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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 6, 2012

9:20 am ET || Departs the White House
11:45 am PT || Arrives San Francisco
12:20 pm PT || Attends a fundraiser; Landmark Tower, San Francisco
2:15 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco, San Francisco
3:15 pm PT || Departs San Francisco
4:20 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
7:15 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Beverly Wilshire Hotel; Beverly Hills, California
8:55 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; private residence; Beverly Hills, California

34 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 6, 2012”

      1. Mooch is going to have to carry him to bed tonight. He probably drowned all the booze in the liquor cabinet after that shellacking ;-)

        1. This Dem defeat can’t be Bush’s fault, so it must be Bubba’s fault.
          It can’t be the TeaParty’s fault; they’ve been declared “dead”.

  1. Overheard and leaked to this poster.
    “It’s good to be the President, I can bedazzle them with my brilliance or baffle them with my bullshit.” If it’s not a real quote, then I am sure it has been talked about in his dreams.

  2. This President seems more happy flying to parties then he does actually being a President…

    BTW…is he going to call Governor Walker and offer his congrats on his victory tonight? Maybe he should stop by Madison on his way to San Fran and hold up his hand like a referee would a boxer….

    1. Obama isn’t really the president – he just plays one on TV and at dinner parties.

      Let Typhoid Mary stay in SF – they’ll never notice they’re infected.

  3. Friday, June 1st: 6 fundraisers
    Monday, June 4th: 3 fundraisers
    Tuesday, June 5th: mostly taking the day off to rest (except for maybe one hour)
    Wednesday, June 6th: 4 fundraisers

    That makes THIRTEEN fundraisers in only three days, in the first four business days of June. Plus, Moocchelle has a couple of fundraisers tomorrow.

    Yet, the WH talking point all day today and surely into tomorrow is that Walker only won because he “outspent his challenger by eight to one”. And, their point is what, exactly? That raising more campaign money gives one candidate an unfair advantage over his opponent? They’re so blind that they can’t even see the hypocrisy in their argument when BHO is OBSESSED, with a “laser focus”, on raising as much cash as possible.

      1. Shofar, I know you’re the official tabulator for this blog, and we all appreciate it. I look forward to your posts keeping us all informed of the monthly fundraisers and mileage. I just couldn’t help commenting on just how MANY fundraisers he’s doing to kick off June!

    1. Agree, SnarkEsq., the hypocrisy in that WHtalking point. Obama is obsessed by raising money, that´s what he is doing all the time, Keiths Obama schedules make it evident. It´s so glaringly obvious.
      Wisconsin/Walker is on the news here as well and it made my morning glorious.Things are not working smoothly in the Obama machine anymore…..

  4. Great, he’s coming to my neck of the woods right around rush hour…as usual. How considerate of him to screw up the already-screwed-up traffic on the Westside once again.

  5. From the wording on today’s calendar, Dear Leader is not even bothering to list a “Presidential” reason for this trip. I hope DNC is billed for the entire day!

    1. whats the deal with that? before the Obama WH would use the “Presidential trip” excuse for his fundraising jaunts, now there is no reason. So its ok to use Air Force 1 for any personal use/whim now?

  6. Let Carney and crew keep thinking that the Wisconsin defeat of the Dems is no big deal….the handwriting is on the wall pal…. shellacking coming your way in November.

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  9. Cannot WAIT to see (hear) Carney today as he hops on his Big Wheel trike (the one that’s done in Obama HopeyChangey Turquuoise and TrueBolshevik Red and backpedals (fast and furiously!) from Wisconsin.

    Do they have Biden hidden in a bunker this glorious day? Joe would be good for some fantastical gaffes on Walker…

    :) and i have never even BEEN to Wisconsin.

  10. It certainly is reassuring to know, with all the hot spots around the world, the economy in the tank and the creation of new jobs at a year long low, that the poser in chief has nothing to do but pander to the 1% on the west coast.

  11. This is pathetic from several perspectives. But forget the fundraisers (taxpayer expense), forget any noticeable scheduling of national business.

    Is there not 15 minutes in such a “busy” day to acknowledge the monumental event that testified to planning, perseverance, bravery and freedom?


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  13. what a jerk 3 fund raisers while we are in the mist of scandals and more coming he has no respect for America and his wife is a disgrace getting in some ones face real classy NOT both are total trash

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