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Obama Spends the Night at Home in Chicago

President Obama is taking something of a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off today, spending the night in his own bed in Chicago – like Ferris – sleeping in late, avoiding work, and going for a stroll to his friend’s house.

From the pool report:

After your pool held in vans in the President’s Chicago neighborhood for about 90 minutes Saturday morning, Mr. Obama went out for a stroll of about four blocks to the home of his friend, Martin Nesbitt, in the Hyde Park/Kenwood section of the city.

The president walked into your poolers’ view at 11:47 a.m. Central time at 49th Street and South Woodlawn Ave., strolling with senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. He was wearing tan slacks and a white, open-collared shirt with sleeves rolled up. Ms. Jarrett wore a knee-length, navy dress. They were trailed closely by an agent.

The pool was positioned across the street. As POTUS walked by, he called out, “Nice day, huh?” He asked your poolers if they’d spent money in Chicago last night.

A reporter called out to the president, asking if he had cooked breakfast for himself at home. Mr. Obama smiled and replied, “No, I woke up too late.”

It’s the first time he has spent the night in his Chicago home since April 2011.

Obviously, there were security preparations involved with the president’s stroll. Law enforcement blocked off the streets at 49th and Woodlawn a few minutes before the president’s arrival, and pairs of agents in dark suits walked down the middle of the street. A police canine searched the area, and a garbage can on the street was checked.

No word on whether the president plans to hijack a parade and sing “Twist and Shout” in the middle of the street.

Obama will return to the White House a little later than scheduled this afternoon.

16 Responses to Obama Spends the Night at Home in Chicago

  1. Well good on him. Maybe its his effort to ease back into his “normal” life. You know, trying on the anonymity he craves and misses and which we will gladly give him in November.

  2. He always has to make a big show of pretending he’s just like us…just out for a late morning walk, after shutting down all of Hyde Park beforehand. Just whistling along as he strolls to the house of one of his three musketeers (Whitaker, Jarrett, and Nesbitt). Lo and behold the only one missing from his band of merry crooks is Eric Whitaker. Maybe he’s hiding in Nesbitt’s closet. Oh to be a fly on the wall. Will they talk about Rev Wright’s box of evidence tying Whitaker to the $150K bribe? Maybe they will talk about Rezko dishing on Blago. How long before he starts dishing on them? Oh the tales that fly could tell…

  3. he was probably just making an inventory of stuff he’s got to do around the house (painting, repairs, etc.) when they move back to Chicago in January.

  4. Sadie, you took the words right out of my mouth. He never leaves home without his AMEX card! My guess is they strolled over to Nesbitt’s manse to count the ‘take’ from last night’s two fundraisers.

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