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Obama Not Scheduled to Commemorate D-Day

It’s D-Day and President Obama is hitting the beaches – of sunny California!

Instead of scheduling a brief event to mark the 68th anniversary of America’s brutal landing on the shores of Normandy, Obama is already on his way to San Francisco, where he will hold two fundraisers before moving on to Beverly Hills to stage two more.

Obama failed to mark D-Day with either a speech or a written proclamation both last year or the year before. He did give a speech in 2009, the 65th anniversary of the event.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made much of her “Joining Forces” campaign to support military families, also has nothing planned for D-Day. She’ll be in New York City for a fundraiser and then in Philadelphia to meet with campaign volunteers.

Obama’s failure to mark D-Day in any significant way is both a shame and a political mistake.

According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, two critical swing states – Florida and Pennsylvania, are among the top five states in terms of veterans’ population. Within the top twelve are four others – Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina – all states Obama desperately needs to carry.

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  1. I’m not sure that this is a deliberate snub. If deliberate, it derives from a lack of love of country. If not, it points to lack of understanding. Either way, it shows why the Constitutional natural-born-citizen requirement and the so-called birthers who seek to enforce it are not to be taken lightly. One who does not have a solid, visceral connection with this land likely neither loves it nor understands it and is not fit to be President.

  2. The people who fought to overcome the Nazi menace on D-Day and beyond in France are NOT the people who would vote for this President, who would likely apologize to Adolph Hitler, if he was still alive, for America’s aggression and victory in World War II.

  3. No surprise with this news. He is the GOTUS (Groverller Of the United States) and the actions of D-Day stand in sharp contrast to who he is and how he sees this nation upon the world’s stage.

  4. Four fund raisers, each day brings more Air Force One trips. I would say that that plane has not had three days in a row “wheels down” in past two years. Here’s a novel idea, stay in Washington and do the job you were hired to do.

  5. Obama,
    Dissing vets on the anniversary of D-Day again means you will not be able to diss it again, next year.
    It is telling though, you can take out ObL, but somehow, as CINC, you pay no homage to those whose sacrifice contributed to your election. How ironic.
    So much for looking out for the “little guy”. Your actions speak louder than your pathetic psychopathic words.
    As a cold war vet, you are very much the part of those whom I defended my country against. You’re following their methodology to a “C”.
    Most people learn from their mis-takes. You don’t, hence: You’re toast in November. Good riddance.

  6. Never ever forget that the great imposter was raised to hate this great country and its military. The royals attened many anti-American flag burning events and encourage others to do the same. The royals claim to support the Veterans, yet completely ignore one of them most important days in History. But once again little barry was not born in America and was just a community agitator.

    For God,Country and all Veterans

  7. Quite ironic it is how the Russian government and people have a deep and profound respect for their fellow countrymen who’ve fallen in battle. You’ll never find that in the Communist infil traitor currently engaged in occupation of the presidency. The abomination of desolation, standing where it corrupts the entire body politic.



  9. Perhaps you should mention that Bush didn’t celebrate D-Day in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008. And that Clinton seems to have only celebrated it in 1994.

    Otherwise, people might get confused and think that you were trying to misconstrue the situation as something unique to Obama.

    • Josh, you must be twelve which means you don’t vote, can’t drive, drink or enlist, so your political opinions don’t really matter. Go for a swim or mow the yard for your mom. Come back when you have something intelligent to say…which will be after you graduate from college.

  10. That sorry piece of dog crap is too busy hustling for welfare voters to remember true American Heroes. I can’t wit until we do to him what the voters of Wisconsin did to the unions – kick his @ss!

  11. Maybe Obama thinks since we invaded France! And, that was more for us to be apologetic for. After all, he forgot that Poland was invaded by the Germans when he said the German concentration camp there were Polish… So it’s not too much of a stretch for me to believe he also doesn’t realize that France was also invaded by the Germans. Just remember there are 57 States in the union, and we must remember the Fallen Heroes, some that we in the audience when he spoke on Memorial Day. And that the “P” in Corps is not silent. All gaffs from Obama… Maybe he smoked too much pot in high school and Collage.

  12. It’s not that he doesn’t care. He is trying to send a message that his political career, all his successes, his family, and his freedom DOES NOT owe the American soldier a damn thing. He spits on our history; he jokes with our enemies, he snubs the military and has no respect for the history of this country. In his warped little mind, he would have all he hcas whether the Allies won the war or not. He is above us all. He is a sorry excuse for an American president but more importantly, a greater disappointment as a father, a husband and a man.

  13. Yet the “King of the Crotch Salute” remembers to mention Gay Lesbian Pride Month which means nothing to 98.3% of the American people.

  14. Since Obama resembles the feckless Chamberlain more than the POTUS, or any one other than Carter, of COURSE he would not cleebrate a victory, a win, an American history that changed the course of the world. Of course not. He would be apologizing for the grand Mufti that met with an helped Hitler; he would be apolgizing for our foray into international matters. It is better he keeps his mouth shut, than to speak what he really feels. After 2012 though, it will mean little as he packs his anti-American bags and vacates the White House.

  15. Why should he commemorate D-Day? It was just a bunch of “average white people” trying to push back one of the most vile regimes the world has known. I’m not sure that my Dad’s younger brother participated in the assault on the beaches, but he did end up dead, body abandoned for weeks, in a foxhole in France, after a firefight with the enemy.
    He was a 22 year-old kid from upstate New York. An average white person. Not an aggrieved minority with his hand out.

  16. That jerk is beyond contempt. How can you Obama supporters still go along with this guy when he does stuff like this? It tells me what your fathers and grandfathers did that day to keep you free means absolutely nothing to you either. And you call yourselves Americans. Makes me sick.

  17. My late father was a marine who was there in WWII, the photos he brought back are incredible. So many brave men fought in this once in a lifetime war that will never be duplicate again. All the men were all scared but that’s what kept them alive and alert.

    How this inexperienced amateur became the President is a mystery,
    his silly book talking about smoking crack, doing roof-hits, intercepting the passed joint shows he has been a Bogart his entire life.

    His going Solo-Dictator Politics are so un-American.
    I hope Oblahma votes “Present” when he votes for himself on his last failed election.

    His home in Chi-Town is waiting for him, he can afford the blow now, it’s party time in Choom-Town.

    He may well be the first President to “Pardon Himself” for future actions
    for all the bad things he has done.

    • God bless your father for his service. It’s sad that those men fought for what we have now-a bunch of whiners and courts that care nothing about the voice of the people. That’s the way the Tyrant in the white house would have it anyway.

    • I ask that question just about everyday. My wife is so sick of hearing the same words out of my mouth for so long though she agrees. How did this un-American man become the most powerful man in the world? Is it really just because people wanted to be “part of history” by voting for the first black president? Come on! Makes me so mad and sick. I just hope he doesn’t get another 4 yrs or else we are history.

      • I think you’re discounting the millions of people who rely on the federal gov to feed, clothe, and pay their cell phone bills. It’s a big number and we have to bring more of us to the party than they do. If not, we’re looking at another 4 miserable years of this president and his progressive agenda.

  18. There schedule today. All campaigning. They have no time to recognize D Day
    9:20 AM 
    Obama departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews.
    9:35 AM 
    Obama departs Joint Base Andrews en route San Francisco, California.
    11:45 AM 
    Biden travels to Winston-Salem, North Carolina and delivers remarks on the Administration’s efforts to create jobs in the United States.
    12:00 PM 
    Michelle Obama delivers remarks at campaign event in New York City.
    2:45 PM 
    Obama arrives in San Francisco, California.
    3:15 PM 
    Michelle Obama meets with Obama campaign volunteers from the Philadelphia area.
    3:20 PM 
    Obama attends a campaign event.
    5:15 PM 
    Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event at the Julia Morgan Ballroom.
    6:15 PM 
    Obama departs San Francisco, California en route Los Angeles, California.
    7:20 PM 
    Obama arrives in Los Angeles, California.
    10:15 PM 
    Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.
    11:55 PM 
    Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event

  19. That sounds about right–our wonderful president “forgetting” to say anything today about what was probably the most important and difficult military undertakings ever. Thanks to the United States and those men that fought on Normandy, WWII was won (with no thanks from France for freeing them from Nazi control). Thanks to our Father in Heaven for this great country and the people in it who are willing to fight to help not only ourselves but those who are in danger. Think of what it must have been like when those “flaps” came down on the ships and the men shuffling out directly into harm’s way! God bless America!!! I’m not ashamed to say it and never will be. This is the greatest country in the history of the world, regardless of what the Euros say.

  20. Barry is an evil man who hates America. To those of us who understand this, it comes as no surprise that he turns his back on the anniversary dates where Americans gave everything they had to give in order to save the world.

    Obama is not fit to kiss the sand on those hallowed beaches where these brave men fought and died. He is not fit to polish their combat boots.

  21. These two are frauds. their “I love the military” but refuse to acknowledge one of the greatest achievements is all telling. I just returned from Normandy and just being there is awe inspiring. To see the cemeteries is something that everyone should see. I am sure the Obamas are too busy raising money from the wealthy buds to stop for a moment and remember.

  22. I pray that when this President leaves office that America together with the NEXT president will dedicate themselves to return to the noble standards of honor to our national psyche by attributing honor to where honor is due. So, I pray that it will be sooner rather than later.

  23. I have served this country for many reasons of which I believe in the freedoms which others sacrificed their lives or risked everything for. I am not known for playing well with others and quite frankly if I have pissed you off previously then it is something that I stand for and will NOT back down from on the basis that I do not appease regardless of the implications or results of such actions.

    Many times I served in Honor Guard for those other then myself and for those who have gone before me including those who will eventually go after me. As for Honor Guard is not about me, those in our unit, it is directly for the absolute regard of those who never gave up and fought resulting in their own demise, at that time or after such engagements. This is sacred ground for those of us who have performed such services and respect everything that it represents and civilians will never fully understand the magnitude of such regard or character which it takes.

    I do not agree with every President nor do I agree with every policy. However I will not keep my mouth shut when the current President decides not to perform the respect in which D-Day requires. For this reason and some others the bastard sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may kiss my ever loving Sicilian ass. As scum like this has no right to disregard those who gave everything in June 6 many years ago…

    Fuck Obama and the horse that bastard rode in on as I can not wait for this election in November you bastard.

  24. I’m not surprised by this. He calls a Navy Corpsman a Corpseman for goodness sake. He doesn’t care about the Military and it’s Vets. He never has. And now, that he’s only going after his base to get re-elected, he doesn’t have the time, nor the inclination, to commemorate such an important part of our history. It’s shameful.

  25. Typical of the left. The hate the military, except when they can use it for their own needs (they are not alone in this regard). But they always have to say something about our proud troops. Their actions speak louder than their hollow words.

  26. Obama has re-named it EBT-Day. It falls on the end of the month, every month.

    I can see overlooking D-Day; its the 68th Anniversary — an odd number.

    But Midway was 70 years ago this week and NOBODY said ANYTHING about this pivotal — and mostly decisive — battle of the Pacific Theater. D-Day had more notice because there was more press in London. But Midway was easily just as important.

  27. Obama is a cad, without a doubt and D-Day is very important in US history but looking at the true scope of WWII events it was NOT the beginning of the end for the Germans nor the beginning of the Allies victory, because the beginning of the allies victory took place in Stalingrad. This loss for the German was something they could never recover from nor could they repel the Red juggernaut that followed their retreat from the Volga. The Western Front just helped speed the eventual Nazi defeat.

  28. I don’t think anyone should be surprised at this POTUS for once again forgetting or whatever he would like to call it regarding D-Day. It is very difficult for a narcisstic individual to participate in something like this. When you are in your own little world, and cannot see beyond your nose, this is what you get. Wake up America!

  29. Shoot, all he knows about WWII is that the Poles ran death camps. He knows a lot that ain’t true. (To paraphrase RR.)

  30. For a man whose grandfather fought in World War II,
    the failure of Obama to not acknowledge the sacrifices
    of so many is inexcuseable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!