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Obama to Hold Six Fundraisers in One Day

With Republicans steamrollering ahead with a group of well-fed Super Pacs and an increasingly successful money effort by Mitt Romney, President Obama Friday will attend six fundraisers, a possible sign of budding desperation for a campaign that is lagging far behind its initial fundraising expectations.

Obama will travel to Minneapolis, where he will ensconce himself at the Bachelor Farmer Restaurant for three successive fundraising events. Afterward, he moves on to Chicago for a fundraiser at the Chicago Cultural Center and then two events at what appear to be separate private residences.

In April, Obama’s fundraising total actually declined by nearly $10 million from the $53 million he took in during March.

Meanwhile, Romney raised $40.1 million in April, nearly on pace with Obama.

Before heading to Minneapolis, Obama will hold an event at the Honeywell Golden Valley Facility in Golden Valley, Minnesota, where he will call on Congress to pass his “To Do List” of economic proposals.

187 thoughts on “Obama to Hold Six Fundraisers in One Day”

    1. After the first debate Romney will have dismantled and embarrassed the economic illiterate (wrecking ball) we now have in the White House. Barry will drop five points in the polls and democrat politicians will run for the hills trying to save their own skins. Obama won’t even be able to get a photo op from a democrat senator let alone a full fledged endorsement. He’ll beg Hillary to take the veep spot but the Clintons are stupid enough to hitch their wagon to a sinking Marxist ship they’ll wait until 2016.

      1. Why do you think Romney will be so much better? Romney is a big government flip flipper just like Obama. Ron Paul is the only one that can truly change the direction we are going.

        1. Ron Paul is a phony too… No earmarks my arse. What were talking about here is saving our republic from an anti-American Marxist Muslim destroyer named Barack Hussein Obama. And here’s a newsflash there’s not a chance in heck Paul can win we have to live in the real world. The good thing about Romney is he can be molded and we the peoPle will hold his feet to the fire. Romney will tow the conservative line when push comes to shove.

        2. after 20 years in Congress, Ron Paul has not changed anything – he had one bill passed. Paul is not going to get the nomination so give it up.

        3. Dude, give it up the Ron Paul thing ain’t gonna happen. Seriously if the Ron Paul people don’t let it go and get behind Romney you will have yourselves to blame if O wins the next election.

        4. Oh, GIVE IT UP on Ron Paul, will you?

          The the bogus liberal support for Ron Paul failed long, long ago…

          Sorry that you didn’t get the memo.

      2. I don’t love Ron Paul. Not since he said that Pres. Bush should be tried for war crimes and that we should just forget that the world existed. Isolationism is a really good way to let the rest of the world devolve into widespread war.

    2. This is going to be he most expensive LOSS in world history. Raise all the money you want Barry you’re going to get pounded at the ballot box come November. You’re great at wasting other people’s money so why change now.

      1. Closely resembles that of the Facebook IPO. It doesn’t matter, Ego-and-Chief will still win because he will get the millions of ‘entitled’ to ‘Get Off the Couch an Vote’.

    1. Tim, Obama is like a racing animal. Hang a sack of money just in front of his nose and he will run all day trying to catch it……Dear God, I just typed that about the President of the United States.

    2. How does he maintain the energy?
      Simple: does does not do anything associated with governing. That job was seconded to ValerieJ…
      Punish as usual for treason in wartime.

    3. If he did his job worth a damn, he wouldn’t have to be going to all these fund raisers. All he has done prior to and after being elected has to be a fund raiser and not a president. Where is his laser like focus on the economy & jobs?

    4. Are you kidding? He travels by
      Air Force !, gets chauffeured, escorted, attended to by many etc. All he has to do is show up and blame President Bush!

    5. It’s easy! His trolls write his remarks on his teleprompter. And our tax dollars pay for his 5 fundraisers. All he has to do is show up, open his choom bag for his brain-damaged robots to toss their gov’t issued dollars into. How hard is that?

    1. Seriously, we have to pay the Dude to FundRaise?

      The more he isn’t “working” , the less he damages us. Maybe someone can encourage him to take the rest of the year off from his horrible 3 1/2 year work schedule?

      1. Did Obama fail or succeed?

        BTW, I finally understand why Rush wanted Obama to “fail”..Rush didn’t want Obama to fail in doing a good job, he wanted him to fail at getting his dreams implemented cuz those dreams would destroy America. Unfortunately, Obama succeeded in getting everything he wanted in the first 2 years..nothing at all stopped him..not one meeting with a Republican ( “they can sit in the back”, “they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun” was his Leadership mindset), ..

        Obama succeeded, America failed.

        I sure wish Obama had failed.

        He is making Clinton look brilliant for seeing the writing on the wall after the shellacking he took in 1994, and changing course. This guy is so stuck on stupid ideology, he can’t change. He is just waiting until after the election when he will have “more flexibility”

        1. You just now got it? Rush explained exactly that 3 years ago as he made the comment…… At least you’re waking up. I’ll give you some credit for that.

        2. If O’s convoluted scheme to transform America downward did NOT fail, America as we know it WOULD fail is what Rush was warning when he answered, “I hope he fails”. Rush Limbaugh was raised in a family that believed in the greatness of and loved America.

  1. Darn, I thought the article said fun-raisers, and I got all excited. Everyone knows that Hussein “smoke-em if ya’ got-em” Obama KNOWS how to throw a party! DUDE, now I’m all bummed out. Hey you! Stop bogarding the J!

  2. Just doing a little reading and I came across this article (link below — hope that’s ok keith) that basically said because Obama decided to show up on this Memorial Day as part of his re-election campaign (I said this not the article) hundreds of veterans who customarily went to both The Wall and Arlington Cemetery to honor their fallen and others were denied entry for so long a length of time that many gave up and left. Because, of course, it’s all about Obama, all the time, every day, 24/7/365. And I suspect the vets will have to wait as long as the Poles for an apology.

    1. Romney currently has a 24 pt. lead from Vets. Once the word spreads among veterans that should double/triple by November.

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  4. Unemployment goes up to the fau nummber of 8.2% (we all know the number is higher, and the man-child socialist emperor with no clothes is doing six fundraisers.

    Wow, he will need is 19th vacation after that !

  5. Seriously, we have to pay the Dude to FundRaise?

    C’mon, we REALLY have to stop all politicians from fundraising on OUR dime!

  6. At least he’s stopping off for an appearance in front of the riff raff to ask Congress to pass proposals he knows Congress has no intention of passing.

  7. Obama is a very bad joke and I do not understand how a Democrat can vote for
    him again.

    I will never understand how America voted a man into office with zero experience.

    God bless America!

    1. You don’t understand because Rush and Hannity have destroyed your ability to think for yourself. Plus, you hated Obama from day one. Do you understand now?

      1. No, I sure don’t hate Obama. Just the stary-eyed saps who emoted on the election day. My guess is that I’ll hate the slime who counts the votes this election day.

      2. Disagreeing with everything that he stands for is not hating him. It is disagreeing with him. Why can’t you guys get that one?

        I was willing to give him a chance when he was inaugurated. Hoping he wasn’t as bad as he seemed. Well, he did prove me wrong. He is worse than he seemed. All his huge number of Czars should be a clue. And then he has only had 2 or 3 Cabinet meetings. He lets his Czars do all the work. They were not elected and required no Congressional confirmation.

        He wants to have all the trappings of the White House without doing any of the work.

      3. Both Rush and Hannity continuously denigrate communism and there are a lot of idiots out there who believe communism doesn’t work because right wing talk show people brainwash them into believing their crap.

        Obama does believe in communism and so do we the Democrats.

        We are transforming America from greedy capitalism into fair communism and Obama is leading us to this promised land.

        It obviously can’t be done in 4 years and Obama will need several more decades to complete his far sighted work.

        Hope and Change.

        1. I am going to bet you are young or have never worked to make these comments. What you don’t understand about communism is that everyone works. If you don’t you don’t eat. You will notbe able to choose what you do, how you do it, when or where. You wil find yourself just like in old Russia in a class system and waiting in long lines for bread and housing or anything for that matter. You will have no freedoms which will include being able to express your opinion such as on this web site. In fact there will be no websites except those by the government telling you what they think you should know. However if this doesn’t deter you, there are many communist countries to relocate. The majority of the people of the United States will not stand for communism.

          1. But Cuba is a wonder country where everybody gets taken care of for free. Cuba is not-for-profit. OK I know that Stalin had to take harsh measures due to counter-revolutionaries. Obama might have to do the same thing too.

            I’m working hard to prepare myself for a career in committee work to determine the fair wages that people should be paid regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Obama and the Democrats are working hard to make sure people get paid exactly what they are worth to society and no more. This is very important work so I’ll help work to see that fairness administrators get the top wages they deserve.

            Remember even Christ was a communist and Obama will go down in history as Christ like.

            I’m taking social studies in public school and this is what our teacher has taught us too. I’m getting an A+ in our class and hope go go on to Harvard on a grant from Obama

            Hope and Change we can all believe in.

          2. If communism is so great then why do communists build walls to keep people in, dissenters have to escape, and dictators have to rule?

      4. O blames everyone and everything for his failures. There’s HOPE for you to CHANGE because you just blame Hannity and Rush, who freely disagree and criticize Repub. and Conservative Policy/politicians.(average listeners know this), It’s commom knowledge that LSM gets notifications & trip to woodshed (for pseudo spanking by an axel..rod) if it deviates from “lockstep talking points”.

  8. Keep raising all that cash Barry… we love it when liberals WASTE their money!

    After the first debate Romney will have dismantled and embarrassed the economic wrecking ball and illiterate we now have in the White House. Barry will drop five points in the polls and democrat politicians will start running for the hills trying to save their own skins. Obama won’t even be able to get a photo op from a democrat senator let alone a full fledged endorsement.

  9. Notice how he leaves the same day the jobs report comes out. Where is the Rose garden speech he gives when the good news comes out.

    1. They haven’t figured out how to spin this so it looks like the unemployment rate going up is a good thing. Or, they haven’t figured out a way to blame Bush yet.

  10. Will the president attempt to portray his “remarks urging Congress to act on the ‘To Do List’” as official business that will allow his campaign to charge the taxpayers for this junket?

    1. That is EXACTLY what he is doing. He thinks he is pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes, but we are all well aware how he is screwing the American taxpayers.

      1. He doesn’t need to pull any wool over any eyes.

        The people accept his practices and want him to campaign on their dime. That much is rather obvious. Congress approves of it, the public approves of it. Otherwise, someone WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

  11. Clearly it’s too much to ask Obama to stop spending public monies on fundraising, vacations and campaign trips and just fix the economy….


  13. And these fundraisers will all be put on the taxpayers tab I imagine. If you factor in all of Obama’s traveling expenses in with his fundraising, you can count an additional $10 million a month courtesy of hard working taxpayers. You have to know he isn’t reimbursing us one dime. Nothing like sticking it to the voters.

  14. If you voted for Barry Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racist, vote for someone else (anyone) in 2012 to you are not an idiot!! Barry is so far over his head it is shameful.

  15. This isn’t news, so Drudge must be desparate for Obama stories. Fundraising while seeking high public office is routine to the point of being mundane; let alone essential given the high cost of TV ads and the like. So, who’s the idiot who thought this is news?

    1. Soros’s flying monkeys are at it again.
      Nice try spinning this. I’m sure the 69K jobs created last month is also a non-news story.

    1. Bilderbergs are new “Tri-Lateral Commission” that was feared by the John Birchers. Same old boogeyman with a different name.

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  17. Some one needs to check the records and see how much time he has spent in the Oval Office in critical meetings with Cabinet leaders “going over the budget line by line” and how much time he has spent out side the office on his plane or the links or on vacation. My bet is he has been away longer than he has been at work. Any body want to bet?

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  19. Rev. Romulus Johnson Jr.

    Apparently Obonehead feels his job is simply getting reelected, that he has no obligation to the Nation to do his job! Oh, you-know, maybe to protect the constitution, that oath thingy! He may as well go back to Chicago, convert a crack house into his new presidential palace and do what he does best — NOTHING!!!

  20. Obama reminds me of a line from Joe and the Volcano: “I know he can get the job, but can he do the job.” Mr. Waturi

    The answer is now painfully obvious than he can’t. Obama may have a brain cloud.

  21. So, delivering remarks about the non-starter to do list is how he will stick the taxpayer for the travel bill to Minneapolis?

  22. It would appear to me, especially with today’s job and unemployment numbers, that Obama ought to stay in Washington and work on the country’s problems. If he is not willing to do the job, this should be grounds for impeachment!!

  23. Perhaps a press photographer could get a picture of Obama looking out the window of AF1 viewing from 30,000 ft. the Dem wasteland they created in Wisconsin…. and compare it to Obama’s refusal to land there and see the devastation on the ground for himself.

  24. With the job numbers so bad…..and BO goes on 6 fund raisers……You can tell whre his priorities are ??? He is completely out of touch……He is in over his head…..AS Joe Biden told him 4 yers ago…..”This is not on the job training”

  25. Maybe if Mr. Obama spent more time being President, he would not have to spend so much time trying to raise money for his re election.

  26. And in the meantime our Ship of State continues to slowly sink to the bottom of the abyss.

    Any question as to what his priorities are? Hint: It is not the USA or its Citizens.

    Just vote Obama and his Democrats (aka Socialists) out of all Government positions this November and beyond.

  27. Well, it seems that the “Great Experiment” has failed, and failed miserably. It’s time to get da Kingfish out of the woodpile and send him back to tha’ hood.

  28. Hey lighten up folks!
    He could be on the links.
    Or worse yet,
    He could be directing his laser-like focus on something.
    Let him go out and redistribute the liberal wealth.

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