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Blogger’s Head Explodes

I was in the East Room yesterday, listening to President Obama speak at the unveiling of the official George W. Bush portrait, and that’s when it happened: My head exploded.

I felt terrible. I mean, it hurt, yes, but mostly I was just mortified. The General Services Administration had to come in and clean everything up. I’m pretty sure some of it got on the famous Washington portrait that Dolly Madison smuggled out of the White House as British soldiers approached to burn the place down.

The painting escaped British cannon balls, but not my exploding head.

But, I mean, what did the White House expect? I had just heard Obama try to say that he had shared credit for the killing of Bin Laden with Bush.

Bush was in the audience along with Laura, whose portrait also was presented. I looked at them as Obama said this. They are clearly stronger people than I. Neither of their heads exploded. I have to give them a lot of credit.

Here’s what Obama said:

And last year, when we delivered justice to Osama bin Laden, I made it clear that our success was due to many people in many organizations working together over many years — across two administrations.  That’s why my first call once American forces were safely out of harm’s way was to President Bush.  Because protecting our country is neither the work of one person, nor the task of one period of time, it’s an ongoing obligation that we all share.

If Obama or any of his people have ever said that George W. Bush shared credit for killing Bin Laden, I missed it. He doesn’t even quite do it here, but he certainly strongly suggests it.

What I am keenly aware of, as I know you are too, is that Obama and his surrogates have shamelessly promoted his own role in the operation, with the phrase “gutsy call” now forever enshrined – for many, with a sense of irony – as the emblem of Obama’s decision to go ahead and kill America’s Public Enemy No. 1.

Gutsy is the word that should be applied to the brave servicemen who conducted the operation. An operation based on intelligence developed under Bush and executed by a military built by Bush.

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to try to get my head together.

58 thoughts on “Blogger’s Head Explodes”

  1. you know, I think Bush had one of the greatest presidential terms in his first term, but give him a D in the second term. But I genuinely like the guy and yesterday showed America something but I’m not sure most people got it. He once said something to the effect of “the next president deserves my silence”. I’m not a betting man and pretty much broke taking care of my dad with Alzheimer’s but I’d be willing to bet the farm if Obama loses in November (please God in Heaven grant that prayer) he won’t show Romney the same respect Bush showed him.

    And that you won’t hear Romney blaming Obama 3.5 months after he’s in office, let alone 3.5 years.

    1. Just look at the Dem. past presidents who never go away: Clinton, Carter!! Their comments and criticism never stop. No class!!!

    2. Pres. Bush had a Dem controlled Congress the last 2 years of his final term. That is when gas prices started skyrocketing and everything spiraled out of control after that.

      Pres. Bush will always have my highest regard and gratitude for the way he held us together after 9/11. I will never say anything negative about Pres. Bush.

      1. Missed the mention, taking care of grand-kids today, so parents can make a living. But I have always suspected El Rushbo peeks at your blog.. Very wise people with Common Sense subscribe to your blog. Kudos Keith Koffler 2020, a Man with Vision….

  2. I bet between that and his blatant blame of Bush for the economy at an
    occassion to be devoid of insults let alone campaigning heads across
    America were exploding. It probably registered on the Riechter scale about
    a 8.5 the man is the worst excuse for a President we’ve ever had. I bet old
    Michelle wouldn’t save the portraits she would fiddle with her husband.

    1. I just groan when I hear mention of Bush’s fault. It got old after about a month. Now it is simply ridiculous. Seriously, who still believes that?

  3. Obama is such a liar and the sad thing is, he still has followers. What is it going to take make people see him in the true light? The press has not done its job, has lost credibility but is still an influence on the far left segments of society. Mark my words, this election will be stolen from the Republicans.

    1. Have to agree on the stolen election scenario. Eric Holder just halted Florida’s effort to clean their voter rolls of illegal alien voters. The only way the fraud in chief can win this election is by thievery. Add the illegal aliens to the zombie Democrat voters and mix it with ACORN-rebranded busing vulnerables to multiple polling places, and it’s a recipe for a stolen election. We must all be vigilant and informed.

      1. In King County (where Seattle is located), the person head of voting got canned for not cleaning out the rolls that included the dead. It was when we first experienced ACORN in Seattle. Didn’t fix the vote that kicked out one of our best Senators for an absolute idiot, but at least she got canned.

        1. Yeah. I’m on the Eastside. Libs have poured into the area for some years now and have screwed up the political demographics. This is changing though. The right finally found its strength, and soon, G-d willing, we’ll have a Republican governor. I’m active out here and lovin’ it :)

  4. Keith, LOL May I suggest you get some large spools of Velcro so you can wrap your head securely and prevent a repeat explosion? I suspect Obama will get even worse between now and November.

  5. What is so frightening is Obama says this crap and never gets called out on it. He says these things in places where it would be impolite or politically incorrect to “start trouble”. It should happen. Just like Joe Wilson did at that State of the Union address – YOU LIE! People should do this every day, every minute and second of every speech Obama gives. I loved the “Solyndra” chanters at Axelrod’s “speech” – it’s way past time for conservatives and Republicans to stand up and dish it right back at the despicable Democrats. We certainly can’t count on Boehner, McConnell, Cantor and the milquetoast Congress to do it. We can’t let Chris Christie and Trump be the only ones who aren’t afraid to make Obama eat his words. We HAVE to stand up and get in their faces with our disgust, anger and our opposition to what Obama is trying to do (and succeeding) to America. We MUST. Enough of being politically correct. This is WAR. If Obama wins this November – America will be lost forever.

  6. Hope you’re feeling better today (should, BHO has “left the building”)!

    Agree or disagree with Geo Bush/his politics–everyone must admit that he and Laura are classy folks!

    With regards to his killing OBL–how long will it be before he/BHO takes credit for actually killing OBL with one of those “kill drones” he so found of? Wait for it. . .

  7. Journalists on the left do something similar. They will ignore or only briefly mention a significant story if it is damaging to Democrats then years later when it makes news again for some reason they will pretend that they covered it extensively at the time the story broke.

    1. That was the biggest issue I had with Obama’s comments. George? Really? I really wanted the hear Pres. Bush call him Barack, but Mr. Bush clearly has too much class to sink to my level :)

  8. If ‘Pres.’ Obama is picking-out who to kill, cant ‘Pres.’ Obama be charged with “war crimes”?
    Pres. Bush was accused of “war crimes” everyday… Why isnt ‘Pres.’ Obama accused of “war crimes”??

  9. Heard your name on Rush today!!!!
    Please pick of the pieces of your brain and put it all back together and quickly, so you can carry on with the great work you do!
    God Bless America

  10. <—— Hands Keith large, economy sized bottle of super glue.

    On another note, did you notice the overwhelming reception received by President and First Lady Bush? Did you also notice the restrained, tepid response to the O's?

    1. Not to take away from snarking Obama, but most of the people in the room were invited guests of Mr. Bush.

      To RWC, I heard him call him George and I wanted to throw something at him. Unfortunately it only would have damaged my computer screen, not him.

      Also, did you hear Mr. Bush compliment the WH staff? I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear the O’s do that. They’re just “little” people who blend into the furniture to them.

  11. I’d love to comment, but I’m too busy looking for the thingamajig in my furnace. The whatsit was stuck and it took longer than I thought it would.

    1. I’ll send over the whatchamacallit in the WH. He can’t fix diddly squat, but he’ll spend hours trying to sell you a new one.

  12. Thats ok, today the terrorists said they are going to cut the doctor up into little pices, and Obama claimed stutnex against Iran trying to get votes and will likely earn a retaliation against us… When you offer up state secrets against Iran for votes and ultimately are risking American lives by doing it, you have to go.

  13. Difficult to believe this chameleon guy’s words, perhaps the search for his past should start in a prison institution somewhere out there.

  14. Once you get your head back into one piece, I would suggest some therapy, as a brain injury of that magnitude can be devastating. Perhaps you can find a good neuropsychologist who can help you work through the trauma.


  15. Keith,
    It’s incredible your head doesn’t explode at least once a day from exposure to the (let me be as delicate as I can) faux truth Mr Obama foists upon us. I’m very afraid he even BELIEVES a lot of what he says (e.g. “The economy continues to get better due to my ability to part the Red Sea”).

    Here’s a trick I learned in the Air Force. Wrap your head completely in Duct Tape. At least 3 layers. It won’t STOP the explosion but it does contain the mess.

      1. OMG, Keith. The East Room is already a mess. You’ll need to fumigate the place. Remember, Mooch scandalously hosted a workout for the Biggest Loser in that historic room. I hope she and her partner in crime will be the Biggest Losers come November.

  16. Keith, you might need some good old, industrial-strength duct tape. They make them in all kinds of colors and patterns now, if you’re so inclined. I’ve seen everything from Hello Kitty to Georgia Bulldogs (go Dawgs). As Red Green says, it’s the handyman’s secret weapon (in case you aren’t familiar with Red Green, check him out on Netflix — he’s hilarious!).

  17. NEXT time you feel your head about to explode, follow Glenn Beck’s advice: wrap your head with duct tape. At least all the pieces will stay together.

  18. Fritz ( the dog) received another plea from the Obama campaign:

    “…(Our opponent) is relying on high-powered special-interest groups and a TV personality who’s spent the last week questioning where I was born.
    Our campaign is built by millions of ordinary Americans chipping in what they can, when they can.
    Will you help out before midnight? Make a donation of $3 or more right now.”

    I’ve made it a practice, whenever I read of Obama imputing President Bush or of behavior I feel is ungracious of a first lady I send another modest donation to the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

  19. Keith, this post has convinced me that I want to marry you. I suppose you’re already married, right? Can’t imagine that a witty, intelligent, straightforward patriot like yourself doesn’t already have a wonderful wife.

    But in case you don’t, please put “Anonna” on the the application list and tell me where to send my marital qualifications resume. :)

  20. I think we need to make more noise (in the media) about how it too TEN DAYS for our brave young President to make his “gutsy call” to kill Bin Laden. To hear the military people who are talking tell it, that’s how long he chewed his nails over the decision until a Commander made it for him…

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