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Obama Snubbed Lech Walesa

The White House rejected Poland’s request that Lech Walesa receive the Medal of Honor on behalf of Polish World War II hero Jan Karski, according to the Wall Street Journal:

The mood soured a bit before Tuesday’s award ceremony. The Poles wanted Lech Walesa to receive the medal on Karski’s behalf, but the White House nixed the choice. Last year, during Mr. Obama’s visit to Poland, the hero of Solidarity refused to attend a large gathering to meet the younger leader. Mr. Walesa felt entitled to a tete-a-tete. Administration officials told Polish journalists that Mr. Walesa’s presence was too “political” for this week’s occasion. Poles read something else into it: Mr. Obama holds grudges. The counter-snub was the talk of Poland last week.

Walesa, the hero of the opposition to Poland’s Communist regime and the symbol of the resistance the country’s domination by the Soviets, has more recently criticized Obama and warned that the United States was slipping toward Socialism, according to the National Review,

As the National Review notes:

Meanwhile, one of the recipients of the Medal was Dolores Huerta, the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. So socialist politics are acceptable, but not the politics of a man who stood up and fought socialism.

This was all before Obama carelessly referred to Polish Death Camps at the ceremony and then refused Polish demands that he apologize.

Looks like we’ve pressed the Reset Button on our relations with Poland.

23 thoughts on “Obama Snubbed Lech Walesa”

  1. We’re just not going to have any friends left in the world, are we? If this incometent boob is not put out on the curb in November it will be a sad place to live.

    1. This how much work Pres. Romney will have to do just to repair Obama’s mess that he has made around the world. Pres. Bush had to clean up a recession and build up our defense and security after Clinton. Reagan had to clean up Carter’s mess. Nixon had to deal with cleaning up the Vietnam War.

      Seems like the GOP is always cleaning up the Dem’s mess.

  2. Our current President acts like a petulant little brat. Walesa showed incredible courage and stood for freedom in a way Obama simply cannot understand because he is a shallow and self-centered fop.

  3. Can you blame Pres. Obama? Lech Walesa is most famous for breaking the back of communism in Poland. Why on earth would Pres. Obama want to appear with someone so anti-communist and pro-freedom?

  4. One would think that since Polish Americans are so deeply rooted in the Chicago area and that Obama’s political team is as well that SOMEONE would have prevented this. Mindless idiots………

  5. Lech Walesa is a leader who dared to stand toe to toe against communism.
    He has the guts to say what he means nad means what he says. Obama is nothing but a sniveling brat with no class. Thank you to all the clueless idiots who voted for this imbecile in 2008. I hope you will learn from your mistake, but I doubt it.

  6. Glad to see this mentioned here as well. The MSM has buried the entire Polish “gaffe” as just that. And the fact that Obama can so casually move on from this suggests that the finger on the Reset button is Putin’s.

  7. Walesa ranks right behind John Paul II as a hero to the Polish people. Let Obama keep slapping Poles in the face, and he will see the results of his arrogance in November. Poles are predominately Catholic (there once was a joke in Chicago that the “Fighting Irish” should be called the “Fighting Poles”) and Obama has pissed off Catholics by his birth control mandates. Now he slaps Poles with his comments and snub of Walesa. It’s like a two for one for Polish voters. Add to the mix his over heard comments to Medvedev and Obama is destined to lose the support of most Americans of Polish descent.

  8. Now, this story could have legs, not a class move at all. Lech Walesa is a very important historical figure, whose legacy will last

  9. The recipients of the Medal of Freedom are civilians; the recipients of the Medal of Honor are military. Please try to make that distinction when reporting.
    It’s easy to confuse the two in common discourse and writing; both MSNBC and Yahoo did it this week in a headline on a Reuters story about the Medal of Freedom recipients. The headline for that story called it the Medal of Honor recipients, despite the fact that in the first sentence, the Medal of Freedom is defined as the highest civilian award. Sometimes media really shows its ass, you know?

    1. And a certain president, too.

      November 6, 2009

      [*] OBAMA: Please, everybody, have a seat. Let me first of all just thank Ken and the entire Department of the Interior staff for organizing just an extraordinary conference.

      I want to thank my Cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. I hear that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow (ph) was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It’s good to see you.

      Ah, the dangers of giving shout outs without a teleprompter. Crow is not a Medal of Honor recipient. As noted by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society:

      The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. Generally presented to its recipient by the President of the United States of America in the name of Congress, it is often called the Congressional Medal of Honor.

  10. well we might’ve seen this one coming. Poland made the mistake of being just too good an ally, like Israel or–well, I was going to say “Colombia” but best forget THAT just right now!

    Obama seems far more comfortable with countries who dislike us. look at his slobbering love affair with almost-Islamist Turkey.

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  12. The tide of Zionist financial incentive must have risen high, to have driven this rat out of hiding .. witness the deluge of publicity, from the same Zionist owned media machine that decries 911 truth, that accompanied his elevation from Zero to Hero!

    He was an electrician in a Polish shipyard, who received massive media attention, after he organized a strike, on behalf of a list of grievances against the Polish government of the day, then in the hands of a Zionist sponsored hireling,

    Who had deserted his post in the military to dabble in politics, similarly at the behest of Zionist coin .. A Polish Jew was Pope, and Lech Walesa made political speeches under an icon of the Virgin Mary, while abortion decimated the Polish European population over and again,

    And the Polish national resource became the property of foreigners .. It appears to trouble Lech Walesa not at all, that the 911 attacks were the work of Jews, and that unjust war has been sustained against everyone else, on behalf of the same Jews ever since!

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