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Presidents Working at Home

Sent to me by one of my many readers with a great sense of humor.

22 thoughts on “Presidents Working at Home”

  1. I’m sure the reader would have included one with Clinton, but s/he knew that you wouldn’t want to post any pornagraphic images!

  2. too bad the supervisor was left out if the pic, but barry wanted to be seen as a big boy working on his own…
    “another historical moment” (as abc’s robin roberts would say)

  3. There is nothing wrong with men hanging curtains ( or cooking, cleaning windows, washing dishes ), as a matter of fact, I really like men giving a helping hand with anything. Oh, and a man who can produce a delicious Boeuf Bourguignon, he is really something ! So, that said, I believe that neither Reagan or Bush would look foolish hanging curtains but there is something about Obama… he is in one way or the other posing whatever he does. And he just looks so silly and not manly at all. I canĀ“t even imagine him handling a chainsaw. But Reagan and Bush look just great in the shrubbery , the way the world is used to see American men.

    1. Thanks, Janice/Granny Jan. I just shared your album on my FB page. I am sure my liberal friends will not find it humorous!

  4. 2 real men vs, well, who knows what!!!

    Those drapes go along with his “mom” jeans (no offense to Mom’s everywhere) and his limp wristed baseball throw, not to mention his dorky bike ride in Mahtha’s Vineyard!!!

  5. Good God!!! Barry’s not wearing OSHA approved safety glasses! Call the Safety Police! Setting such a bad example for the next generation of curtain hangers. Love the EXIT sign, so appropriate.

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