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Gaffing Biden Heads Out on Vacation

Updated at 11:20 am

Vice President Biden, who has been increasingly prone to gaffes and veering off message as of late, is taking the week off.

Biden will be at home in Wilmington, Delaware. He is taking time away from work at least in part to prepare for his daughter’s wedding this Saturday in Delaware. And with Congress out of town, it makes sense for Biden to go on vacation.

But he seems to need the rest.

While always prone to saying the wrong thing, Biden in recent weeks has been on a roll.

Most famously, he blurted out on Meet the Press that he favored gay marriage, forcing President Obama to hastily emerge with his own statement of support.

But Biden has been the victim of many other self-inflicted wounds during the past several weeks, including calling Obama “President Clinton,” calling Romney “President Romney,” suggesting the Irish drink too much, crossing himself in front of a meeting of over 1,000 conservative rabbis, and paying a visit to Florida’s “Evergators,” as he put it.

Odder still, he began raving uncontrollably during a speech for no particular reason, fulminating about how his parents “dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams.”

So the week may do him some good. And by the way, let’s give him credit for not jetting off with an entourage to some far-flung locale at taxpayer expense.

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  1. I worked with an idiot who told me she was voting for BO and Bite Me because Bite me lived 20 miles from where she lived. That is how Dem/Commies make up there minds. Also, on the day of BO’s win she came up to me and said ‘ I never noticed he was black before’.

    So when you are talking to a Dem/Lib/Commie always remember – they are STUPID LIARS.

  2. How this dimwit brain dead old geezer was given the plum job of useless VP is simply amazing.

    But then again we are talking about the regressive democrat socialist party so the most repulsive stupid things are standard for them.

  3. Biden proved he was a complete (compleat)! idiot with his ranting and raving in Youngstown, Ohio and all of those union people were drooling all over the floor.
    What a town!

    1. Open a new file in your computer.
    2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’.
    3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
    4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
    5. Your PC will ask you: ‘Do you really want to get rid of Barack Obama
    6. Firmly click ‘YES’
    7. Feel better?

  5. Joe is 70 years old, and like the uncle that every family has, he is well know to have enjoyed the effects of a good single malt and a case of beer on more than one occasion. Could years of chasing the demons from his mind with alcohol, along with the natural aging process be the cause of his loose lips?

    I think that he will either voluntarily (read as “you drop out or else”) withdraw from the campaign for health reasons, or will suddenly be “diagnosed” with some serious illness that will force him out. I don’t see Obama dropping him for the simple reason that it would call in to question Obama’s “loyalty” and even though Biden is a tool/fool there are still certain segments of the Democrat machine that will stand by him.

    If Obama were to drop him outright, a lot of older (ie senior citizens) Catholic voters would take that as another direct slap in the face. It would be seen as the young Turk taking out the elder for convenience. Obama has alienated too many Catholics already with his birth control mandate, and needs to appear supportive of the man closest to him as far as the office is concerned. To deliberately dump Biden for someone less loose lipped could turn off the Irish vote, Catholics, seniors, and of course one of the biggest liberal mainstays, drunks.

  6. Anybody else think Ol Joe might come down with a “medical condition”, real or fabricated, that will enable him to step down and tend to his health, thus making the way for Hilary to snuggle on in to the campaign? I’m just waiting for the ‘breaking news’ and the speech from Obama that will make it sound like he’s really concerned about Joe’s health and not the health of his own campaign. Good Ol Joe. God love ’em.

  7. Counting flowers on the wall that don’t bother me at all
    Playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one
    Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo
    Now don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do


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  9. The gaff’e champion is at least staying home not galavanting to Africa, Europe, or Hawaii. Saving a few million by staying home he should get more credit than the black, angry woman or her husband.

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  11. Biden: Romney’s Bain experience ‘no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber’

    Biden couldn’t plumb an outhouse. I’ll go as far as to say Biden couldn’t name the qualifications required to become a Master Plumber, never mind meet them.

    Biden: A gaff, looking for a place to happen.

  12. Hope he takes a long vacation. The nation needs a rest. From him!

    Don’t really know what’s worse, this buffoon or the buffoons that actually line up to listen to him. He’s not even good comic relief like in a Shakespearean tragedy.

    Have pity on the brain-dead, they really can’t help it if they have no thoughts of their own.

  13. What makes the story worse is that ‘ole Joe is but a heartbeat away from assuming the mantle of power as the president of the USA. I know that nothing gets by Joe, but come on, are we seeing signs of senility, or is that just Joe?

  14. Take all the time you need Joe!!!! You will be on permanent VACATION come November 6th!!!! Can’t wait for the VP Debate – Romney’s pick…whoever, is going to make you look like the grumpy socialist-anti-USA that you are!!!

  15. Obummer probably told him to cool his jets, or maybe he’s getting emergency surgery to remove his foot from his mouth.

  16. Poor guy, is he showing sign of Alzhiemerz? I am not joking, it is a a disgraceful decease. I don’t agree with his politics, and certainly not his views, but if it is “Alz” he and his family have my sympathy.

  17. Hollywood “Central Casting” could not come up with a more buffoonish clown than Joe. If they did, they would be accused of ‘going over the top’.

  18. Regardless of our political affiliation we are just humans.
    Not one of us are perfect. We are all prone to making errors though some of us operate under a larger magnifying glass.
    I am not advocating for the Left or the Right.

    Have a great day.

  19. Finally taking time off to get that Fo0tNmOuth Trojan removed and receive the latest and greatest update to his OS uploaded.

  20. Joe is just a REGULAR GUY, like us…AT least that is what he told the people in OHIO last week. I am a regular guy, WOW! SPEAKY WITH FORKED TONGUE…HE HAS A REALLY BIG MANSION, now how does a regular guy on the PUBLIC DOLE, get the money for a REALLY BIG MANSION?????

  21. Forty years in Washington without a real job has amplified “Plugs” into the raving idiot he is. The stuff this guy says that goes unchecked by the MSM is incredible. Well, at least they stopped persecuting Dan Quayle over his ‘potatoe” comment. And no, Dan wasn’t using a teleprompter.

  22. At least he has a short commute. I just heard that Sec. Panetta has taken 27 trips home to CA during his term vs. 3 for Sec. Gates. No wonder we are broke.

      1. DEMOCRAT 2012 EXIT POLL*
        WHITES 22%
        ASIANS 22%
        LATINOS 45%
        BLACKS 99%
        ILLEGAL ALIENS 100%
        THE DEAD 100%
        SEIU 150%
        AFL/CIO 200%
        (ballots arrive to late to qualify)
        *obama(pbuh) runs unopposed in 7 of the 57 States

  23. See Youtube video and accompanying article “Biden: a mind on the edge.” Joe’s mind displays the beginning stages of dementia, sad but true. He should be removed from any future presidential ticket. Mark Davis MD

  24. I do not believe for one minute that veep Biden “blurted out” being for gay marriage.. everything is calculated. Obama is good at making sure its all ok to appeal to all factions of his supporters without offending his muslim brothers. blame it on Joe, then come along and “evolve”. btw; who do you think he called when deciding for 16 hours whether or not to kill bin laden? He makes no decisions without some outside guidance…

  25. A day without Biden’s gaff is like a day without laughter. Please Barry put your number two back out on the hustings. After your incompetence we all need a good chuckle

  26. So, who is going to be in charge of saying stupid thinks while this idoit takes a vacation? Maybe obama could take over for the week.

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  28. I just can’t believe we have people serving the nation that are so stupid. This guy had to have went to school to be this ignorant.

  29. Whats really funny is how Biden keeps talking about how he will run 2016…….. His stand up is great, he might be able to get Mrs Clinton to be his running mate!
    Why does this feel like 1992 and Dan Quayle?

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