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WH Downplays Chance of Military Steps in Syria

The White House today reeled in statements over the weekend by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey that suggested the United States might be moving closer to military intervention against Syria.

“We do not believe that further military action” would be helpful, said White House press Secretary Jay Carney, arguing the “further carnage could result.

Carney even evinced trepidation about others arming the rebels. “Further militarization of this situation in Syria could lead to further chaos,” Carney said. “Our position right now is to provide non-lethal assistance” to the rebels.

Dempsey, appearing on Fox News Sunday, had indicated that the recent massacre of more than 100 Syrian civilians by the government had pushed the United States to a point where its patience with non-military action might run out.

“You’ll always find military leaders to be somewhat cautious about the use of force, because we’re never entirely sure what comes out on the other side,” he said. “But that said, it may come to a point with Syria because of the atrocities.”

15 Responses to WH Downplays Chance of Military Steps in Syria

  1. For pete’s sake do we have to stick our nose in every country that’s involved in a civil war? All we’ve done is prop up and promote our enemies with our support.

    The first solution to the conflict in Syria would be that the insurgents go home and go back to work until they have the firepower or the numbers to overthrow the current govenment.

      • Military action in Syria or Iran could very well be the October surprise…even if things don’t go exactly as planned, Barry could go to the “You don’t change horses in mid-stream” card.

        God help us.

    • Not possible for insurgents to win/lose/draw nor is it possible for the Assad regime to do so either. Russia is arming Assad, supposedly America is arming the insurgents technically. Iran is trying to wiggle into Lebanon to pick up the Syria sphere of influence. The entire region is tottering. Until the ‘civilized’ world (that’s the EU and US) although I have my doubts about both at times, decides that enough is enough with Iran and does what needs to be done or until Lebanon instability is on the verge of another civil war that begins to affect Israel (the only civilized country in the region) and forces Israel to make decisions that the US/EU are sitting on.

  2. Just,found and bookmarked you as another hero I’m now reading everyday!,I,hope you will push some emails to keep us informed. I hope you are not FB/Twitter for comments as age discrimination against me and others that have the buck$ to pay! I’m thinking of a class action and would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Keep up the hard work as heroes that are made everyday!

    /Steve the Independent out to crush these Communosocialists as the very same millions died fighting against!

    Warmest Regards,


  3. General Dempsey will give a presser tonight saying something like the following: “After consulting with Newark Mayor Corey Booker, I have concluded that we will not be taking action within Syria”

  4. In the Words of Fmr Sec of State Powell: “You break it you buy it.” and so far, we don’t “own” this conflict. Where’s Putin? No Show at the NATO summit, No show now. The Russians have more at stake in Syria, than we do. As one American, I unequivocally will not stand to see my fellow countrymen fight to ‘fix’ a Russian Puppet.

  5. Carney said: “Our position right now is to provide non-lethal assistance” to the rebels.
    This must be the new WH appeasement policy in play for all Obama’s left-wingnuts. The lines must be forming to obtain this generous USA support for all the atrocities perpetrated on the Syrian people. Non-lethal assistance will include: Coupons for discounts on Pappa John’s pizza; 25,000 frequent flyer miles for those leaving Syria; autographed photos of The One who feels your pain; a solemn pledge not to intervene with military force if The One is on the golf course that day; a visit by the First Lady to help start vegetable gardens.

    • Sadily to the Obots at the State Department these options sound viable. Time to dust off the “Reset button” Hillary used on the Russians?