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Obama Not Scheduled to Commemorate D-Day

It’s D-Day and President Obama is hitting the beaches – of sunny California!

Instead of scheduling a brief event to mark the 68th anniversary of America’s brutal landing on the shores of Normandy, Obama is already on his way to San Francisco, where he will hold two fundraisers before moving on to Beverly Hills to stage two more.

Obama failed to mark D-Day with either a speech or a written proclamation both last year or the year before. He did give a speech in 2009, the 65th anniversary of the event.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made much of her “Joining Forces” campaign to support military families, also has nothing planned for D-Day. She’ll be in New York City for a fundraiser and then in Philadelphia to meet with campaign volunteers.

Obama’s failure to mark D-Day in any significant way is both a shame and a political mistake.

According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, two critical swing states – Florida and Pennsylvania, are among the top five states in terms of veterans’ population. Within the top twelve are four others – Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina – all states Obama desperately needs to carry.

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  1. I think he just doesn’t care. Either he thinks people love him so much that he will be re-elected or that he knows he is going to lose, but he just enjoys the flying around the country and talking. Talking seems to be about the only thing he ever does.

    1. Or the fix is in and this fund-raising is just to make it plausible that he raised enough money to be legitimately re-elected.

      Call me paranoid, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you.

    2. When Jimmy Carter stayed in Washington during the hostage crisis his detractors complained that he wasn’t running around the country talking. Regardless of what a presidnt does it will never be the right thing for people who don’t like them.

      1. And what’s differece besides the Internet??….He did nothing and now our Punk in Chief is doing nothing as well about our people being murdered?…He had the “info” and did NOTHING, just afraid to “offend” his fellow Muslims

  2. Is anyone surprised?
    Obama has no respect for American history, or American veterans, or for those brave men and women who died defending the United States. Barry cares for nothing and no-one but himself.
    I hope veterans will remember his repeated failure to commemorate D-Day.

    1. You give him too much credit. it’s not an intentional oversight. Do you really think he, or any of his WH gang knows June sixth has any particular significance? Those folks think “history” began with them.

  3. Of course not. D-Day was the beginning of the Allied victory in Europe, and we’re “worried about using the word ‘victory,’ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito [sic] coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur.” Can’t have that American victory. American victory = evil.

    1. He was raised by his America-hating mother to be a good little anti-colonist. He believes America is the evil empire that needs to be taken down a notch or two.

      1. You are one person that actually gets it! Anti-colonialism explains all of Obamas wierdness in terms of what he does (which is usually 180 degrees from what he says). See the movie “2016” coming to a theatre near you if you really want to understand his agenda.

        1. Why are you guys saying anti-colonialist like it’s a bad thing? Being anti-colonial is literally the most American thing I can think of. Ever hear of a little thing called the Revolutionary War?

    2. Hirohito did not sign the surrender agreement. As head of state, he delegated authority to a subordinate, just as Truman did not sign the agreement.
      The Japanese representative was General Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of the Army General Staff.
      Nimitz signed for US.

      1. The annuls of history are replete with events, proclamations, and actions that are attributed directly to a national leader through a subordinate representative (read “ambassador”). The sad part is, you focused on a totally unrelated aspect of the comment (read “tree”) and missed the entire well-aimed point of his comment (read “forrest”). People like you are all about you. Get over yourself.

      2. Hirohito did not sign the agreement. He did something even more profound. He spoke on the radio, directly to his people, and not through the customary intermediary, calling for the surrender, “to bear the unbearable.” Make no mistake, Hirohito surrendered Japan to the victorious Allies.

        1. Hirohito was a war criminal who refused to unconditionally surrender even after the second bomb. He would have let his people take a third but Truman agreed to a conditional surrender where we could not try and hang that bastard.

    3. As much as I despise Obama, I’m going to have to disagree with you. All Obummer is saying is that terrorism isn’t a nation and does’t fight traditional warfare, so a traditional “victory” is not possible. You should listen to the rest of the YouTube video and be a little more fair in your judgement.
      Though he was wrong about who signed the surrender agreement.

      1. I disagree. It’s more than just that one statement that leads to my conclusion. The numerous apologies for America’s past is one piece of evidence and his flippant disregard for real history (the above being one, incorrectly claiming that Americans liberated Auschwitz being another, etc.) lead me to the conclusion that he does not like American victory in any situation. The above quote merely encapsulates his view.

        1. Read D’Souzas book on obama. Watch the movie “2016” that is coming out soon. It will explain why obama is an anti-colonialist and wants to take America down to 3rd world status. that is his goal. Once you read the book or see the movie, everything will be very clear in terms of his real agenda.

      2. So why the Constitutional protections, why the Geneva Convention protections for the terrorists? They are not US citizens and they do not wear the uniform of a country, so they are not entitled to any civilized treatment from the USA. Yet, Obama’s Justice Department thinks they are better than US citizens.

  4. Not shocked in the least. Democrat politicians in general HATE the military and can NEVER grasp the sacrifices they have made! I could give you stroies about how Hillary Clinton treated the “uniformed military” in the Whitehouse as “servers”!!! Amazingly I have met Democrat military personnel and can ONLY imagine they are there to further decay the GREAT military we currently have……….

  5. Actually would you want either of them to say things they don’t mean? D-Day
    is just another ‘all this for a flag’ day for them. I would prefer any remarks
    were from the heart with respect and admiration for those this is an example.

    “These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war.”
    Thank You for a true American President Reagan

    1. My thoughts exactly. I was raised around the military and feel certain our current soldiers serving and veterans alike would rather not have to hear his empty, meaningless drivel.

      1. He could sincerely say “these guys made a great photo-op for me”.
        I never expected anything like praise or honor for our fallen soldiers from this dishonorable man. An uncle I never had the privilege of knowing died to free Europe from Nazi tyranny The most Obama’s uncle ever did was get a DUI.

    2. You’re exactly right Lizzy. The only word I want to hear from these freeloaders is GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Lizzy, Reagan prayed at the tombs of the fallen SS officers after he attended the D Day celebrations…….

      he was an actor with a wife who ruled him with a crystal ball and a deck of tarot cards to tell him what time to the second to take off with air force one……lunatics……both of them……you betchya…….

      1. Norman, those officers were people, too. I doubt they were NAZIs. No true statesman would ignore them. And you drink too much Kool-Aid. While Nancy consulted her astrologer, I don’t think Reagan took them seriously. Nor did anyone else—until you decided to act the fool. They were not near being lunatics—but I believe you and your ilk are. You betcha!! And you still can’t support Obama’s decision to skip D-Day commemorations for the past three years. Or do you?

      2. Norman. Were you there? During Normandy or during the Reagan era? You betchya? Is that suppose to be funny? Stupid is as stupid says. You sound like an educated fool. God bless you.

    1. We can only hope that will be the case.

      Obumma is a cancer on the American people. Election day is our opportunity to remove him from the body American!

      NOBAMA in 2012!

  6. If we forget the horror that those men suffered we commit a sin against what it truly means to be an American . . .

    . . .

    June 3, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    Last week we remembered those lost in the service of the United States of America. Every year I spend one of those weekend days at an the Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show that takes place at Jones Beach. And every year, as I engage various frustrations of being a father, and a husband, I say I’m never doing this again. But I do it. I do it because it is one of the only ways I have to teach my family what risks, and competence, we have in the men and woman that serve in this nations military.

    I also do it because, like you Mr. Obama, I failed to serve this nation in uniform. But unlike you, I have significant guilt and regret from that poor decision on my part. Life is not something one can pause and hit the rewind button on though. We must decide what to do in order to make a poor choice right and ensure a better future for our children. Provide money to charities that help the troops, advocate for civilian leadership that will not abuse that trust and lives of those service members, honor them through the passing days of freedom my family and I get to experience because they decided to give that up. In some cases forever by continuing their service to this nation as a name carved in granite or bronze to remind future generations that freedom is not free.

    A few days from now will mark the 67th anniversary of D-Day. On that day those men who decided that Europe should be free decided to do something about it. They were led by brave leaders who knew that failure was not an option, they knew that to not meet evil with violence and death only meant that one day evil would find its way to their families and homesteads. So they acted with resolve. My Grandfather was one of these men in a B-24 over France on D-Day, and if the weather was better his bombing group could have saved a lot of allied lives. Because of that bad weather so many of those men had to hit beaches chock full of death and destruction.

    But, even in the face of this certain death, they did not give up.

    As I watched those pilots fly those planes and marveled at the Golden Knights parachute team hit their marks on the beach I know that the sacrifice of those men so many years ago did not occur in vein. Their heroism, and desire to sacrifice, for something bigger than themselves, is alive and well in this nation, and instead of squandering it, we should foster it. I also witnessed something else, thirty or so new recruits into the United States Air Force, raise their hands to take an oath. I think it is an oath that you took Mr. Obama, but these men, and women, may be called upon to keep it with their lives.

    They deserve better civilian leadership than what we have given them and on November 6, 2012 we will be doing our part to bring that about.


    Joe Doakes

        1. Mr. Doakes, As a retired veteran I ask that you NOT feel “guilty” for not wearing the uniform.You are not diminished in our eyes … and on the contrary I got alittle misty and proud knowing that my uniform means so much to folks like you. I proudly served … and I did it for you (America)…. and I’d do it again, without hesitation… Especially after reading your heartfelt words! God bless you and God bless this great nation of ours for having respectful folks like you!

          1. You are not alone, Joe– I, too, failed to serve my country, and it is the biggest shame of my life. I regret it every day. Back then, all those years ago, I was so stupid and self-centered, I had no clue– I grew up during the immediate post-Vietnam years, and military service was not only discouraged, it was nearly ridiculed: a poor life decision that one should never consider– but that is no excuse. I made so many wrong decisions, and that was the biggest; I am humbled to even breath the same air as those who sacrificed for my country. I have resolved that when I die, I am to be cremated, and my ashes are to be scattered in the ocean. I want no memorial with my name on it, as I do not deserve one.

          2. If you feel this strongly about it, I suggest you get busy with some of the great organizations that exist to serve members of the military and their families. They can use a lot of help, and you may find that you can be of just as much service to your country in supporting those who serve as you would have had you donned the uniform of your nation.

          3. Funny you should say that, Leff– every now and again I check the Dept. of Veterans Affairs website to see if there are any jobs that fit my skills (legal); there are relatively few, and applications from veterans take precedence (as they should). I give every month to the Wounded Warrior Project, and I am looking to join the Sons of the American Legion. Still, it is not nearly enough…

          4. I too never served in the military. However, I have spent a 30 year career in the private sector, supporting military aircraft in production, and in post production spares. Every morning when I sit down at my desk to begin work, I remember who my real customer is- not a government entity, but soldiers in theater, working harder than I ever will, to keep all of us free. God bless our soldiers, active, retired, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. And God bless all those who love, pray, and support our troops. This president represents none of the above.

          5. I served but being in the military is not the only way to serve.

            Doing your job everyday is a service to your country.

            Raising good children is the greatest service.

            Your vote is a service.

            Being kind to others you don’t know is a service.

            People serve everyday and they don’t have to be in uniform, we all would be better off if more people realized that.

          6. The military is the ONLY way to serve the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and to be a true American! Don’t let the yellow pinkos who evaded serving the defense of America make believe that they have served their country. Shame on you! May GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

    1. Joe, when I was young it was not expected that “girls” would serve in the military, so I did not serve. But I hope that my life every day has been one of service to my nation in a different way. I hope that my love for my country, my concern for its citizens, my efforts to help through charity and donations, my self-education in my nation’s history, and my endeavors to teach others to also be proud of a unique “experiment” in the history of humanity may be counted as service to my country.

      Probably today I would join the military or be a member of the Border Patrol or any other group that actively protects our land, but as I said, I hope that my everyday actions as a civilian hold some merit, too, for they are all that I have to offer on the altar of my nation.

    2. Joe,
      Not everyone can or is meant to serve our country in the military. But there are so many other ways and things to be done and they are ALL a necessary part of the whole.
      I retired with a combination of active and reserve time. I was never in combat, I never did much sea time. There are times that I feel like I should have done more. But I know that what I did was necessary to support those that did do the hard jobs.
      We all have a purpose in this world, some seem more important than others, but in reality nothing would happen without ALL the players. Thank you for your tribute to the fallen.

    3. Dear Mr. Doakes, May the Lord Bless you for that heart’felt letter, this is from a 87 yr. old former 19 yr. old Ranger Pfc. Rifleman “grunt”, who was wounded in both thighs on Omaha Beach that morning 68 yrs. ago. Please get rid of that load of guilt, consider yourself lucky, you’re alive, I left my buddies all over Europe who, If they had known who would be in the Oval Office 68 yrs. later… would have gone your way. I love my country and my comrades past and present, we took an oath, as do the politicians to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Now we have a commander in chief
      who treats our Constitution as toilet tissue, and would like our courts to use foreign laws and “sharia”. Then his administration has the audacity to call us veterans, “potential terrorists”… So don’t feel bad Joe…. this isn’t the same government we were fighting for then.
      Duty – Honor – Country – The oath I took in 1943 is valid till the day I die !

      1. Thank you. That’s all….just thank you. I’m an officers daughter and can never say thank you enough. I too am appalled at what is sitting in the White House. How did this happen to my country? Hope it changes dramatically this year.

      2. An Uncle of mine landed off course behind the lines 68 yrs. ago. He lost a good friend who ran when he should have stayed uncover. My Uncle never understood why he came home. But he continued on to be a good Dad and an honest person who loved his country. Any citizen who does that is a hero . .. military service or not. Honor comes when you act honorably when no one is looking. God Bless all Service people and their families!!!!

      3. Mr. Doakes, and all with those sentiments.. I have to agree with most of what RangerWW2 says here, but not all. I think he probably would have still volunteered, because that is what many people have done. I have so far spent 33 of my 51 years on this earth in the service of my country. I’m still on active duty, and although I am not at all happy with the path that we are on, I would still do it again. I do not blame you for not serving, no one could, so lose the guilt and continue to support the country to the best of your ability.
        We are in a fight, a fight that our founding fathers foresaw and attempted to negate, but our elected officials continually subvert the Constitution ‘for the moral rights’ of all. Any official, elected or appointed who doesn’t abide by this beautiful document must be removed from office or position. Our country is running toward a cliff with the throttle wide open. If we cannot find the means to change our direction, and quickly, we will cease to exist as a free democracy.
        “You simply cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. The idea that all must be equal is foolish on the surface, and dangerous to it’s core.”
        “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” Patrick Henry

    4. Joe,

      As one who has spent the majority of his adult life working in civilian law enforcement and investigations, both in uniform and out, I have had the honor to serve with many members of the military, both active, reserve and retired. Not everyone is cut out to wear the uniform of the military, or law enforcement, or first responder. It takes a certain type of personality, and temperament, one that you are both born with, and cultivate.

      The greatest thing that anyone who has never served in any type of uniform can do for this country is to work had to make this, the greatest beacon of freedom, a country where prosperity and opportunity can grow. If you are in business, make your business a huge success in spite of the government regulations. If you are an artist, draw, paint, or photograph the wonders that are this country, not just the majestic mountains, or verdant plains, but the people who are the backbone of our democracy. If you are a writer, write about the things that have made this country the only land of opportunity that exists anywhere in the world.

      We all have a purpose within the greater scheme of things, and one’s talents are best used in that area where we can do the most good.

      The liberal media, leftist artists and writers, and misguided business people do not realize that their success is predicated on the ability of this nation, and this nation alone, to allow them the freedom to succeed.

      Stand tall for what you have done, and feel not ashamed or guilty for having never worn a uniform. Your ablitiy to communicate and spread the word on what freedom and this country stands for will go as far, if not farther, than the efforts of those who have served. Those that have worn a uniform, any uniform, need to know that their sacrifice for home and hearth are not in vain, but allow for people such as yourself to work hard, succeed, and make this country, our country, the best it can be.

      1. The Driveway . . .

        September 1, 2010

        Dear President Obama,

        I read your speech and it reminded me of one of the reasons I voted for John McCain for President in 2008. Please allow me to explain, by using a failure of my own character as an example. As my graduation day from high school approached my father realized that I had not applied to college. After all I’m the guy who showed up about a half an hour late for the SAT’s, I had no desire to go to college. I wanted to work. As I’ve mentioned before I spent most of high school working, and my average at the end of it all was B+ to an A. What did I need college for? Why could I not just enlist in the Air Force like my father and my grandfather did? So begins the slow boil argument between me, and the old man. Well, long story short, I come home one day with a chip on my shoulder the size of Mount Everest. The old man wasn’t having the best of days anyway, and I declare that I’m not going to college, no way, never. One thing led to another, my nose was bleeding and I am chewing on asphalt. The next day I applied to five colleges, and express mailed my applications in, I was excepted to one, Arizona State University.

        You see Mr. Obama, my father served during a tumultuous time in this nations history. The memories of that time generated a fear in him that I was not prepared to overcome. But all my father saw was a casket, with his son in it, and all I wanted to do was join the Air Force, I wasn’t thinking about the casket, only the “wild blue yonder” the jets, and all the rest. See, one of my dad’s duties then was guarding those caskets coming and going. This left a mental scare that I began to pick in the worst way by my adolescent, and immature approach to enlistment. Later that day my Dad and I made a deal, try college, if it doesn’t take I could join the Air Force. My father was betting on broads and beer, and that would be enough to keep me alive, if he knew what I did that first year in college while living at “Manzanita Hall” he would have put me on the bus to basic training with his own two hands. Now, at 18 I could have walked over to the Air force recruiter in Phoenix and signed up, but to do that would be to break my word, and I only had one nose, and I do not like the taste of asphalt, and I was not in the mood to taste 2X4.

        Back to your speech. When a man utters words about war without deeds of past acts to back them up, and worse, in your case you uttered words in the past that gave aid and comfort to the enemy, and put our sons and daughters at great risk, those words said last night, ring hollow, and fall flat. Had Senator McCain been President having suffered, and served, as he had, I cannot imagine he would ever say what you said in a million years. Mr. McCain understands that there is a son or a daughter out there that is going to have to do what I and you failed to do, that is, serve this nation. No matter the geopolitical reception of ones utterances, the notion that a President in time of war must lead the next generation to fight what will be a very long war, if not, leading this nation in winning the longest of wars, must be at the forefront of those comments.

        I failed to overcome my fathers objections, and the broads and the beer, to meet my obligation to this country. Who knows what my military career would have attained; I probably would have ended up arming bombs in the desert somewhere, or as an armorer because of my lack of athletic ability, and an insatiable curiosity of all things mechanical, and I don’t think that they would have entrusted an F-16 to someone with eye glasses! But I know this. I’ve a debt to repay to everyone of those that stepped into that breech, and every month I send whatever I can to those organizations that support them, and their families to make good on that debt. If they had a President, and not a photographic political opportunist, that once shared their suffering either as a parent, or as one their ranks, that would make all the difference in the world to them.

        In 2010, 2012 and beyond, it will be my honor to do what ever I can to make that a reality.


        Joe Doakes

    5. A wonderful letter. Was it the same as the ones you wrote to President Bush the 6/8 times he didn’t acknowledge the anniversary, or did you make a new one? Or are you somehow only offended by it when a Democrat does it?

  7. Our greatest generation is rapidly leaving us. I will endeavor to visit w ww2 veteran today. thanks for the reminder.

  8. 68 Years ago today…Thousands of good people died storming the beaches in Normandy. 68 Years ago these heroes sacrificed everything so that the world would be free today…One would think that the President of the United States would celebrate this day in some way…I guess to Obama it just wasn’t that important..

    1. Let’s continue to thank ALL of our veterans for their great service rendered to our Country!! There is nothing we can do for them that is too good!! Nothing!!

  9. I drove into work today on a very soggy, grey overcast morning. Similiar weather like a lonely beach near Normandy, France.The tears well up even now as I write this knowing 68 years ago today a fellow American stormed that far shore to begin the liberation of a continent. His final resting place and 10,000 others is still on that lonely windswept spit of land. But his mission was accomplished.
    Thank God I live in a country that has such men, those few, those band of brothers.

  10. He & Michelle are enjoying their final days as leaders of the free world they have worked so hard to bring down; on the tax-payer’s dime no less ! Did the voters of Wisconsin speak loud enough for you that they too do not like Unions either ? Enjoy you stay in the White House – we going to help make it a short one !!!

    1. I don’t agree. D-Day has no meaning for Obama because he HATES America, not because he isn’t American (even though he isn’t).

    1. I have talked to a lot of active duty and retired vets. All say the same thing. Come Nov. Obama will be out of a job. He has no respect for them or their families…

  11. I don’t think he believes that our fallen heroes are really dead. Any of you remember what he said once when speaking in front of a military group? He is proud of our fallen heroes, including those who were there on that day present before him in the crowd. It was a couple years ago, maybe last year when some troops came home from Iraq.
    Anyhoot, he is a disgrace to America.

    1. “I don’t think he believes that our fallen heroes are really dead.”
      That’s because they are still voting in Chicago.

  12. Barry and Moochelle need to vacate the premises immediately. I, for one, am going to spend however long it takes getting charges brought against both of these animals for high crimes and misdemeanors. After they serve their prison terms they should be expelled to Kenya. They can take all of their aunts, uncles and cousins with them.

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  14. If you really knew how the “Obama’s” really felt about the military and past wars it would stand your hair on end. If he could give all of the money to foreign countries he would leaving this country pennyless. His redistrubution of wealth did just that but just not enough money to give all countries what he would like but he’s doing his best. This includes slavery where he’s giving over a billion of tax payer money to people that has never farmed in their life nor were they ever a slave or related to a slave. They paid Indians nothing after killing and raping children while wiping out complete tribes. The point is there is nothing fair in the thoughts of Obama about the military and fallen soldiers nor any other group minority or not. His value system is vacant of anything that makes sense. He also has gave money (your money) to Kenya while cutting the healthcare of the military by over ten billion dollars. This is tax payer money and my case in point. Obama has no logic or fairness.

    1. Right on, Tim. Obama is an anti-colonialist and wants to take America down. He is following the footsteps of his Father who preached this to him. He even discusses this in one of his books. Tell everyone to see the movie “2016” which is coming out this month and discusses all of this and shows what Obamas real agenda is for America.

  15. For Obama, D-Day and the following victory over German Socialism is nothing to celebrate. He’s probably angry and bitter that government domination was defeated. November should be another symbolic storming of the beaches to remove another dangerous, wannabe dictator.

  16. Can you say hypocrite? Everyday, those of us who are aware of the MSM’ attempt to paint the Obama’s as America’s first family in an acceptable light, are seeing daily examples of Barry and Michelle’s complete lack of US patriotism and their racially biased and divisionary tactics. The president doesn’t get it, because not only is he an amateur and rookie, his plan to hope(fully) change our American way of life is becoming more and more of a nightmare for American. We are beginning to actually see tha this king doesn’t wear any clothes.

    As a long time Democrat, I have been forced to ralign myself with the moderate, conservative movement. Neither of thmain partirs are the same parties from 30 years ago, hence why the Tea Party has gained such popularity.

  17. What can you expect from a hateful, smug, effete racist egomaniacal fool like Obama? Start packing your bags, BOzo, Wisconsin has shown you the door. Please leave the silverware and towels.

  18. I thought i read where BO has had 147 fund raisers…I guess the interesting part is he always goes to the same places East side manhattan, Beverly Hills. You know it must be the same people giving what do you thing he’s giving back ?

  19. Of course this south end of a north bound donkey didnt say a word. He does care at all. I cant wait till said south bound end of donkey gets his butt handed to him in November. Now if a wave of mooselims landed on a beach…

  20. Of course he wouldn’t observe any D-Day rememberance. It’s a special day for AMERICANS who love their country – move ahead, nothing to see here. Anything Kenyan or moslem – he’ll be there.

  21. All the President has done for the last 9 months is fund raisers! He is the best at that. Maybe that could be his next job? He could go to work for Planned Parenhood and raise money for more ABORTIONS!!

    Apparently you can’t fool all the people all the time, at least I hope so. I hope there is an awakenig in htis country reagarding what a completely incompentent man he is as president .

  22. What ? He’s coming to Los Angeles AGAIN ??
    Hasn’t he heard of overexposure ?
    People don’t welcome him here anymore. He’s become more of a hassle than
    a visiting president.

    Ok, time to try to find a way around the traffic jams he creates.


  24. I, for one, do not miss Obama missing D-Day. I, as a U.S. Army vet could care less about anything he may have to say about it. I know if he did speak,
    his speech would not be from the heart.

    1. Rev. Romulus Johnson Jr.

      Spot-on!!! The man is a disgrace to the office, as no other individual has disgraced it!!!

      Never vote for a democrat — NEVER!!!

  25. How can he celebrate the turning of the war against the National Socialists of Germany (aka Nazis)? Everyone conveniently forgets that the NAZIS are SOCIALISTS, and yet we see more and more push for socialism in our ‘progressive’ movement that has over taken what used to the American Democrat Party. That is why the American Communist Party just loves Obama and everything he does – it follows their party line absolutely.

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