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Gaffing Biden Heads Out on Vacation

Updated at 11:20 am

Vice President Biden, who has been increasingly prone to gaffes and veering off message as of late, is taking the week off.

Biden will be at home in Wilmington, Delaware. He is taking time away from work at least in part to prepare for his daughter’s wedding this Saturday in Delaware. And with Congress out of town, it makes sense for Biden to go on vacation.

But he seems to need the rest.

While always prone to saying the wrong thing, Biden in recent weeks has been on a roll.

Most famously, he blurted out on Meet the Press that he favored gay marriage, forcing President Obama to hastily emerge with his own statement of support.

But Biden has been the victim of many other self-inflicted wounds during the past several weeks, including calling Obama “President Clinton,” calling Romney “President Romney,” suggesting the Irish drink too much, crossing himself in front of a meeting of over 1,000 conservative rabbis, and paying a visit to Florida’s “Evergators,” as he put it.

Odder still, he began raving uncontrollably during a speech for no particular reason, fulminating about how his parents “dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams.”

So the week may do him some good. And by the way, let’s give him credit for not jetting off with an entourage to some far-flung locale at taxpayer expense.

190 thoughts on “Gaffing Biden Heads Out on Vacation”

  1. Take a vacation until Nov., then you can have the rest of your life to try to live down the worst admin in history “Plugs McPlagiarist!”

  2. Why keep reporting this?: Most famously, he blurted out on Meet the Press that he favored gay marriage, forcing President Obama to hastily emerge with his own statement of support.

    This was not a gaffe… his statement had been recorded on video about 2-3 weeks prior as reported by an Obama supporter…. can’t remember the location of the story… but the whole deal was planned.

  3. Biden takes time off? All democrats give huge sighs of relief. If only Obama would do the same for the rest of the year.

  4. Bilderburger news frightens Biden maybe? He could be replaced in an effort to gain ground on Romney. Of course this is a hypothetical scenario that could play out. It is obvious that the Bilderburgers has some kind of influence to make Hillary bow out of the 2008 race for President…………..Maybe something is more at play here because Biden’s mouth is almost impossible to stop.

    He will always be known as “The Gaffer”!

  5. Did anybody see the look on Obama’s face yesterday at the Vietnam memorial when Biden was trying to talk to him on the walk in to the podium.
    That was priceless.

  6. Folks, I can’t tell you how many Liberal Ex-friends p*ssed and moaned during the 2008 campaign that they “wished” the ticket was Biden-Obama, or Hillary-Obama, or Hillary-Biden. Well, I could tell you but then I’d have to kill ya.
    This is who the Democrats are! Stumbling, loony, gaffe-prone low IQ, rabble-rousing demagogues. Need proof? Hank Johnson thought Guam would tip over and cap size if hundreds of Marines landed there. Sheila Lee Jackson thinks there is an American flag on Mars. Most of Obama’s cabinet consists of lawyers, lawyers must be smart is what Liberals say. Well, BOTH Obama’s have lost their lawyers license, they had to surrender it. Clinton lost his license. Screaming Anthony Weiner lost his job, his life’s work. Charlie Rangel was censured for stealing and not reporting rental income for 40 years. Pelosi?? She caused 6 Senators, and 63 House members (actually 68) and over 680 state COngressman to lose their jobs! And then she said, “The voters were angry with George Bush”. How dumb can you get?
    Youtube is full of gaffes, because Liberalism requires you to remember SO MANY lies, that every once in a while the truth comes out.
    Mr. Reagan spoke from the heart and answered questions easily because that’s what Conservatism is, factual, logical and sane.

    1. Reagan also said it isn’t that the left is ignorant, it is just that they know so many things that just aren’t so.

      Frankly, I think it mental incompetence, brought on by letting the politics trump real cause and effect, coupled with criminal insanity due to not having any fixed transcendent standards other than the liberal narrative of the moment. That liberals routinely emit these kind of loony utterances shouldn’t surprise us, what should surprise us is when they somehow manage say anything remotely resembling sanity. Then again, even a blind pig finds an acorn once and a while.

  7. Actually, Biden is taking part in a super intensive cram session on how not to open his mouth and fall face first in one of Obama’s cow pies.

  8. The WH is hopeing keeping him quiet for a week will raise Obama’s sagging poll numbers.Sorry Zero your the main one sinking your boat.

  9. Dan Quayle said crazy things from time to time. The press regularly pointed out how stupid he was. Biden makes Quayle look like a genius. If the press mentions the stupidity of Biden at all, they say that he is prone to gaffes. I’d like to see an enumeration of the bizarre statements from each of them so we can determine which one is stupider.

  10. Gee. When did he get back? Let his boss know, when he gets back, that the shirker left early. Wait. Didn’t he leave in January, 2009?

  11. Wow – this is considered news. Just shows how desperate the GOP is without a strategy for the Fall.

    And to remind you – george w bush took the most vacation of any president.

    Oh well – lies and mistruths are the gop strategy. Btw, big oi, who support the gop, are economic terrorists. record revenues, control over 60% of the global marketplace and have given their ceos an average raise of 35%.

  12. This the same coke head Biden daughter that the Delaware AG son protected from getting busted that’s getting married?

  13. Probably scheduled for electroshock therapy sessions by his boss after a month of shooting his mouth off and letting the truth occasionally escape.

  14. A week off for R&R will turn into a month off for some health issue. Obama is strategically planning Biden’s exit. Obama will not allow himself to lose this race even if it takes a Clinton on the ticket. They know exactly what they are doing. Obama/Clinton ticket will kill us.

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  18. Isn’t it nice that we taxpayers can give our our public “servants” time off just “to sit out” for awhile away from work. I just don’t ever remember a time that my husband, who worked two jobs all our married life, could do the same.

  19. Vacation? This jerk has already been on vacation for over four years now. Since he has that much experience at it, let’s just make it permanent for him. Instead of being the president in charge of VICE, he can be made president in charge of GAL. (Gaffing and loafing).

  20. We The People should demand that we ground Air force one and two.
    The President’s trip to Miami today costs 100’s of thousands of dollars, for what? nothing but pure politics. The Vice President flies(dashes) to Ohio, back to Washington and then on Vacation. I think all flights on AF one and to be approved by someone(WHO?). The Predident and Vice are “DO AS I DAY NOT AS I DO ” types guys.

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