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Thanks for Your Memorial Day Comments

If you haven’t had the chance, I hope you will take a read through the comments on the post, Would You Like Us to Know About Someone Today, which I put up on Memorial Day so that people could share stories about those they knew who served their country, and some who died for it.

There are so many moving tributes, I think that you may find as I did that it’s impossible to stop reading them once you start.

My sincere thanks to all who contributed. Some of your stories broke my heart, some stirred me with the heroism and commitment to duty they described, and all of them made me proud to be an American.

7 Responses to Thanks for Your Memorial Day Comments

  1. I missed posting that day…it was too hard for me. I would like to remember my Dad…at the age of 22 was a pilot of a B-26 Marauder Bomber…flew 68 missions out of Sardinia. He was sent home after 10 months…battle fatigue. I love you Dad.

    Thank you to all that posted. I cried.

    • Your Father was a true hero.
      The constant missions that they were required to fly took a toll on them, even though they were very young.
      At that age, we were all 9 ft. tall and bullet proof.
      That kind of duty will make a man out of you very quickly, perhaps more quickly than you would want.
      They had no choice, they were following orders.
      I watched my Father fail from dementia.
      It was heartbreaking.
      Once a man, twice a child.

  2. Providing a forum for us to honor those who served their country was a wonderful way for us to celebrate Memorial Day. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for giving your readers the opportunity to give voice to the memories of their loved ones, Keith. Their stories were very touching…American exceptionalism defined.