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Quote of the Day || June 7, 2012

“There was a lot of cheating in Wisconsin. I mean, poll workers were denying dead people the right to vote. And that’s just not right.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || June 7, 2012”

  1. I agree. There’s a five-second rule for a cookie dropped on the floor and a five-month rule for voters who dropped dead. Of course, after the “five” rule you can’t eat the cookie or vote for Gramps.

  2. Check. and Double Check..
    But Walker spent 7 times the money his opponent in campaigning, or so the Dems complain. Sounds like the gazillion dollars the Obama camp has spent doing same has a new meaning.

    1. Love your bougainvillea photo Stephen. Planted one in the backyard last month that has some beautiful blooms. Unfortunately, the deer like them too so had to put a fence around it.

      That 7:1 figure is nothing more than a Democrat talking point. Maciver Institute reports the union spent $20 million for the recall, versus $30 million Walker received in donations. When you add in all the taxpayer funded union “volunteers” from in and out of Wisconsin who manned the phone banks, bussed in protestors, and organized GOTV efforts it appears the union spent far more than $20 million.

      1. Thanks for that info Susan. Wondering how much dough the unions injected into the recall campaign that was not reported in the msm. Add that to the dem coffers and the true picture emerges.

  3. Keith…you are soooo clever with your Obama “quotes.”. Next you’ll write, as a sarcasm of course, that the Eric Holder Department of (Social) Justice and Kabuki Theater will be sending threatening letters to states that purge the dead, illegals, etc from their voter rolls…

    Ahh…wait…oooopsie….my bad.

    The actual truth is more ironic than witty irony:(

  4. I just read the article about the ” Cautious Mr Romney” and I must say that I agree with most of the commenters here. I think Romney handles himself very well, I see steel and sense in this man, and I think it was good that he didn´t distance himself from Trump. He really should embrace Trump but as it is politically impossible his response was adequate to me. I am normally no fan of the flashy Trump but I think it is great that Trump digs into Obamas shady background with such passion. As it must be risky for Trumps business it takes some guts and I really like courageous men.
    Larry Kudlow wrote in National Review (” Why stocks love Scott Walker” )that the only possible explanation for the happy stockmarket yesterday was the result of the election in Wisconsin. That is something that Romney ought to exploit. And just imagine if Romney wins in November….

  5. Among the lessons to be learned from Wisconsin, conservatives need to win by more than the margin that the left cheats (“margin of cheat” wasn’t my phrase – someone else coined that one). Getting dead people, movies stars (intellectual equivalents if there ever was such a pair), fictitious characters, illegal aliens, out of state voters, people voting twice – it’s too bad the braindead left, and their pinched minions (unions) can’t use their creativity on constructive enterprises. I guess if they did, they’d vote Republican

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