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Michelle Plans a Little Fundraising Spree

First Lady Michelle Obama will be hitting the road next week to raise some money and inspire Obama campaign volunteers. No doubt an event or two with some hefty kids jumping around will be thrown in for good measure.

Michelle will be in New York City Wednesday, June 6, for a fundraiser and then zip down to Philadelphia to “meet with Obama campaign volunteers,” according to her newly released schedule.

The following day she will head out to the Washington, DC suburb of Manassas, Virginia to gin up some more volunteers, and then late in the afternoon will attend a fundraiser in Washington at a private residence.

14 thoughts on “Michelle Plans a Little Fundraising Spree”

  1. In other words, shop in NYC, then on to shop in Philly, then back to DC to shop in Manassas (they have 2 really nice Target’s in Manassas and one of them is even a Super Target); and then back to DC to mingle with the little people at a private residence to show off her recent purchases while trying to keep her facts straight about when BHO had his epiphany about buckling down and getting serious about his education (MO, was that before or after his “father” died)!!!

    Counting the days until these two are sent packing (which no doubt they will also make us, the taxpayers responsible for)!

  2. No doubt they willl throw in some hefty kids jumping around so she can say “Let’s Move” and charge the travel to the taxpayers.

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  4. “Hefy kids” — lol. And maybe they’ll get Beyonce to prance around as a role model. She could re-enact her video, wear hot pants, slap her ass, wiggle it and sing “If you like what you see, put a ring on it” to encourage teen parents to marry.

  5. Wonder if she’s got a handmaiden that goes around ahead of her vacations to
    find the most costly restaurants for HRH to dine in wonder what a five star
    burger tastes like? We will paying for more clothes and jewels.:(

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  7. I attended the event in NYC at the Pierre Hotel today. It was held in a jammed packed ball room and Mrs. Obama gave a great speech. She was introduced by Caroline Kennedy. She is definitely a good asset for the campaign.

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