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Three New State Polls Show Peril for Obama

New polling by NBC and Marist puts President Obama and Mitt Romney in a statistical dead heat in three battleground states that Obama won in 2008 – Nevada, Iowa and Colorado.

The results have to be cause for grave concern at Obama reelection headquarters in Chicago.

Winning these three states are essential for Obama if he loses on other battlegrounds that will be difficult for him, particularly Florida and Ohio.

Nevada, Iowa and Colorado have definite potential to go Republican. George W. Bush won them all in his narrow victory over John Kerry in 2004.

11 thoughts on “Three New State Polls Show Peril for Obama”

  1. Axelrod is trumpeting the fact that Romney is behind 25 points in his own state, MA. Says no one in the past 100 years has ever lost his own state and won the Presidency. Well, there’s a first time for everything! Go Romney!

    1. MrRomney’s campaign should leak the information that one of his great-great-grandfather wives was a member of the Tonono O’odham Indian tribe because that kind of thing seems to impress MA voters.

      MrAxelrod is blowing smoke about the “past 100 years”. These kind of comments are indicative of how the Obama campaign is making decisions; on past performances. What happened last year doesn’t matter this year and if they’re counting on the voters being uninformed on the issues they’re in for a big, big surprise.

  2. Obama has lost North Carolina.
    NEWS FLASH:Chrysler-Damler just announced it will close three Auto manufacuring plants in the US with the jobs relocating elsewhere is the company. One of them in NC and another in New York.

  3. The Romney snowball is going to get bigger and bigger. Keep on being yourself Barry, the avalanche is coming to put you out of your misery and ours.

  4. How can NBC”News” have a poll that shows Obama in peril?
    NBC”News” is nothing but pro-Obama Propaganda. Thats why I refuse to watch NBC”News” or that hate-spewing network MSNBC.

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