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How Obama Uses Bain to Slime Romney

President Obama and his operatives in the White House and on his campaign piously intone that because Mitt Romney has made his business experience part of his claim that he is presidential timber, it is incumbent upon them to “examine” his days at the private equity firm Bain Capital.

This, they assert, is not a personal attack, but a fair look at the record. Under this theory, Obama’s relationships with questionable characters like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright amount to character assassination, while Bain is fair game.

But it’s clear that Obama and his merry band of attack dogs are merely using Bain as a tool with which they can mount a caustic assault on Romney’s character.

The cherry-picked samples of companies that failed after being taken over by Bain are used to portray Romney has a greedy, immoral capitalist who could care less about average workers.

Make no mistake, it’s not his service at Bain, but Romney’s ethics that are being attacked. While Obama himself pretends to take the high road, asserting that Romney’s work at Bain merely fails to demonstrate the proper qualities for the presidency, his henchmen color in the portrait to say something very different

The latest example comes in the form of an email sent out by the Obama campaign’s Stephanie Cutter. Here’s what Cutter said:

The decisions he made at Bain Capital — loading companies with debt, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy, but walking away with millions in profit — show that his values in the White House would have a devastating impact on America’s middle class.

Cutter is not saying Romney lacks the right experience. She’s saying he lacks the right values. That is, he’s evil.

Just to make sure no one missed the point, she also calls him a liar:

Mitt Romney’s general disregard for the truth is why you all are so important to this campaign.

While the Obama campaign is calling Romney a liar, it ought to at least acknowledge its own mendacity. The attacks on Bain have little to do with Romney’s skill set, and everything to do with character assassination.

34 thoughts on “How Obama Uses Bain to Slime Romney”

  1. Right now, Michelle is on The View, talking about how her husband, above all else, keeps above the fray, always takes the high road. I almost fell off my chair. The women at The View are fawning all over her as if she were Queen.

    Michelle can do alot of “campaigning” on shows like these, under the pretense of selling her garden book, and talk about how the President is such a dear darling man. And people fall for it. His “merry band of attack dogs” is more like it.

    1. I set the DVR just in case I feel like torturing myself later. I also noticed that next Tuesday, The View has booked “Author Dr. Jill Biden”. Does she have a book she;s pushing now too?

      Sheesh, BHO, MO, and Biden’s wife all on that dumb show within a few weeks’ time, pandering to the female vote.

  2. I don’t think depicting yourself as a tax and spend anti-business leftist will go over big with the American people. This time he doesn’t have a vague “hope and change” persona, people know who he is.

  3. I consider myself a pretty smart guy, but I gotta ask a question of TeamObama: If you have such a crystal clear explaination of how a large complex enterprise like a Bain Capital works to make money for its investors on companies that are failing, how come you can’t reproduce a Bain success in some areas that TeamObama is responsible for? First Solar, Solyndra, and Fannie/Freddie Mac are some starting points. As Chuck Yeager used to say, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

  4. If all things are fair, then MrO’s bailout of GM with taxpayer’s money that resulted in cheating investors and causing the closing of hundreds of local dealerships resulting in thousands of lost jobs should be part of the Romney campaign. MrRomney risked his own money in business affairs, but MrObama risked our money without our approval.

    MrO’s association with RevWright isn’t the issue, it’s the association with the Black liberation justice movement that is important. MrObama has lots of secrets waiting to be revealed by the alternate news media and they will provide the answer to who he really is and why it’s important that we all know.

    1. “Obama has lots of secrets waiting to be revealed”…
      like his COLLEGE RECORDS (?!?)

      if Obama is soooo smart, what ‘grades’ did he get in ECON 101? Obama must have taken an economics class as a ‘freshman’

    2. As a former stockholder of GM (until my shares were stolen by the government), I’d like to explain to Prez O’Bummer just how much money he and his union cronies cheated me out of.

  5. LOL! By ‘staying above the fray” and ‘taking the high road”, the Beyonce-wannabe is referring to the fact that the Imbecile-in-Chief abdicated his throne 3.5 years ago when he outsourced his job to Pelosi/Reid and told the new Congress to drop dead! He then took to the friendly skies on AF One and has never returned to earth!

  6. This will, hopefully, turn around and bite him.
    People are catching on to him…even old Bob Schieffer laughed out loud about him.

  7. My fear, my biggest fear, is that Romney and Co. will pull a McCain, and NOT go on the attack. With the O Team already at the parapets shooting flaming arrows and dumping boiling oil on those preparing to storm the castle, Romney has to fight back with all that he can muster.

    Team Romney needs to do the research that the MSM failed to do in ’08, and when the time is ripe, to pointedly ask Obama about his college years, his associations and relationships, et al. Now is not the time to be faint of heart, now is the time to drive a stake into the heart of the beast of liberalism that has been consuming the country.

    1. I think We, the readers of WhiteHouseDosseier, can come up with better attack ads/ideas than the folks at Team Romney…

      1. As admirable as it is to take the high road and moral ground well
        Obama has no moral ground sometimes you’ve got to get down and
        dirty. When you’re up against the Chicago type you almost have to just
        to keep your head above water. You can say I’m wrong but since
        Michelle has put herself firmly in campaign mode on our dime I think
        she’s fair game as far as fact checking and comment. I know wives
        are generally off limits but she has gone way beyond what is normal
        so I say you want to play Michelle then get ready you should be
        subjected to the same as your husband. They are both desperate for
        four more free years work scares them to death.

  8. I find it truly laughable that Obozo’s team wants to talk about experience now, when not mention was made of BHO’s qualifications for the presidency when we were under an economic catastrophe. At the time, I remember thinking he hasn’t so much as run a lemonade stand, why the hell do people think he can step in and solve this crisis? No one even asked what a “community organizer” does (community agitator, really).

    It’s time for Romney and the super PACS to do some ads listing all of BHO’s failures with OUR money, as detailed in last week’s article by Marc Thiessen:

  9. The restaurant company I worked for was sold 3 times while I worked there.
    Not by large firms like Bain but sold none the less. They first cut jobs all 3
    times it happens that’s the sad fact of business. To try and use this for your
    big stick is stupid it happens it hurts but it’s part of life in business something
    Obama knows nothing about.

  10. Shofar, I couldn’t agree more! Never before in my lifetime, perhaps history, has an incumbent ‘president’ been so beatable – on every level. His attack on capitalism/free market enterprise is stupifying. His proposed doubling of capital gains and tripling of corporate dividends is going to crush the economy. The 2013 ‘tax-mageddon’ is going to cripple the economy if he is not stopped.

    Romney scares me to death – I see nothing yet, other than the “I know how to create jobs’ mantra. Gingrich did a better job as a surrogate on MTP yesterday…a sad commentary. If Romney lucks out and wins – it won’t be because he is a good campaigner – he is the worst! It will be ABO – anyone but Obama.

  11. D’oh. Doesn’t anyone notice Obama just targets the rich people who don’t DONATE to him ? What a baby-go-bye-bye.

  12. About MO’s book proceeds –

    From the White House: “Mrs. Obama accepted no advance for American Grown and all author proceeds will go to the National Park Foundation (, the official charity of America’s national parks. Funds will be used for programs that promote gardening and healthy eating and give young people the opportunity to experience the outdoors and lead more active lives, as well as for the continued care of the White House Kitchen Garden. Random House will also donate a portion of its profits to the National Park Foundation.”

  13. It won’t work.
    It is becoming painfully more obvious as the days and the words go by that The O Team has an empty gas tank and there is not a filling station in sight.
    Romney just needs to keep the pressure on him regarding the economy and in his spare time, the O Team’s shortcomings and failures, and with God’s blessing we will have a new president in November.

  14. Hope this anti-capitalism campaign theme isn’t the last arrow in their quiver. It will be a big fail because most Americans believe in free enterprise. Have to laugh at the contortions his minions are putting themselves through in an attempt to drag this failure across the finish line. They can’t discuss his record of accomplishments so they have to tear down the free market system. Another fail for the Obama team.

  15. Since Obama presents his credentials as everything BUT business experience [his humanity, essentially] then 20 years at the foot of Jeremiah Wright is damn well fair game!

  16. I think I nailed this one a while back:

    “”Obama’s attacking private equity, but what’s his record on public equity investing?” asks a narrator in the video.”

  17. This could be a slam dunk for Romney in a debate. After Obama hits him with loading companies with debt, job loss and walking away with millions, Romney can simply point back to the prez and say, you’ve saddle the country with trillions in debt, tens of millions of people have lost their jobs while you were president, and you have been living like a billionaire off the taxpayers money and when you leave office will make millions on books and speeches. So what is your point again?

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