As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Cartoon of the Day

Thanks to Rich Terrell and Lucy Gill at AfterMath.

11 Responses to Cartoon of the Day

  1. poor little barry hussein.. the last few days have been so bad for our former community organizer.. at least he still finds joy, peace & solice in personally pushing the buttons of his terrorist kill list… word is he likes it a little too much as being judge, jury & executioner… what an “historical” little twit we have in the WH..

  2. I remember a time when the lapdog press dubbed everything this fraud did as “historic”. Well now that he’s accomplished another historical accomplishment – largest religious law suit in US history – the silence from the sycophant press is deafening…

  3. How ironic that the cartoonist would use the “Creation of Adam” as the medium of communication regarding Obama’s attack on religious freedom. It has been theorized that God is depicted as sitting within the human brain, something the “smartest man” that has ever occupied the WH seems to lack. Perhaps our narcissist, and I would say nihilist, in chief would do well to set aside his socialist dogma, and embrace a belief system other than that of political polling and demographic posturing.

    • Agreed, however, we fear what this “lame duck” imposter-in-chief, along with all the “lame ducks” in Congress will do/what legislation will they pass/push on us to destroy our country in those very precarious few months until the new POTUS is sworn in/new Congress is sworn in!

      • ditto that ! Ill be working on a whole new jig for that day…. a day when the socialist/progressive/marxist tyranny will begin to be dismantled…
        and then there’s some folks in congress who have some “splainin’ to do!