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Obama, Clinton to Jam New York City at Rush Hour

Look about below, New York City commuters, there’s incoming. President Obama is parachuting in during the afternoon commute to lighten the wallets of as many New Yorkers as he can while stymying the rest of them in traffic.

Air Force One is scheduled to land at JFK airport in Queens at 4:35 pm – just as rush hour gets underway – and then race into town for a three-fundraiser romp through Manhattan.

Bill Clinton – who just last week went off message by saying Mitt Romney had had a “sterling business career” at Bain Capital – will co-host each of the events.

Rain is predicted for this afternoon in the city, and that along with the presidential duo’s road trip is expected bring traffic to a complete standstill.

After landing, Obama will be whisked to an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for the first fundraiser, where tickets reportedly cost $40,000 apiece.

Then it’s off to Midtown for an event at the Waldorf Astoria where Jon Bon Jovi will perform. The final bash, billed as “Barack On Broadway,” will feature performances by a gaggle of stars at the New Amsterdam Theater.

Obama returns to Washington in the evening, but he’ll be back next week for another East Coast Hollywood fundraiser at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

18 Responses to Obama, Clinton to Jam New York City at Rush Hour

  1. And who knows how much money this will cost NYC and NY State taxpayers for security. I wish someone would tally that figure and send a bill to the DNC seeking a contribution. The same applies for Republican presidents who fund raise in the City, although given the political prefernces of the 1% in NYC, Republicans probably come less often.

    • And then a couple of days later, he heads to Europe where he is photgraphed with some women of porn…..

      Maybe he should bring them to the Obama parties tonight LOL!

  2. If you are a rich person…why on earth would you give money to someone who thinks you are evil and nasty? Kind of like giving money to a homeless person who then spits on you after you turn your back.

  3. My son works in Central Park at the Metropolitain Museum of Art…hope he is able to get across the street to his subway stop!
    Bam does not care whom he incoveniences….My, Me, My, Mine!

  4. I do NOT need expectations; I want to believe in leadership!
    Pr. Obama should take ALL help what he can get to win re-election. Country is politically divided, but I think that Bill Clinton can motivate INDEPENDENT voters (38%) to vote for Obama , and he can help to MOTIVATE people to GO to vote ( in 2010. only 44% people vote)??? Former Pr. Clinton and Sec. Hillary already did outstanding job to help Pr. Obama to move this country forward in right direction…
    Even with dysfunctional Congress, Obama Adm. add 4,3 million jobs during past 27 months ( do NOT forget that Bush adm. Lost 8 million jobs and add $ 6,1 trillion to US national debt), with growth ONLY 1,9% in 1Q this year ( I expect slow but steady growth in USA this and next year)!
    I have NO doubt that Pr. Obama will be re-elected, this year! ( Mr. Romney can get maximum 40-45% votes in November election)!