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Obama to Hold Six Fundraisers in One Day

With Republicans steamrollering ahead with a group of well-fed Super Pacs and an increasingly successful money effort by Mitt Romney, President Obama Friday will attend six fundraisers, a possible sign of budding desperation for a campaign that is lagging far behind its initial fundraising expectations.

Obama will travel to Minneapolis, where he will ensconce himself at the Bachelor Farmer Restaurant for three successive fundraising events. Afterward, he moves on to Chicago for a fundraiser at the Chicago Cultural Center and then two events at what appear to be separate private residences.

In April, Obama’s fundraising total actually declined by nearly $10 million from the $53 million he took in during March.

Meanwhile, Romney raised $40.1 million in April, nearly on pace with Obama.

Before heading to Minneapolis, Obama will hold an event at the Honeywell Golden Valley Facility in Golden Valley, Minnesota, where he will call on Congress to pass his “To Do List” of economic proposals.

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  1. Wish I was heading out of town to a job interview but after being informed I’m a match for a position, I have to answer the Work Opportunity Tax Credits questions: white, male, 55-75 years old, no criminal record, never used drugs, willing to take a drug test.

    Suddenly, I’m unfit for employment.

    Wotta country.

  2. The white kenyan said, “I will work tirelessly to fix our problems.” He clearly does not know the definition of the word, “tirelessly”. he is spending more time fund raising (lining his pockets for his own retirement) than he spends actually working on “our problems”… then there is the golfing; the basketball; the vacations; the back room deals with the muslim brotherhood; etc… very little time (if any) spent on “our problems”… the sooner this liar is gone the better… and by gone I mean out of office, no need for the secret service to pry themselves away from wheels up/down parties.

  3. Barry O. is going out town for a fundraiser, SIX total, I am SHOCKED, how unusual since it seems he spends so much time at the WH working hard on improving the US.

  4. Slush fund! Jackpot! Obama gets to keep his unspent ill-gotten gains as long as he spends it on charities and political campaigns. No personal spending. The WH lawyers must be scurrying around setting up all those fake charities for MOOshelle and the rest of the clan!

  5. All I can say, what with the shape the country is in , anyone throwing a fund raiser for the Odummy, has got to have quit school in the 2nd grade or they are complete idiots

  6. American Tea Party Patriot

    Obama exemplifies evil in our time, he most feed off the unawares of their party members, why? it’s due to sheep being kept in the pens of ignorance, being fed their on demise.

    tea party patriot
    vote out any democrat anywhere, to free a few sheep.

  7. Obama is an ego-loving narcissist as well as a communist. Wake up people!! Please research the failed governments of the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Would you like to live in one of these countries?

  8. Obama has never campaigned as an incumbent, always as the challenger. Not so easy is it, sport? Of course, I expect to start to see the Race Card in full effect by August/September, cause he’s got nothing’ else. Yes, hard to campaign against himself. “Elect me because the people in power are doing such a bad job. They’ve ruined the economy. They’ve ruined our stature in the world. They’ve ruined our relationships with some of our best allies. Elect me because the people in power are corrupt and evil and stupid and…OH WAIT…That was all me. Pass me another doobie

  9. “Before heading to Minneapolis, Obama will hold an event at the Honeywell Golden Valley Facility in Golden Valley, Minnesota, where he will call on Congress to pass his “To Do List” of economic proposals.”

    This means that the weasel’s campaign won’t have to pay for his use of AF1, because he’s doing one thing on “official business”. What an f*ing scumbag. Stop stealing from us! We can’t afford it!!!

  10. Nice to see that Obozo, our clown in chief, is working 24-7 on the economy.

    Nice to know that he told us that the recession was over in 2009.

    Nice to know that Wasserman Schultz, Biden and others told us that they take full responsibility for the economy and were happy to do so.

    Nice to see the robust job number this month, once again surprising the admin’s experts that predicted higher numbers, but were wrong again.

    And nice to see the unemployment going up to 8.2%. Not that I am happy by this, but it gives hope that real numbers are being used.

    And to think that with the recession over, since 2009, and with obozo in full control and responsibility for the economy, we haven’t even seen what the unemployment number will be when we add new college grads to the job hunt, we had high school graduates looking to break into the job market, and we try to deal with teens that would like to find part time summer jobs.

    But now worry, obozo has a plan, and a budget, and takes full responsibility for the booming economy. And no problem, I expect to hear the lame excuses that obozo took on the worst economics in history, and it is all Bush’s fault.

    And in advance I ignore them and remind them that obozo promised to cut unemployment numbers, cut the deficit, and told us that his plans would solve the problem or he would be a one term president.

    But to be kind to obozo, I have to remember that he did tell us that under his plans energy prices would skyrocket, and he kept his word. Anyone happy on that one.

    And he was in office watching the Bin Laden raid, after giving the OK for that. Something that I think any normal person, except Biden would have OKed.

  11. Look for Moochelle to take a whole lot of vacations on our money over the last 5 months of her and Bumbles stay at the Whirte House, under which flies the Flag that they both so disdain.

    1. Oh, Tim, they probably won’t be taking vacations before November. But wait till after the election. During his lame duck period, he’ll be vacationing readily on the taxpayer dime, pardoning Liberal and Muslim criminals, and issuing more Executive Orders to further destroy our Country and society. Will he also take another World apology tour? Maybe he’ll apologize for racist America not re-electing him.

  12. Obama is going from fire to fire trying to put out the ire.

    His “campaign” speechs sound like tent revival meetings. When he is soundly kicked out of our White House and our lives in November, he can go on the road as the black Elmer Gantry.

  13. Have you noticed that the dems began running at light speed from The One as soon as he turned Marxist and began attacking capitalism?

    Even Bill “Cigar Man” Clinton is slapping barry upside the head… A summer revolt in the offing? Interesting parallels with the Berlin wall and the fall of the Soviet union… bye bye barry!!

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  15. Obama needs a campaign to keep his spirits up. He’s under a lot of pressure doing damage in Washington to American Ideals and success, you know. Besides, there are no pressing problems in Washington for him to solve, and his next vacation is still several days off. However, I for one do not want my tax money spent on him or his campaigning—what? There is no such expense? Another Obama miracle. This along with economic recovery and full employment.

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  17. This is nothing new. He has been doing this for 3 years, 4 months, and 12 days. When you don’t know how to govern (How can a leader of Acorn, Occupy, et. al., a community organizer know anything about governing?) you go out and campaign which all he knows to do. Even then, he will just read a teleprompter and still make gaffe after gaffe, and the so called main stream media (There is no such thing anymore, but they don’t know it yet) will not say one thing about his numerous gaffes. The man has geography deficit disorder for one. But … this is what ‘hope and change’ is … you hope things get better because you have no idea how to govern, and change is, he wants all or whatever change you have left in your pockets! Wake up America!

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