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When Does the Investigation Begin?

A close friend of the President George W. Bush is accused by another close friend – the president’s longtime preacher in Texas, as a matter of fact – of offering a bribe of $150,000 to go away and be quiet.

The press goes crazy, right? The preacher is peppered with questions, hounded at his home in Houston until he is finally forced make a statement, saying . . .

Except, of course, the president is Barack Obama, the accused is Obama pal Eric Whitaker, and the preacher lives in Chicago and goes by the name Jeremiah Wright.

And so there’s nothing.

The allegation is contained in The Amateur, a new book by conservative journalist Ed Klein. While Klein may or may not be reliable – some conservatives have distanced themselves from him – it appears Wright did make the allegation.

The only mainstream White House reporter to do some follow through on this, Jake Tapper of ABC, reported that he listened to one of Klein’s tapes of his conversations with Wright in which the reverend didn’t deny suggestions that it was Whitaker who bribed him.

Whitaker denies he did it which, guilty or innocent, is what you’d expect. Wright refuses to answer questions from Tapper, which is not quite what you’d expect.

And no one in the press is doing much investigating that we know of – which is exactly what we’d expect.

15 Responses to When Does the Investigation Begin?

  1. With all the bad news hitting Obama last week and even the president’s closest media people now writing bad things about him, I doubt the Liberal media is going to do anything about this….

  2. All of this will have to be prosecuted after the election when it’s okay for the media to disown him. He’s not like Clinton, he has not accumulated any political capital to spend, if anything, he’s used up any he may have had when he got elected. So the press will be gleeful to get to talk about how mean the Republicans are to be prosecuting him.

    • After hearing about the EPA flying drones over Nebraska and Iowa to spy on farmers, I can believe this article. I wouldn’t put it past this sick man-child to watch videos of his pet drones killing people. How long before it starts happening in America? My guess is it depends on whether or not he wins re-election…

      • I think we’re long past the point of whether or not he wins the election. It’s the EPA that authorized the drones over Nebraska and Iowa. More disturbing is the silence from both sides of the aisle. By 2020 there will be 30,000 of them. Who knows what the numbers really are now or will be. It’s not as though there’s a single voice loud enough for everyone to hear it.

  3. Keith, I sense that Jake was pretty much discounting the entire allegation. His position seemed to be: “Okay, I’ll do the perfunctory review, I’ll go through the motions of writing it up, yet do my best to snuff the life out of it.”

    Am I mis-reading?

    Whenever I think of Jake, day after day sitting at the WH press briefings, I think of the potential v. kinetic energy model.

    I sense in him vast potential journalistic Integrity, yearning for expression – yet languishing, each time he attempts to go after what he well knows is terribly, terribly wrong.

    Which saddens me, since I believe he is a good man.

  4. Oh what a tangled web the fraud in chief weaves, when first he practices to deceive. At least Tapper skimmed the surface of the subject. His article seems to leave off some of the most damning evidence unfortunately. Guess his heart just isn’t in it the way it would be if Obama was a Republican.

    On the tape, Rev. Wright admits to having a box of evidence that contains notes and evidence from the beginning of his exposure in March 2008. He also admitted on tape that the email offering money was from Whitaker. Unfortunately Robin is correct, nothing will be done until after the election, but the subpoenas better start flying “fast and furious” once he is soundly defeated in November. These frauds and criminals need to be brought to justice. The left never seems to pay the price for their malfeasance…hopefully this time around they will suffer the consequences of their treacherous acts.

  5. Since neither of the men are elected officials and both deny that any money changed hands, where’s the crime? Even if money did change hands there’s no criminal or ethical violation. Moral, maybe, but that’s assuming a lot.
    They may be friends of the President but that in itself doesn’t make a case for investigation.

  6. Our state-run press has only one serial objective: the re-election of Mr. Obama. Democrat operatives (also known as members of the U.S. mainstream press) do what they normally do when faced with a story like Klein’s – say the following: it never happened.

  7. Don’t you mean, in paragraph above, in which the reverend didn’t deny suggestions that it was WHITAKER who bribed him?

    At the moment the sentence reads Wright who bribed him, but this must be Whitaker.

  8. When we can get loyal patriots to uphold their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution. That probably won’t happen until they are voted out and they all,including those in congress, are rounded up .