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Obama Not Scheduled to Commemorate D-Day

It’s D-Day and President Obama is hitting the beaches – of sunny California!

Instead of scheduling a brief event to mark the 68th anniversary of America’s brutal landing on the shores of Normandy, Obama is already on his way to San Francisco, where he will hold two fundraisers before moving on to Beverly Hills to stage two more.

Obama failed to mark D-Day with either a speech or a written proclamation both last year or the year before. He did give a speech in 2009, the 65th anniversary of the event.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made much of her “Joining Forces” campaign to support military families, also has nothing planned for D-Day. She’ll be in New York City for a fundraiser and then in Philadelphia to meet with campaign volunteers.

Obama’s failure to mark D-Day in any significant way is both a shame and a political mistake.

According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, two critical swing states – Florida and Pennsylvania, are among the top five states in terms of veterans’ population. Within the top twelve are four others – Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina – all states Obama desperately needs to carry.

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  1. This is just another of his ways to show disdain and contempt for our Military and Veterans and this country. One more reason that military service should be mandatory for ANY and ALL political candidates.

  2. You forgot to mention Arizona as the top state for veterans….we all moved from California, back to America. It just doesn’t show up in the census yet.

  3. The President doesn’t, nor will he ever understand the mind of the Americans who fought and died on D-Day. Or of the dedication of those who volunteer to serve this country and are willing to die to defend it. He has had everything handed to him. He has no idea what it is like to suffer or to sacrifice to obtain anything. He is trying to instill the same form of entitlement in every one else.

  4. With all these errors in judgment he keeps making:
    No support for his union buddies in Wisconsin
    Not recognizing D day
    It makes me hopeful that come November he will have the work former infront of his title!!!!

  5. Well, we all know now that Obama’s top priority is raising more money from his multi-millionaire liberal friends.

    I guess he’ll do anything for money…….

  6. Obamination. He is simply the WORST US President in our history. He is a shame to our country and we are all the much worse for it. God forbid if he were to be re-elected (impossible as it should be). Revolution is nigh.

  7. “Show me what you do and who your friends are and I will tell you who you really are”…the saying goes.
    Beyond the rhetoric and the political-rally speeches, the very simply things that you do that show what you think and feel evidence the true you. To forget this great event that demonstrated to the whole world that America was willing to confront evil no matter the cost; is a great disservice to those that paid the ultimate price. sad day today in our history.

  8. Watched the first 27 minutes of Saving Private Ryan and I was rather hypnotized this morning by pictures from June 4, 1944. It’s one thing to see a movie scene. It’s another to see real pictures of men who died in horrific battle. It’s an offense that the current commander in chief has failed to show the respect our heroes deserve.

  9. As a WW2 veteran, I am not at all surprised by the actions of the Obama’s. Mechelle has hated America most of her life by her own admission. Barack started his foreign policy by apologizing to most other countries for being from America. He obviously has love for Muslim’s by helping them observe their holidays while ignoring our holidays that celebrate our continued freedom.

    • John – I know many people have told you this over the years but today is a day it is worth repeating: thank you and your fellow servicemen and women, from past to present, who served and continue to serve our great country. Many people alive and well in the US and throughout the world have no idea what it means to be willing to die for our families and friends back home. You are truly heroes. I have tried to teach my children what you did for us and I hope I’ve done a fair job. I only hope many more will do the same so that we as a country will never, ever forget. Thank you from a grateful American.

  10. No one is going to be more surprised that Obama loses the Novemebr
    re-election than Obama himself. He must look in the mirror every morning and say “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the smartest of them all”?

  11. Commander in Chief, as a veteran the title sticks in my throat. He doesn’t note this day in U.S. history because he thinks U.S. history is shameful. He would be much more comfortable signing a document praising the contributions of illegal aliens than our armed forces.

  12. I wonder if you sat the Obama’s down in the WH theatre and forced them to
    watch the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan and explain this was how
    it was for those young men who were husbands, brothers and fathers if they
    would care?

  13. Obama sucks……
    He obviously hates this country.. I live in Los Angeles, believe me, not everyone on California has been duped by this charlatan…

  14. One of the most important day in not only in American history but world history. Obama’s not an American at heart! Shame on him!

  15. In my mind, there are three ways to know who the real Barrack Obama is. First, by what he lets slip out whenever he goes off script . We all know examples of this, the most famous being his comment to “Joe” the plumber. Second, by what he does. An example of this is when he went to Georgetown to give a speech and had the name of Jesus on a plaque covered up, then had his spokepeople make disengenuous claims about the reason behind doing so. Thirdly, by what he does not do. His refusal to honor the sacrifice of the fallen on D-Day is an example of this. So, what do these things tell us about the man? For me, symbolism surrounding a President is very important. To me, it only confirms my belief that Mr. Obama, or as I refer to him, Uncle O, does not think America is an exceptional nation, that we have a higher calling as a country to be a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. I think he views the United States as just one powerful nations among a number of powerful nations in the world. He has no appreciation for the importance that D-Day holds in the minds of those Americans who remember and honor the sacrifices made by our men that day, and on all days when our service men and women are in harms way. It is very sad that rather than do what is right, and rise above partisan plitics by honoring the sacrifice made by our heroic men and women who helped liberate a continent from the Nazi Tyranny, he jets off to San Francisco on another of his many fund raisers. How could it be that this “smartest” man in the room, can be so ignorant as to the imorportance this day holds for our nation? Perhaps because to him, it is not important? Perhaps to him, it is not as important as he is in his own mind, or as important as “his” mission of “fundamentally transforming” America, or his upcoming D-Day in November.

  16. It is so very sad when my president cannot take a few minutes of his day once a year to recognize all those who gave their lives to insure the freedoms we enjoy today. As Commander in Chief of our armed forced he should be ashamed!!
    As a 28 year veteran I am also ashamed for my president’s failures.
    However, in this wonderful Democracy I do have a choice—
    I will exercise it in November!!

  17. Why would he commemorate D-Day, he has nothing but contempt for the Military and only uses them for photo-ops. His actions speak louder than words (both now and his past).

  18. This is also a day to thank General Eisenhower who was ready to take the
    entire responsibility should this day fail. He was a true leader and a true
    example of a President.

  19. Keith,

    God Bless American veterans and present service members. As far as Obama, all his actions or in -action, speaks volumes about him.

    Maybe he has already conceded those states as losses.
    He has lost as far as what I see, read and even hear spoken. All he is doing is rubbing shoulders and probably pitching other (turned down) movies or books ..

    He and Michelle have no further use for America, not any longer, anyway.

    I actually wonder if they will return and remain in Chi-town after the loss or resignation.

  20. Of course not. That was the beginning of the end for the first wave of the NWO so why would he and his kind celebrate the defeat of their first great leader. International socialism doesn’t want the world reminded of what their efforts in the recent past brought about in the world. Granted they are more subtle now, using banks rather than concentration camps, but still have the same agenda.Obama’s puppet masters have the same goal in mind. Enslave the masses to support the small group of elite. Eliminate the weak and disabled along with those who are less malleable than the third world. a perfect world and a perfect society to last a thousand years.

  21. This post is for all those that commented about feeling bad for not joining the military: Don’t! You dont have to feel bad or let it haunt you that you did not join. The fact you have a great appreciation for what we do is humbling enough for us who serve. So, Thank you! Did you know there are more ways to serve the miitary then just dawning the uniform? We value our support in more ways then one. We love the country we serve and most of all the people like yourselves who make this country worth serving for. I am past 20 yers of service and if I had to do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. I have lost good friends to an enemies bullet and gained a family that will never die! However, its all of you that come up and shake our hands and say thank you, who throw a smile our way when you walk by us and see us in uniform, who lets us answer your kids questions and watch them get excited when they board the aircraft and peak around, for those who stop by a booth they see at a fair or the recruiting center and say, here, my daughters and I baked some brownies for you all….Oooh we love snacks! lol! It’s those warm gestures that you all do that remind us why we are here in uniform. Both young and old soldiers alike appreciate the true Americans that walk this great countries land! Are we perfect, No, but we strive to be the best we can every day! The best thnig you can do, call your nearest military base and ask how you can volunteer to help the troops out. You would be surprised how many programs are out there where we need your support! Do me all a favor, when you see someone in uniform at the Airport please say, thank you and gods speed. For he is going off to some very bad places soon and its always nice to see a smile before you go! You would be surprised how calming that is as you board that plane! For my brothers and sisters before me who have died in uniform, I silently salute you, and shed a tear for the loss of another great American!

  22. Personally, as a veteran (not of WWII, but Desert Storm) I’d just as soon NOT have Obama read some teleprompted statement of appreciation that we all know he doesn’t believe anyway.

    D-Day will always be remembered and revered by those of us who truly appreciate the sacrifices those men made 68 years ago, and WE will carry that appreciation to the next generation and the next. Obama’s absence is welcome, as anything he might have said would of course been “all about him” anyway. His predictable ignoring (and ignorance) of the date maintains its purity.

    • I agree with you but he wanted this job – he begged for it – and part of that job is doing what the American people expect him to do. It’s part of it but he disrespects us and the military so much he is willing to make the choice to NOT do what is expected. It’s blatant and deliberate. I WANT to see him say something! I WANT to hear him thank our veterans and those we lost in battle! Whether is it genuine or not, he OWES IT TO US! He owes it to you and our families. He doesn’t just get a pass. It’s an obligation and it should be an honor. He is disgraceful.

  23. The reason the Kenyan and Mooch aren’t celebrating D-Day today, is because they were smacked down by D-Day yesterday with the invasion of Wisconsin and the ensuing defeat of public employee unions and childish democrats. I assume Barry and his Marxist fellow travellers are a pretty sulled-up bunch today. A lot of us are anxiously waiting for V-W (Victory in Washington) Day in November.

    • Yes, it was nice to see the liberal fascists’ attempted putsch fail. They always lose when the rule of law is followed… apparently they couldn’t get enough cartons of Newport Lites handed out to winos like they did in Milwaukee in 2008 to get Obama over the top there.

      The Obama-backed, Holder-enabled liberal fascist thugs can send their brown shirts to the laundry until the next invented crisis… maybe they’ll burn down the Reichstag.

  24. Obama is a disgrace to this country…..continually denying to show RESPECT to our fallen soldiers and the serving soldiers…not the first time this has happened folks…..a shame to this country and it’s military… this one if you dare

  25. His only connection with America is the fact that his birth certificate says he was born here. Other than that he’s an alien. He has no understanding of our values, what makes us great and what keeps us great. As Reagan said in not so many words, if freedom fails here there’s no where else to go. This guy’s trying to bring that reality forward as fast as he can.

  26. The Obamas are Ivy-League 1%-ers from the Birkenstock and bong-smoke branch of the family. They have bought into the Robert Ayers simplistic leftist claptrap which sees military might as something to be avoided, rather than the clear necessity to guarantee our national security. Beyond their sophomoric approach to the concept of national security, even more abhorrent is their patent revulsion for soldiers and their families, which makes Michelle’s vote-grubbing “Joining Forces” campaign that much more unseemly. She’s taking the same approach to it that she has taken to her much-ballyhooed “nutrition” initiative — say she’s for it while eating a playe full of ribs and tater-tots. It’s time to put adults back in the WH.

  27. This Kenyan born occupier of our White House is a socialist and has no sense of patriotisim. Come this November we will take our country back, one way or another !

  28. It won’t be long before we’ll no longer have to deal with this arrogant poseur save as an accessory on mindless talking head TeeVee shows and a few thousand streets and schools named after him.

    This administration is the 21st century version of what would have been the Henry Wallace White House, at sixty-four years to the worse. Obama appointed outright doctrinaire Marxists and fever-swamp race theorists to staff and czar positions, most of them still have their jobs. He knew what he wanted to do with this, and he did it; I don’t know that he knows how to do anything else and he displays an indolence where he doesn’t expend any effort doing anything he doesn’t want to do.

    The vacuum left in his life from no longer being foremost in the public eye will probably kill him- how many Bill Clintons can we have running around at the same time?

    2013- he can finally just eat his waffle, please God.