working” late.

Many of us are forced on occasion to work into the evening, but the president is availing himself of an option most of us don’t have: He’s sleeping in.

Obama’s constant fundraising and travel, it appears, is making it difficult for him to get out of bed.

After a hard day of passing the hat around Monday in New York City – four fundraisers in all – Obama returned to the White House at close to 1:00 am. The next day he received the Presidential Daily Briefing – which normally kicks off his publicly announced schedule when he is in Washington and is usually taken by the president about 9:15 am – at 10:45 am.

Obama claims he works Saturdays. But this past Saturday, following a Friday trip to Minneapolis and Chicago that featured an incredible six fundraisers, Obama slept in at his home in Chicago, puttered around the house, and finally emerged at about 11:45 am to stroll to a friend’s house.

He ultimately got back to Andrews Air Force Base at 4:25 pm and headed straight to Camp David for further recuperation.

Obama then made a couple of public appearances to mark Memorial Day in Washington, but he appears to have squeezed in a little holiday time afterward, with his schedule beginning at 10:30 am the next day.

The week before, fundraising took a similar toll on the president’s morning habits, as you can see below.

On Monday of the same week, he returned to the White House at 12:50 am from a busy day – no fundraisers this time – of meetings with foreign leaders in Chicago and an “official” appearance in Joplin, Missouri.

The next day, he had no public schedule at all.

But alas, a busy night doesn’t always keep Obama in bed the following morning.

On Wednesday, May 23, his final fundraiser in Redwood City, California wasn’t scheduled to begin until 9:10 pm. But as you can see above, there he was on Thursday at 8:30 am – in San Jose for his first fundraiser of the new day.

Today, Obama is headed to San Francisco and Beverly Hills for a total of four fundraisers. The last begins at 8:55 pm.

Set the snooze.

32 thoughts on “Shhh . . . The President is Sleeping”

  1. Obviously, I enjoy the humor in reading these calendar stories but, honestly, any corporate board of directors that saw such a blatant disregard for duty by a CEO would be obligated to fire such a person. Does anyone agree with me that Congress needs to step in now and sanction/impeach this man? Immediately?

  2. I’m wondering the same thing, RickW. Where exactly is Boehner and the rest of the do-nothing gang? If this had been George Bush, Pelosi would have called for impeachment – dereliction of duty! We can only hope that the ‘People” impeach him on Nov. 6!

    1. This is Obama and we should be calling for dereliction of duty. We were able to get a joke at first but no American should find this funny after almost 4 years. I worry he may get 4 more years of vacation.
      It’s obscene. America has a non functioning government.

    2. This is nothing that Congress will do or can do. This is something that the electorate does. We fire him. Incompetency is not an “impreachable” offense. If it was, there are several who would have been impeached . . . Carter being one of them.

      We are his boss, not Congress. Congress is part of the tiple head government. Congress can no more fire Obama than Obama can fire Congress.

    3. We have NO IDEA what the WH Czars are doing in their various roles Obama has delegated.
      His schedule also seems to purposely not display a detailed account of what he actually does. He looking for his next Drone Kill? (BTW-the proper term is RPAs-remotely piloted vehicles…Air/Space mag, this month’s issue)
      The private fundraisers are problematic as well. Are these Foreign interests? Felons? Foreign Corporations? Guys-I-know-in-my-neighborhood? (Keith-the last one is my favorite)

      1. Heard on the news yesterday that another Al Qaeda leader was killed in a drone strike over Pakistan. My first thought was of him sitting alone in a dark room with a bottle of booze and a pack of smokes…wearing out the replay button on his video player.

    4. so-called “Republican leader” bitches about ‘lack of cooperation from the Obama White House’,
      SO! why dosent the Boehner office make public: ‘Pres. Obama’s Daily Schedule’???
      and mention why “Pres.” Obama will not meet with/work with the Congress…?

  3. I read a reader comment elsewhere that as of March 6 Barack Obama had gone to or held 104 fundraisers. More than the 94 held by Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and George W. Bush combined. Astonishing. The amount of time this President spends fundraising surely must impact his ability to govern. Or get out of bed.

    1. Grace, isn’t it sad to see a President of the United States wandering around with a cup asking for donations? Auctioning himself off? He has become a laughing stock to anyone who reads FACTS like Keith and a few others dare to publicize.

  4. He never did make it to Wisconsin last week, Keith. He only managed to give them a quick dip of the wing of AF1 as he flew from Minnesota to Chicago.

    I’ve given up on getting worked up about the poor work ethics of this worthless slug. Thanks to Shofar’s fantastic stats, I’ve been keeping my family and friends up-to-date on his and Mooch’s jet-setting lifestyle of the rich and famous. There is roiling boil of contempt for these charlatans around this neck of the woods, and it will come to a head five months from now. The morning after 6 November, I pray we will be having another celebration like today. A celebration of freedom and liberty after kicking these two imposters to the curb.

    1. I saw a clip the First Lady making Top Ten jokes about vegetables on David Letterman. Must be part of her book tour ?

      Though can’t fit in a quick visit to WW2 vets at a VA hospital ? Priorities. Priorities.

      1. Yep, she has fundraisers in New York today so she probably flew out there early to tape her appearance on Letterman. I doubt a thought about D-Day or using the occasion of her visit to thank veterans for their sacrifices ever crossed her mind…

  5. Just looking for the last date the Dear Leader last gave a Presser, the last I could find on-line was 6-30-2011, almost a year since the last Press Conference?

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  7. Sleeping? And this is different from … when? He’s been asleep at the wheel for nearly four years, unless it is to play golf, b-ball or raise money.

  8. This is the Obama family 4 year vacation. Reagan at his eldest would buzz circles around this guy. No surprises here, as a US Senator he could be counted on to vote a solid “present and accounted for”. This highlight doesn’t make black folks enthusiasm for this guy a “‘positive statement”.
    The correct descriptive adjective is LAZY!

  9. This is pathetic. You folks want him to “do his job” but when “doing his job” means sleeping on his responsibility to raise money for the party that elected him when his opponent is not only independently wealthy but has the thieves on Wall St. in his pocket, you’re just asking him to be stupid and commit career suicide. What is he supposed to do in the wee hours of the morning? Carve out even larger sections of the wealth produced by American workers for the top 1% to blow on yachts and cognac with Boehner and friends? And as a roommate once said to me in college, once he goes in and closes the door you don’t know whether he’s boffing Joe Biden or hunting down the next Bin Laden. So why don’t you all just STFU?

  10. Well, that should surprise nobody, after all those who’ve known him in the past labeled him ‘very lazy’.
    He is the most lazy and, derelict president ever!

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