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Lost Secrets of Ancient North America

Many people have helped White House Dossier become a success. One of them is James Detjen, whose news aggregator website Tea Party Brief has linked to White House Dossier countless times.

It’s a great website, and now James has a great project that he asked me to let you know about. I was happy to do it.

Lost Secrets of Ancient North America is a documentary series under development that uses archaeological methods to investigate legendary mysteries of our continent, including ones involving Aztec, Roman, Chinese, and Mayan treasure.

James needs funding now for the project. If you’re interested in helping or just want to take a look at what he’s doing, you can find out more here.

3 Responses to Lost Secrets of Ancient North America

  1. While i don’t have any opinion on their quest or even their solicitation for funding, I do have an objection to the perks that the different levels of donations win. For $5 you might get a thank-you postcard, but for $5,000 or more they’ll carry you to the dinner table, tuck your napkin, and cut your meat. That’s a silly way to describe the perks, but like everyone else who’s chasing somebody’s money, the more you give, the more kisses you receive.