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Obama’s Royal Mistake

Here’s some video from Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebration Sunday on the Thames. Thought you might want to take a look.

Now, why have a put a video of aging British anachronisms on a White House website?

For you to see a bit of what you’re missing.

No, I’m not any kind of monarchist. I really don’t care much about the royal family. But there is a point to the royals, a point President Obama completely misses.

Many other nations have a prime minister, who does the grunt work of governing, and another leader like a president or monarch who attends to matters of ceremony. In the United States, the president performs both of these functions. And despite our self-image as by-the-bootstraps toughs who just stepped muddily off the frontier, we like a little classiness too.

That’s we elect leaders with the elan of John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, and in between a peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter. There is a yearning in this country for both a common touch and for a patrician we can behold as someone to look up to.

A great and popular president, like the folksy Reagan, will combine both these qualities. Obama, with his gum chewing, casual clothes, exposed shoe soles, and uncivil, even profane attacks on his opponents, thinks letting his hair down will make him loved.

It’s no coincidence, probably, that Obama is the first president raised in the 1960s, when the baby boomers changed the culture to a childish focus on doing what feels good. Express yourself. Don’t worry about appearances.

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton came of age in the Sixties, but Obama was whelped then and suckled the culture as a youth.

Part of the disappointment with Obama stems from his failure to demonstrate the kind of restraint, remove, discipline and classiness Americans want even as they demand informality.

In private, Obama is known to sometimes be distant. But his public persona is defined more by the $3 lotteries he stages to auction himself off to one of his donors.

As the campaign becomes more vicious, Obama will seem even less presidential. And eventually, he may find, no longer president at all.

36 Responses to Obama’s Royal Mistake

  1. Obama is so unpresidential and unprofessional. I cringe at his behavior. No class. No warmth. Nothing but undeserved arrogance and lies. Everything he says and does is for his own political gain – and, he’s a pathological liar to boot. America has a con artist for a president. What have we done? Don’t answer that . . .

  2. Obama’s lack of character and judgment can be summed up in two words: Michelle LaVaughn. No need to look any further. I have never been so ashamed of my country!

  3. “Obama was whelped then and suckled the culture as a youth.”

    Awesome line Keith…a point that hadn’t crossed my mind. Explains a lot when you think about it.

  4. The job of attending ceremonial occasions usually falls to the Veep, but I guess you can’t have Jo Biteme represent the US before foreign dignitaries. That would only cause many more gaffes.

  5. Perhaps the gravest error of the Obamas is their failure to learn what it means to be the the representatives of a nation. For all the whoopla about a monarchy, there is something grand avout taking the responsibility of that representation., with dignity and decorum. The Obama’s have lowered the standards of protocol which is the “language” of international dialogue, both overtly and tacitly . “Forward” is a catchy slogan, but a tricky one when it means destruction by heedless disregard of a nation’s heritage. (i.e. feet upon priceless antiques of national importance, failure to salulte at traditional events, dressing inappropriately for public events. etc.etc.) It cheapins the position of POTUS,

  6. MrsO was touted as the “new” JackieO; sophisticated, ivy league educated and dressed to the nines. For two years, she was ranked on monthly mags as one of the “best dressed” and dared anyone to question her taste or to believe their “lying eyes” for fear of being called a racist hater.
    What she really was turned out to be an AffirmativeAction educated, Chicago’s south side political patronage hack who had the good sense to marry someone who was going places.

    MrO’s intelligence and political savvy were vastly overstated and had no basis or proof to back up the claims. As it became apparent that he didn’t have any fire for the job of POTUS or the political gamesmanship that was required to get along in DC, he just became the Preezy. Now he’s just a front man for the Presidency whose job seems to be raising funds for his reelection and bash the opposition for daring to oust him from the WhiteHouse.
    As a rule, the President doesn’t ridicule his people, he doesn’t apologize or bow down to foreign leaders, and he doesn’t take credit where none is due.
    MrO ignored this rule at his own peril.

  7. A stable perspective in American politics requires acknowledgment by successful actors on the Presidential stage of both a temporal view, or a solid day to day taking care of business approach to governing, combined with a more reflective and, yes, respectful historical sense for articulating a picture of where we are as a nation.

    In so many ways, Obama politically represented a sharp break with the past. And in fairness, only some of that was of his own making. But it seems to me that the key mistake he made was proceeding as if he was somehow entitled to ignore and even disrespect the past entirely. Yes, we did have economic turmoil at the end of Bush’s second term, one that required a willingness to take some bold steps. And the endless argument over whose “fault” it was will persist for decades.

    But in so strongly dissing the past, Obama consistently refused to in any way articulate the importance of the longer term view. He obviously has long embraced an alarming “extra-Constitutional” view as well, and an attitude that from time to time has revealed a sort of disdain for our Constitution, once describing it as merely a “charter of negative liberties”, and also complaining that historically we have even lacked a judiciary willing to take head on “the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society.” That view that is very alarming to many Americans.

    Until quite recently, he never even attempted to properly play the role of head of state.

    And, he has even portrayed a careless attitude toward really rolling up his sleeves and taking on day to day business of governing as well. Clearly, he is perfectly content to telegraph to the American people that he’d rather be out playing golf.

  8. The first generation of “entitlement” babies, who became president. Obama represents Obama – not America. He has sullied the presidency. His claim to fame in his youth was the “cool kid” with reefer. Today he plays the “cool kid” with TOTUS (his current drug of choice). He’s totally devoid of a work ethic. In a nutshell, he never became a man. As the old axiom goes: “Never send a boy to do a man’s job”.

    He never wanted nor was qualified to be president, he just wanted to play one on TV.

  9. Let’s not leave our “First Lady” out of this mix. Especially Michelle and her “Sweating to the Oldies” exercise classes in the (formerly) revered and historic East Room, where, inter alia, the Civil Rights Act was passed and Abraham Lincoln’s funeral was held (see Keith’s White House Dossier column of 3/26/12 in case you missed it), her potato sack race with Jimmy Fallon in the East Room, and her tug of war with Fallon in the Diplomatic Reception Room. To borrow from Michelle’s words, “For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of and embarrassed for our country.”

  10. Keith,

    Great piece — do more like this. It’s not the typical right-wing slam on Obama, and instead gets across your point with video context. Good use of video here, esp. pretty Kate and handsome Wills. They ooze CLASS naturally. You are right, this is the elegant elite we love to watch.

    Can you do separate and individual postings comparing Regan to Obama, JFK and Obama, Michelle O and Jackie, Lincoln and Obama, Jefferson and Obama, Truman and Obama. Give it the same psychological treatment as you did Bill Clinton’s “suckling of the culture.”

  11. His biggest mistake, in my humble opinion, is pretending he is something other than he really is. He is a fake, a phony, a facade and now we can all see it. He has lived a life of lies and those lies are catching up with him. I know Reagan loved America, and Clinton put the country’s welfare ahead of his ideology. Not the fraud in chief…he hates America and all she stands for. He is a rigid ideologist who is hellbent on our destruction. I just hope we are able to defeat him before he destroys us.

    Breitbart is exposing another one of his lies…his relationship with Bill Ayers. He attended one of Bill Ayers 4th of July bbqs while he was serving in the US Senate. Ironic that people like Ayers and Obama – who clearly despise America and want to destroy her would gather together to celebrate her birth. Leftists are quite the conundrum.

  12. Two Queens. One female in the UK, who knows and lives by the protocol. The other Queen male and in the USA, who cares not one whit for protocol.

    One I respect, the other not – you decide which is which.

  13. Wasn’t the first thing he did upon entering the Oval Office was summon the British ambassador to collect the bust of Churchill? But then, with his silence on the D Day anniversary, this just shows how much the United States has changed. Whilst in the past events from the 18th century were honoured and cherished, today there is little that unites or ties Americans, divided as they are by background. As someone who would choose Obama over Romney, I find this decision to ignore the D-Day anniversary deplorable and with incredulity. But then, the first thing President Obama did upon entering the Oval Office was to summon the British ambassador to take back the bust of Churchill.