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White House Suggests Flexibility on $250K Tax Threshold

The White House today suggested it may consider raising its $250,000 income level threshold for increasing tax rates, refusing to rule out acceptance of a new proposal by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to raise the level to those earning $1 million or more.

While saying President Obama’s position on setting the tax increase trigger at $250,000 is “clear,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not rule out a change of position and said the White House is continuing to “have discussions” with Democrats on the tax measures.

“We’re continuing to work with leaders in Congress on how best to move forward,” Carney said.

President Obama has long held the position that the Bush-era tax cuts should be maintained except for those earning greater than $250,000.

15 Responses to White House Suggests Flexibility on $250K Tax Threshold

  1. Translation: “If you big donors start contributing to my campaign the way I want you to, I will consider raising this level”

  2. When did that nasty skank Pelosi become Speaker again? I know it’s a typo but how dare they suggest tax increases and when they don’t control the House.

  3. Who’s surprised about this? Not I. Rick got it right, it’s the big donors who are complaining!

    But from the Good News Department, Romney made a surprise visit to Solyndra today AND Romney supporters in Massachusetts gave David Axelrod a rousing round of boos and jeers, drowned him out as he tried to talk down Romney on his old Massachusetts turf.

    Now that Romney is officially the candidate, I’ve noticed a real surge in his rhetoric. Hip hip hooray!

  4. Take a hike Stretch…your proposals don’t mean diddly squat. No tax increase will make it through a Republican-controlled House. If Boehner caves and accepts some deal he will lose all honor and integrity.

  5. This is so Obama — get all the $ you can from people who support your first position — then change your position, keep the money of the first group and mine your new supporters for money.

    He did this with homosexual marriage — not supporting it — then supporting it. Gets to keep the $ of both groups.

  6. I love the smell of ‘desperation’ in the morning! For 3.5 years Obama has been been targeting the ‘rich’ as those who earn $250K or more! Sorry, Charlie – you’re stuck with it! Are we looking at the new Obama tax cut extensions for those earning $1M or more?

    What’s next? Is he going to repeal ObamaCare?

    • I watched the presentation and wasn’t shocked by MrO’s ungracious remarks. The Obamas just can’t help it, everything has to be about them, no matter the occasion.

      The remarks about the economy in 2008 were just egregious and insulting,. MrsO’s remarks weren’t that better, either.

      Class vs Crass, for sure.

      • oops. MrsObama wore a dress that looked like she just got finished cleaning out the fireplace in the OvalOffice. ??
        What the heck were those black stains on her dress.

    • The headline the NYT chose for the unveiling ceremony was so awful I think it crossed the line: “Gracious and Civil Prelude to a Hanging”. I Tweeted the heck out of it and thirty seconds later, the headline NOW reads: ‘Political Truce for a Portrait Unveiling”. Power to the conservative Tweeters!! :-)

  7. I’m starting to warm up to Romney. Doesn’t seem like he’s a McCain clone. First, he does a press conference in front of the abandoned shell of Solyndra, then he says turnabout is fair play…

    In the meantime, Axelrod channels Col Jessup :)

  8. George and Laura Bush were the only ‘stars’ in that room today. Obama’s opening ‘blame Bush’ remarks only served to reinforce his classlessness. Laura Bush exuded charm and grace while deftly escaping the clutches of the First Sow who tried unsuccessfully to engulf her in the big squeeze.

    George had some amazingly clever remarks (put-downs), including this one directed at Obama:

    “When you can’t sleep because you have important decisions to make, you can come here and look at my picture, and think What would George do?”

    After remaining silent for all of these years, Bush finally evened the score. It was beautiful!