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Biden Returns to Washington for the Day

Vice President Biden, who had been scheduled to spend the week in Wilmington, Delaware preparing for his daughter’s wedding on Saturday, is popping back into Washington to spend the day at work Thursday.

Biden’s public schedule has him receiving the Presidential Daily Briefing along with the president – as he usually does when he’s in town – and attending the unveiling of the official portraits of George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

Biden will return to Wilmington late in the day.

9 Responses to Biden Returns to Washington for the Day

  1. VPBiden was probably asked to leave the premises because he was interferring in the wedding preparations. His only job/duty as father-of-the-bride is to keep his wallet open (and/or, his mouth shut) so he might as well go back to DC.

  2. The family must have tired of him already. Actually, I was thinking the same thing as toothy spook. I wonder if something is up? Iran, perhaps?

  3. I agree with Girly 1. If something big was going on, Biden would be hidden. His real value to Obama (other than keeping him alive) is as the Court Jester.

  4. Has anyone ever warched “Veep” with Julia Louise Dreyfuss as the VP? Its on HBO. What a bunch of “f”ups. I think they modeled it after Uncle Joe.
    Its pretty funny if you get a chance,watch it.

  5. Here again, we find that our Country Administrators and Congress reallyh dont care about the American Citizen. No wonder we distrust our Government Leaders. They spend millions at their own pleasure and then
    “cry ” for more money be sent in through taxes and contributions for
    mpore money to fell their greed. We just do not have any “Statesmen”
    or “Patriots” in this days government.