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Obama Not Scheduled to Commemorate D-Day

It’s D-Day and President Obama is hitting the beaches – of sunny California!

Instead of scheduling a brief event to mark the 68th anniversary of America’s brutal landing on the shores of Normandy, Obama is already on his way to San Francisco, where he will hold two fundraisers before moving on to Beverly Hills to stage two more.

Obama failed to mark D-Day with either a speech or a written proclamation both last year or the year before. He did give a speech in 2009, the 65th anniversary of the event.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made much of her “Joining Forces” campaign to support military families, also has nothing planned for D-Day. She’ll be in New York City for a fundraiser and then in Philadelphia to meet with campaign volunteers.

Obama’s failure to mark D-Day in any significant way is both a shame and a political mistake.

According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, two critical swing states – Florida and Pennsylvania, are among the top five states in terms of veterans’ population. Within the top twelve are four others – Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina – all states Obama desperately needs to carry.

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  1. This Empty Suit is on his way OUT.

    Our country is hungering for REAL Leadership and will vote this Amateur Hour Oracle out in November. Counting the days.

  2. Of course he’s skipping it again. There are not enough WWII vets that would vote for him anyway so he is just ignoring them. Does anyone really believe that he loves this country after he continues to do things like this?

  3. What else would you expect from a President for whom our historical victories are so far away from his thinking that he didn’t even know how to
    pronounce the word “corpsman”? It’s a wonder he didn’t refer to the “Marine Corpse” (LOL). Even without tutoring, one might have thought this “brilliant” Harvard scholar would have made the connection. But no, didn’t even cross his radar any time in life. Since he made the error at least twice, we can presume his staff has had little connection with things military also. Without some great military advisors and leaders, and heroic seal teams and other combat troops, our President would be adrift in the current conflicts.

    Of course, fundraising would come before any thoughts of reflection on
    D-day (my father landed at D-hour on D-day on Utah Beach. Fortunately, because it was much, much easier than Omaha or Pont du Hoc). All it would have taken was to read a prepared 5 minute speech, followed by a swift exit.
    Then again, he is going to be in San Francisco, home of all sorts of anti-
    military people.

  4. that pisses me off! one of the greatest military events in American history happened on this day and the president does not commemorate it?? how would you feel if you ran up those beaches fighting your way through and seeing so many of your comrades shot and then years later on that day your president does not even recognize the importance of D-Day so much as not say a word about it?? you fought for this country and so many other people gave their lives for it but he just blows it off as if it didn’t even happen. its a shameful day for president Obama.

  5. Is it not clear that Obama hates the USA? D Day is one of the most important days in history. If not for the Allied actions, and the key participation of the US forces, the face of the world would have been forever changed by one of the most vile regimes to have ever existed. ________ Of course Obama is not going to commemorate it, except possibly, to privately grieve the loss of the Nazis.

  6. Obungler is nothing but a socialist anti-American who is destroying this great nation. He is a disgrace, and his voters are all traitors.

    D-day would be remembered by any patriotic American President, period.

  7. This man is such an embarrassment, not to mention totally unpatriotic. Counting the days until November, when we can clean the trash out of the WH.

    As the song goes…..I’ll get on my knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again.

  8. We’ll fix this mistake in 153 days.

    Let it be noted that even Bubba Clinton had the smarts to have at least a photo-op in France – remember the stacking of the rocks.

    153 days baby and there is NOTHING barry can do about it.

    • ChrisC bite me I served and am a lifelong member of the DAV, AmVets and yes I am disabled due to my service and not for one damn moment do I regret my service to my country and those brave soldiers that have died for our country — yes I still cry everytime I visit my brothers and sisters interred in the local veterans cemetary

      ChrisC if you choose not to honor the fallen who fought for freedom — then celebrate with the rest of the Country in November when the Socialist in the WhiteHouse and his disgracefull wife MOOCHIE are Voted out of office

  9. The incompetent narcissist certainly doesn’t want something as petty as a D-Day commemoration upsetting his anti-American agenda.

  10. Obama only likes Veterans if they come with votes or gobs of money. They offer Obama neither so they get the shaft. Come November it’s one and done for the Commander in Grief!

  11. Oh shut up, you irrelevant citizens…who probably don’t even serve in uniform (…yea, a ridiculous amount of our population never has been or ever will be in uniform for their entire lives…whoops). Who really cares if the POTUS doesn’t do anything special for D-Day!? It’s not like he scrubbed the 9/11 Memorial from the list. It’s not like nothing was done for Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day. If that’s the case, why don’t we celebrate the end of both World Wars in a very special way. Hell, why don’t we celebrate the end of the CIVIL WAR in a VERY SPECIAL way. For crying out loud, it was the engagement that had very much to do with the beginning of our land actually being that of the free!

    • Chris: I don’t know you at all, but from your little rant would guess you to be a youngster with no real experience and therefore not a credible voice in this discussion. You need to wake up and smell the coffee. This guy is bad for us all and no amount of your trying to gloss it over will make up for the fact that he does not stand for the majority of us in the USA.
      I suggest if you are a fan of his you shut the heck up and go back to your video game. Let the adults take it from here.

    • ChrisC bite me I served and am a lifelong member of the DAV, AmVets and yes I am disabled due to my service and not for one damn moment do I regret my service to my country and those brave soldiers that have died for our country — yes I stikll cry evertime I visit my brothers ans sisters interred in the local veterans cemetary

      ChrisC if you choose not to honor the fallen then celebrate with the rest of the Country in November when the Socialist in the WhiteHouse and his disgracefull wife MOOCHIE are Voted out of office

    • As a medical professional, I believe ChrisC is evincing all the classic symptoms of Cranial Rectal Disorder. This sad malady creates pressure on both the cerebellum and sphincter simultaneously, leaving its hapless victims with an inability to think clearly while at the same time experiencing an extreme case of constipation that may require emergency room treatment involving a 12hp motorized pump. I suggest that both a proctologist and a neurologist. be contacted as soon as feasible before shoulders become involved in the inversion.

  12. Is anyone surprised? This is a man who has never served, never been in a family environment in which any males he knew served, had father figures who were foreign and has never worked at a real job for even one day in his life.
    Hussein has no idea what it is to sacrifice for the greater good, to support democratic ideals or to have a loved one go off to war.
    In other words, he is not an American.
    Time he went back to wherever he came from. Because he surely does not represent the values of the majority of us in this country.

  13. This just adds fuel to the fire that we MUST get rid of this man as our President. My dad and other family members fought in WWII…I in Vietnam, my nephew in Iraq…Obama has done ZERO for, or in the military. He sure seems to enjoy returning a salute geting of the chopper….but he doesn’t deserve it.

  14. What did you expect? As he said before, he has admiration for the soldiers who are fighting for HIM. The D Day invasion force was not fighting for him, they were fighting for America….so why should he care?

  15. What?

    You expected something appropriate?……………….. some national refelction of gratitude to the few remaining D-Day service men and women from this POTUS?

    Obama never fails to disappoint………never takes the high road…….never delivers on his responsibilities or his promises.

    Vote Obama out in November while there is still time to save America.

  16. You cannot fault Obama for not commemorating D-Day. His Kenyan father, a British subject, was not around to train him. And the private school he attended in Indonesia had no reason to teach about the exploits of the allied forces against Nazi Germany.

    He is probably more knowledgeable about imperialist Japan, who invaded Indonesia and imprisoned and killed many indonesians and westerners.

    • Marceau, mon frere. Your 1st paregraph is desd on. The 4th World that Prez.O. is so fond has not been a part of world history. It has a chronology but no history other than in anthhropological terms. Disconcerting as it may be to many Left politicians the Western standard of achievement is still the standard by which all others measure themselves and to which they aspire.

  17. Operation Overlord and Operation Neptune spelled the beginning of the end for the Nationalsozialist party, or the Nazis. Why would a president who is unabashedly socialist wish to commemorate the destruction of a national socialist regime? It has seemingly been his goal since day one to move the US in that direction, and to remember the efforts and bravery of men that landed, stormed, and died at Normandy would be to remember the ultimate defeat of the National Socialist in Germany.

    I fear that America is heading towards it own “D-Day” and that it may take an invasion to rout the socialists from the WH. Hopefully that invasion will happen at the polls this coming November, and those Americans who remember what this nation has stood for over the past 236 years will storm the ballot boxes, and fight back the onslaught of the nanny state, and political correctness. This nation was founded in the wake of violent revolution, and four score and seven years later held together by violence. That no longer needs to be the case. We can bring this nation back to its true, fundamental beliefs of life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness via the voting booth. Only we must be diligent, and aware of those that threaten, bully, and attempt to steal our rights as Americans to vote our conscious.

    Long live liberty!

  18. What do you expect?
    he’s a nasty, America hating progressive. Like all progressives / liberal/marxists/communists he absolutely despises America and her Armed Forces.
    That’s OK, the feeling is mutual. I personally wouldn’t p!ss on him if he was on fire.

  19. the obamas have no class. end of story and i believe they can’t believe how they were voted into office. their idiots and some how there was enough voter fraud and liberal nonsence that it happened. Now ,thankfully, We The People are paying attention to what is happening and they will be out and their private spending spree on our dime will end. their creeps who have a gang of creeps workinf for and with them. that includes the clebs that kiss his a%%.

  20. Yea OBumbles could care less about veterans it is all about the cash and illegals vote where I work we took a moment to refleft in honor of those that died forour right of freedom — that Socialist could give a rats patootie

  21. Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign , does this asshat ever actually do anything? Wait, never mind, its better he do NOTHING

    Who is paying for all these campaign trips?

  22. Scott Walker and the people of WI gave him Pelosi & Reid a small taste of the Tsunami that is comming in November — biggest defeat in the history of our nation — it is gonna be histpric

  23. Why am I not even a little bit surprised?
    Ovomit hates the Military, as does his wife and the Clintons. He probably realizes that the Military has deep, well earned contempt for him too, and he is happy to not have to bother to pretend that he cares about them. Can’t wait to see the landslide against him come November. That will be really sweet!

  24. He could commemorate the date by golfing. He seems to commemorate lots of things. He likes to commemorate with Tiger Woods…..

  25. Why would he care? He don’t even know how many states are in the country. He also is heading up the destruction of the United States as we know it, by destroying the values our Forefathers, Fathers, Husbands, Sons, and Daughters fought and died for on these very beaches.

  26. Earlier today an 18 year old asked me what the date was. I said, June 6, D-Day. She looked at me, puzzled. I said, you know, D-Day. Not only didn’t know what it was, but had never even heard the term before. Probaby only vaguely aware of WW2. Bet she knows all about Obama’s support of gay marriage though. This country is doomed!

  27. Obama’s disdain for the United States is seldom more evident than when he snubs our greatest generation who fought and died to save the world from creeps like him. He is truly a disgrace as a president and an embarassment to the country before the whold world. November can’t get here too soon.

  28. ChrisC bite me I served and am a lifelong member of the DAV, AmVets and yes I am disabled due to my service and not for one damn moment do I regret my service to my country and those brave soldiers that have died for our country — yes I still cry everytime I visit my brothers and sisters interred in the local veterans cemetary

    ChrisC if you choose not to honor the fallen who fought for freedom — then celebrate with the rest of the Country in November when the Socialist in the WhiteHouse and his disgracefull wife MOOCHIE are Voted out of office

  29. My Grandfather took his last breath on Juno Beach Barack so you can act like an arse hole. If he were alive today he wouldn’t pee on you if you were on fire and for that matter neither would I you arrogant ungrateful POS. Excuse the language but when an American President has no sense of history, decency or gratitude for the greatest generation and their sacrifice for all of us including this puke, who simply chooses to ignore our history in my military family? Game friggin on.

  30. Not surprising coming from someone who has traveled the world apologizing for America’s role in defeating the forces of evil and saving Europe. This clown has not one ounce of honor nor interestin anything that doesn’t revolve around Barack Obama. Then again, he was brought up to believe he was perfect and incapable of error. I despise everything about this arrogant, condescending and contemptuous litle turd.

  31. I don’t understand President Obama at all. He seems to be completely clueless about what America and the American people are all about. He has proved to be a tremendous disappointment.

  32. Obama just doesn’t understand America. To him, the D-Day troops are just a bunch of spoiled white racists who’s parents exploited minorities.

  33. Obama commemorations similar to Bush’s

    Obama delivered speech at Normandy for D-Day 65th anniversary in 2009. President Obama traveled to Normandy for a June 6, 2009 ceremony honoring the 65th anniversary of D-Day. He delivered a speech honoring the troops, saying in part, that victory “came down to the men who landed here – those who now rest in this place for eternity, and those who are with us today. Perhaps more than any other reason, you, the veterans of that landing, are why we still remember what happened on D-Day. You are why we come back.”

    Bush administration commemorated D-Day in 2001 and 2004, but spent others in meetings and at least one concert. White House archives of June 6 for each year President Bush was in office only show Bush commemorating D-Day in 2001 and 2004. In 2001, Bush dedicated a D-Day memorial in Virginia, and in 2004, he went to Normandy to mark the 60th anniversary of D-Day. There are no “news” references to D-Day in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008.

    On 2005 D-Day anniversary, Bush hosted a concert celebrating Black Music Month and did not recognize the holiday. While Hoft and Fox criticized Obama for attending a “party” instead of recognizing the anniversary of D-Day, on June 6, 2005, Bush held a concert at the White House celebrating Black Music Month. According to the White House archives, Bush also did not commemorate the D-Day anniversary.

    • Since when was Bush the liberal’s model for proper behavior? W didn’t pay proper respects to the troops so it’s alright for Ohbummer to ignore the event? You liberals gotta quit this creepy fixation on Bush. I can see you 30 years from now wandering aimlessley in a torn bathrobe and one slipper muttering “Bush’s fault, Bush’s fualt…….”

  34. Read Dinesh D’Souza’s book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, it is all in there. Obama is an anti-colonialist and the USA typifies all that he sees as wrong with the world.
    Obama is after the moron vote. This time don’t go along.

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