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The Contemptibly Cautious Mr. Romney

Amid much talk about the White House distancing itself from Tuesday’s recall vote, it’s worth noting the other candidate for the presidency who did the same Wisconsin avoidance dance.

That would be Mitt Romney, who doesn’t seem to understand the significance of what happened in Wisconsin, or doesn’t care enough to have risked putting a dog in the fight.

The Wisconsin battle was everything Romney says his presidency is supposed to be about – taking on entrenched interests in order to cut the size of government and the deficit. Yet he hasn’t campaigned in Wisconsin in two months, according to ABC News, and it’s not clear what if anything he did to help Republican Gov. Scott Walker achieve his victory over repeat challenger Tom Barrett.

If Romney thinks he’s going to win this campaign by being cautious and not waging a principled crusade for conservative values, he’s badly mistaken. What Walker proved – as if it needed more proving – is that voters, even Democrats and independents, will respond to a compelling conservative candidate.

There was another hint of Romney’s devotion to perceived practicality over principle in his response to criticism of his appearance last week with Donald Trump, who continues to think President Obama might have been born in Africa. Said Romney:

You know, I don’t agree with all the people who support me, and my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in. But I need to get 50.1 percent or more, and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.

The 50.1 percent remarks was rightly ridiculed by David Axelrod:

I think Mitt Romney will do what he thinks is good for Mitt Romney. He wants Donald Trump’s money and therefore he’ll tolerate whatever Donald Trump has to say.

Frighteningly, Axelrod may have it about right. Romney’s “need to get to 50.1 percent” is the statement of a political hack, not a conservative – or a liberal – leader.

If Romney thinks he win on tactics instead of a grand strategic theme, he can ask John McCain about his success getting to 50.1 percent against Obama.

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  1. Who the H#ll is running the Romney campaign?
    They REALLY need to figure out how to make/produce/show some ANTI-Obama “attack ads”!
    We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can come up with some really good/great Anti-Obama ads!!

  2. Perfectly comfortable with the official statement issued last night about the Wisconsin election. As for the comment about Trump – have no problem with that either. Most people aren’t paying any attention to Trump. I may not have said the 50.1 thing but in the scope of things – it is no big deal. I’m telling you – people are tired and weary right now. Where I work people are thoroughly disgusted with all the mailers, comments, etc. We really do want an adult in the White House. I agree with Keith 99.99% of the time – I think this is an overreaction!

  3. There was no political reason for MrRomney, or even MrObama, to inject their own political asperations into a intercine dispute in Wisconsin. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome or made things better or worse for either side.
    MrObama, as the POTUS and a union supporter, might have to answer to the unions who could have used his support as he did theirs. That’s something they’ll have to work out together.

    Re: The Donald
    We like The Donald. He did something that no other person could do; he forced the WhiteHouse to release MrObama’s birth certificate that they really, really didn’t want to produce. It might turn out that TheDonald was on to something since the revelation of the bio that MrObama used in support of his autobiography claimed he was born in Kenya.
    Asking MrRomney to distance himself from anyone who the MSM chooses to ridicule is a waste of time.

    There are more “birthers” out there than anyone realizes.
    The TeaParty isn’t dead.
    Voters are gaming the polls.
    MrsObama won’t convince anyone to vote for her husband that hasn’t already made up their mind.
    The economy is not improving, and no President ever created 5,000,000 jobs unless we count the men who were conscripted into the Army.

  4. ‘ve worked with several Mormons in the federal government. I’ve noticed a couple of traits that I’m also seeing in Mitt. 1) They are very honest 2) they work extremely hard 3) they are devoted to their families 4) well educated. The Romney campaign just came out of a nasty primary a month ago. I have no doubt that they will have their stuff together shortly. He has put together a professional staff and you’ll witness that they will operate well vice the Chicago thugs running the obama crew.

    1. I’m praying you’re right! and I agree with everything you said about the Mormons you’ve worked with. I went to school with and continue to be good friends with many Mormons and you characterized them quite accurately.

  5. The 2008 election and 2010 mid-terms taught me the following:

    McCain was lame.
    McHope is a dope.

    If McRomney wants to play by the Marquis of Salisbury rules, he’s going to be KO’d. The DNC is not going gently into the night, but neither is The Tea Party.

    1. I think Walker had many high profile governors come to town and speak for him. Who knows, maybe they didn’t want Romney to come for fear of polarizing the Dem/Independent support Walker was already enjoying ?

  6. They are running a series about the Romney famly history in Canada’s National Post newspaper.
    The article ,excerpts from “The Tale of Romney”, by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, is fascinating, It really highlights the incredible family integrity and drive. I hope that his campaign comes together well.

  7. yeah, Keith–I love ya and I usually agree with everything you say, but not today. I can’t fault Romney for not getting involved in Wisconsin; there are a bunch of good reasons for him to have stayed away. you or I might have done it differently but I can’t get too excited about it.


    if it turns out to be the way he’s going to run his entire campaign, then yeah…this isn’t going to be as much fun as I thought.

    I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this time. but I too would like to see a more “proactive” Romney.

  8. Great comments,all!
    What no one is talking about is the the two supernova-like election results in San Diego and San Jose last night on the same level as the recall in Wisconsin. SD 66/33%, and SJ 70/30 % respectively siding with reining in the Union pensions/health plans. There are lots of Mormons in both cities, too
    Unions and by proxy, OBAMA/Chicago apprarachniks are fighting a multi-state war for the wallets of voters EVERYWHERE.
    Romney can’t be anything but pleased. Now he needs to format this message for the the other 55 states.

  9. Romney did campaign for Gov. Walker a few months ago. Did Obama even once campaign for Barrett? I think not. Romney has always been my last choice as the Republican candidate for the most important election of our lifetime. Having said that, he is nothing like McCain. In fact, I’d wager a bet that McCain not only wouldn’t have given Gov. Walker the time of day, he probably would have already bowed to the forces of political correctness by tossing Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh under the bus to please the leftist media. Romney didn’t do that and he has been very proactive in answering Axeldouche’s attacks.

    I do question Romney’s conservative principles when he taps someone like former HHS Secretary, Michael Leavitt, to lead his transition team. The guy loves Obamacare exchanges and has personally profited greatly from Obamacare grants. Mark Levin was involved in the Reagan administration and he knows the lead of the transition team is a very powerful position. If Romney is really sincere about his commitment to repeal every aspect of Obamacare, his choice of this guy as his transition leader doesn’t show it.

    1. That appointment raised my hackles too, Susan, until it dawned on me that Romney’s probably banking on SCOTUS overturning Obamacare.

      At least I hope so. Still having a hard time with this RINO.

  10. Just had to share, Herman Cain posted Keith’s D-Day post link to his facebook page and said:
    Herman Cain wrote:
    I agree with Keith:

    “Obama’s failure to mark D-Day in any significant way is both a shame and a political mistake.”

    I for one, am humbled by, and eternally grateful for the courage of those who stormed, fought, died and won on June 6, 1944 and those ensuing days.

    Never forget.

  11. Obama was conspicuous in his absence from WI – not Romney. Obama jumped ship to save his own skin. Yesterday belonged to Gov. Walker – he earned his day in the sun.

    Romney’s appearances with the Donald did seem a bit out of character for the straight-laced Mormon – but nothing compares to Obama’s outrageous devotion to tinsel town!

    The Romney family is truly inspirational…as opposed to the classless rag-tag Obama tribe. They have my vote for that reason alone.

    My only fear at this point is the ‘Leavitt connection’. Romney needs to get in front of this situation and explain exactly what he meant by ‘replacing ObamaCare with something else’!

    ***Congrats, Keith! You are now a member of the ‘9-9-9’ club! Go Herman!

  12. Keith, respectfully disagree. Although there will be national repercussions, and Walker had a lot of out of state support, this was a Walker Wisconsin win. Romney wasn’t there at the beginning and jumping on the bandwagon immediately after would not sit well with some. It was a win for America. And the San Diego/San Jose wins were nice also. That said,Romney has a good response team and I expect there to be a timely build from Wisconsin. Finally, “contemptibly” — really?

    1. Can’t agree with the “contemptibly” tag either. Just not seeing it that way at all. I think GovRomney handled it the right way and his campaign (and Super PACS) will use the Wisconsin election appropriately in the coming months.

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