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Report: Michelle Going to Atlantic City to Watch Beyonce

Updated May 27, 1:18 am ET

Michelle Obama is expected to be in Atlantic City Saturday night to take in a show by Beyonce at the lavish new Revel Casino, according to a report by NBC’s Atlantic City affiliate, News Channel 40.

It’s unclear whether Michelle has already jetted out and is making a mini-vacation of it or if she is just heading over for the show. Mrs. Obama is scheduled to be in Washington Monday for Memorial Day events and then to jet back out to New York City Tuesday for a two-day swing promoting her new gardening book.

The AC trip, as far as I have seen, has not been announced by the White House. There’s no word on whether she has her daughters in tow.

Michelle is almost certainly paying for her ticket. And taxpayers are almost certainly paying for her transportation.

The first lady is a huge fan of Beyonce’s, going so far as to tell People magazine that if she could be someone else, she’d be Beyonce.

Beyonce is performing four concerts at the Revel, a kind of comeback event for her after giving birth several months back.

UPDATE: The Associated Press reported late Saturday that Michelle did in fact attend the concert with her two daughters.

256 thoughts on “Report: Michelle Going to Atlantic City to Watch Beyonce”

  1. I bet she worked out an appearance fee with the casino, payable to the Campaign. And some time at a booth on the Boardwalk “Photo with Moo $25”

  2. It is sooo good to be “Queen” . . . thankfully, she will be dethroaned in about 5 months. Only 5 more months to survive their mooching!

      1. Plus, there is always the October Surprise theory: There are two of them, one’s mine.
        On October 23rd, a Tuesday, Obama,Geithner& the inside the U.S. Treasury Chinese Govt decide to collapse the “dollar” turning the “dollar” into a dime, overnight. Which is called hyper-inflation. The next day a gallon of gas will be about 14$.
        Or, Obama decides to do a Bill Clinton. On the same date he “wags the dog” attacking,….say,,,Iran over nukes. It will wipe Romney virtually out of the media till the election day.
        And, we “wouldn’t want to change horses in mid-stream” now would we? We should keep our President. :)
        think outside the box.

    1. Uh, think outside the box:
      What happens if our President and First Despot lose,…….and do not want to leave? Uh, what happens then?

      1. If they lose and don’t want to leave there is proper procedure to be addressed and they will be out in time for the new residents to move in.

        Personally I like to see them do something stupid like barricade themselves in the residents and maybe swat can then be called in to get them out.

  3. I have absolutely lost words for what I want to say about this vile hypocrital
    woman doubt she can squeeze in Memorial Day just as well she’d only be
    going thru the motions.

  4. I am so sick and tired of these people, thumbing their noses at us. How many of us are home this weekend because we can’t afford to go away?
    This also shows who wears the pants in the first family. Obama has no say when his wife wants to waste our money on her selfish spending, surely his advisers are thrilled.

    1. I haven’t had the money for more than a staycation for longer than I care to remember. Being a small business person at this time of US history is just not an easy task.

      1. Trouble is…the OWS agitators put you the small business person in the same class as Jeffrey Immelt. The fraud in the White House keeps preaching to us about “fairness”. How fair is it that you bear the brunt of their regressive regulations while paid off drones like Immelt gets a free pass because he’s an FOB?

        1. I know that I have been tempted to give up several times during the last 4 years, but then I remember a saying . . .

          “Those who fail give up too soon!”

  5. Gee, when will she find time to honor our fallen veterans and brave men and women of the military? Oh, I remember, she doesn’t understand all this “hype” for a flag!

    What a disgusting, dishonorable woman. She is nothing but a paid shill for Obama – probably a guy in drag, based on her looks and features.

    1. Truly I’d rather she stay away from Americans remembering their loved ones she could care less and they sacrificed their lives and she would
      only sully the occasion so the further away she is the better. Leave
      Memorial Day to those of us who care.

      1. @Lizzy: What you really mean is those of you who (A) pretend to care lest you appear unpatriotic, (B) those of you so blinded by your idiotic hatred that you can’t let a moment go by without spewing your bile, (C) those of you who can’t formulate a reasoned or sensible argument so you sink to your true and baser nature of insults and vitriol.

        You, by this post, are representative of all three and one additional one.
        (D) Those that are jealous of people who by the carriage of their life (the whole of it) have demonstrated themselves to be better than you.
        Yeah, I know, it kills you to admit that, but your pitiful little self can do no better than to climb onto the internet and hurl insults at someone outclasses you by every measure.

        1. Wow!
          Surely you jest!

          “All this for a flag”? And she represents what you think?
          My poor Father and all the rest who sacrificed their lives so you could be so cavalier?

          You are a joke

        2. Typical liberal…you gloss over the fact that this so-called first lady has never been proud of her country until the fraud in chief won an election. She said so herself. Here’s another fact for you Ken_M. She despises America and everything it stands for. Does this sound familiar? “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

          Sorry Mooch I’m not sucking on that koolaid your little drone Ken_M is lapping up at your feet. Take your bullying Alinsky tactics somewhere else because they ain’t working here. Our Lizzy has more class in her pinky finger than you and your precious Mooch rolled up together in a cowpie sandwich.

    2. Oh, how funny — the First Lady is not under any “obligation” to appear at Memorial Day services. The problem with that argument is that any First Lady who loved her nation would want to be at such ceremonies.

      Michelle Antoinette has bigger fish to fry – studying Beyonce because her life’s ambition is to become that popular singer. What a nitwit.

  6. Of course the First Traveler is already on vacay in Atlantic City, and she need not return to DC to offer more nasty comments about the flag.

  7. Par for the course. A classless fraud going to see a talentless hack. Beyonce is no musician. Probably could not even play the penny whistle. As far a moochelle she will probably be expecting everything for free. Thats what socialists do.

    1. whew….i thought i was the only person in this country who thinks beyonce is a “talentless hack”. michelle obama is an classless hack who was never proud to be american til her husband became president. WTF! Relish this trip moomoo cause it’s gettin near the end of your obnoxious abuse of power and money!

      1. No, you’re not the only one. Today, one of the greatest, most influential titans of American folk music lies in a hospital bed in critical condition following a fall at his home a few days ago. I refer to the incredibly talented, warm and wonderful Doc Watson. I have adored this man and his music for more than forty years. It has ALWAYS infuriated me that this seminal flat-picking guitar virtuoso (he is blind, BTW), who has more talent in the tip of his pinky finger than any of these so-called entertainers of the day have in their entire bodies, has NEVER gotten the recognition that these talentless hacks have.

    1. you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time!!!! Beyonce is a “talentless hack”

    2. Just because she is worth $200 mil doesn’t mean she has talent…..other examples would be Jlo- the Kraptrashians- Paris Hilton etc etc

  8. She needs to flown out at business class commercial flights on domestic carrier. Beyonce’s act would be good training for the girl’s. That casino atmosphere is very enriching for those who are destined to live off the fat of our land. That is the taxpayer.

    1. When did money ever equal talent?

      I hears more real talent from “buskers” on London street corners and in Underground rail stations than in many f the fanciest concert halls around the world.

      Some people get the breaks, others do not. Talent has little to do with it.

      1. some people have really hardworking greedy promoters….beyonce is a “talentless hack” gawd I love that description!

  9. Guarantee she sees nothing wrong with partying with her buddies at the casinos on this weekend of all weekends. Memorial Day has probably meant nothing more than a long holiday weekend for these two grifters. Before they hit the lottery in 2008, my guess is they never laid a wreath on the grave of one of our fallen heroes, or gave a second thought about the ultimate sacrifice our military men and women have made to preserve our freedom and liberty. Enjoy yourself Mooch…November is coming.

  10. who cares? I am sure she will wear one of her $2,000 dresses. As they say, you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

    1. Think it will be shinny tasteless and sleeveless:)? The cost would be enough to have a picnic for Veterans but MO is always first.

  11. I’ve been wondering for a while now if Obama finally got the message that heir extravagant and frequent vacations were NOT “sitting well” with ordinary Americans. He hasn’t been on one since Hawaii in December.

    However it looks like Michelle Antoinette just couldn’t take it any more…

    Sure she’s buying her own concert ticket (assuming that Beyonce isn’t donating a comp to her) but add in the cost of the jet, security, accommodation, disruption in AC, etc. and it’s got to be in the $100’s of thousand(s?) range.

    1. I truly think,they especially Michelle love doing this. Rubbing their faces
      in the suffering of average Americas is almost a pleasure for them seems to empower their egos to see other little peons suffer.

  12. You guys are so hateful and full of spite… As a an active duty military member I’m ashamed to see these comments… Whether u like or dislike the president/first lady it’s memorial day! Can’t the rhetoric stop for a few days..

      1. Fortunately we have a code of conduct to follow… Maybe I didn’t like bush personally but I respected his position… I have no idea how I got to this site! But damn everyone is full of hate! Move on and get a grip does it really matter who the president is… It goes back and forth regardless

        1. If you don’t see the critical choice WE must make in November, you have been sticking your head in the sand for the past 4 years. This election will determine whether we remain a free and prosperous nation or we follow the pied piper of totalitarianism over the cliff to bondage and bankruptcy. Do not minimize the decision this country must make in November. I, for one, will not surrender my freedom and leave my children with a failed nation. Even if I don’t trust Romney, he does follow the political wind and the wind is shifting back to our founding principles.

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” ~Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776

        2. Aunt Jemmima's Garden

          Your dam right it matters who the President is. As a military vet I resent the fact that this woman is a hypocrite of the first order. What the Muslim and the Mooch say and do is only done for their self agrandizement Im sick of both of them and their political hacks and propagandist working for them.

      2. Phil, you bet we are angry. The country has been suffering for nearly 4 years, and this WOMAN doesn’t give a whit about appearance. It’s also obvious that Obama can’t control his wife or doesn’t care, because any fool can see she is causing him public relations damage. That being said Phil, thank you for your service to the country. I appreciate it whereas Obama and the MOOCH do not.

        1. Thanks… They do care… She and mrs. Biden do alot for the military fams… I know this first hand…she is highly popular with spouses of the armed forces

          1. You mean like visiting the wounded without any fanfare whatsoever like both Pres. and Mrs. Bush? They did so both while in the WH and after they left. They do not alert the media every time they do something to help those who need the help.

            Obamas? Not so much. Only when it makes them look good.

          2. You only have one commander in chief…unless you count the two so-called women who wear the pants in the WH – Mooch and her sidekick ValJar.

          3. You should have the backs of the rest of us US citizens as well. Blindly following a CIC who is going off the track does not protect the rest of the US citizens.

          4. If you are in the military, your MOS isn’t in intelligence. If Obama has your back why has he: 1) given $1.5 to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 2) $192 million to the Palestinian terrorists. 3) didn’t back up out troops during Qur’an burnings leading to more of our troops deaths. 4) maintains the rules of engagement of “don’t fire unless fired upon” 5) went to Afghan, bragged about killing Bin laden, stirred up Afghans thus killing more of our troops. 6) gave operational intel to press on two ocassions ( bin laden capture, and Yemen bomber) thus outing the missions people. 7) requiring our spec ops troops to train and convey secret methods of catching terrorists to 12,000 Muslim troops including Pakistani, Egyptian which will allow them to divulge secrets to other terrorists. Answer these betrayals before you talk about this potus having anybodies back.

          5. Dont forget he said the military people volunteered . so they should pay for their own medical. the military pay is very low. i really don,t see Michelle as caring about our military wifes, it is all a front. Mrs Biden is honest, she cares

          6. I feel very sorry for you, first you lie about being in the armed forces and then go on about how the CIC has your back. You buddy need to see a shrink.

      3. Excuse me, but aside from Phil being right, what gives you the right to call this mans’ integrity into question.

        The man is serving this nation while you are, well reaping the benefits of his and all others like him service. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

        1. We have no real evidence that Phil is in the military. We have some posts in which he asserts that he is. I doubt it. He sounds like a troll trying to sound like a soldier.

    1. Maybe BO and MO should remember that it is Memorial Day Weekend. How much do you think this little trip is costing US taxpayers? Probably somewhere between what 2-3 families ( probably more) combined make in an entire year. For one lousy night of running elbows to a member of the “beautiful” people.

      Phil, thank you for your service to the country (I am assuming you are telling the truth). However, there are some of us who listened to what people from the left along with the media said about Pres. Bush for 8 years. Guess what . . . we conservatives do not like the actions of BO any more than you liberals liked Pres. Bush.

    2. no it can not stop….it just supports the fact that Americans are fed up with the abuse of power and money these two have demonstrated. A lot of Americans can’t go on vacay for a long weekend…moomoo behaves like she is above the rest of us!!! Can not wait til 11/6/12 …

    3. Perhaps if the First Couple treated Memorial Day with dignity and respect there would be no negative comments.
      George and Laura Bush were the best example for correct conduct we’ve had the Obama’s should take lessons.

    4. Yes it is memorial day, and by far the best way to honor it is by doing everything possible to make sure that the racist anti-American fraudulent tokens who spit on all 57 states and scorn the “corpse-men” that protect our freedom are out of the White House forever come January.

    5. Phil, if you are indeed in the military, thank you for your service.


      The reason we are so angry at the Obamas is for their blatant disrespect for the Office of the President. You can see well respected and thought out comments through the WHDossier archives and the things that bug us.

      I don’t believe for a minute he is respected in the active duty military after the stunts he pulls using them as political tools. The spouses have to keep their mouths shut too, or else it reflects on the that “code of conduct” you correctly mentioned.

      I know, I used to be one of those spouses.

      You can also read Breitbart and PJ Media’s great websites for constructive criticism of the Obamas and their continual disconnection to our country, her people and ESPECIALLY her military.

      You sir, are a pawn.

    6. Thank you for your service to our country. It IS Memorial Day and it seems that the Obamas’ could have found far more appropriate ways in which to honor our fallen service men and women than by attending overblown, overpriced concerts and playing yet another round of golf. As public servants, they set a poor example.

  13. She has more $ than any of you haters will dream of. More sour grapes bc we have a black first family and believe it your vile view of our Presidents wife is a minority view. When her husband is reelected what are u gonna do; obstruction tactics? Beat that already. Fight? Yea right. Any words for Ann Romney, way richer n will spend our $. Wait she does now by a special tax code for her and her peers. It’s not the 59s grow up.

    1. So once again, the Obama supporters bring out the “race card” How sad, I guess you have nothing else to use to defend the most inexperienced, most incompetent, most out-of-touch, most spendthrift President in history.

      1. You sir are an idiot… Race does matter all you have to do is look at these website comments and see that…man what are you going to do when they get another 4 years!

        1. Did race matter when Bush was being bashed? You sir, are the racist. We dislike the man and his wife for their actions. A great many of us believe what Martin Luther King, Jr said.

          “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

          1. Exactly how am I racist? I mean going after the first lady is ridiculous…I thought Laura bush was decent… I mean did the media go after her like this?

          2. Laura wasn’t taking little vacations every 3 months like the MOOCH has. Remember, the MOOCH didn’t want to go to D.C., she wanted to stay in Chicago. Michelle doesn’t give one damn about appearances. She figures this privileged lifestyle is one of the perks of being FLOTUS, and to Hell with the rest of us.

          3. No reason to she was not a vacationing FLOTUS. And did
            you notice we don’t bring up race. Also like it or not Romney
            worked for years to build his fortune.

          4. Phil ~ Maybe we’re going after the First Lady for the content of her character and not the :gulp: color of her skin ? You brought up RACE, that makes you the racist bub.

            Are you familiar with Mia Love ? She’s running for Congress in Utah. Go find her, then explain why so many conservatives Love Mia Love :D

          5. How many times did the left eviscerate the gracious and warm Laura Bush for the car accident in which she was involved many years ago in which a man was killed? With all due respect to your military service, it’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Racism is alive and well today thanks to a president who foments division and hatred by wading ankle-deep into racial controversies and then scrambling back onto the political shore while his minions do his dirty work. You can’t possibly be as naive as your posts suggest.

        2. You Phil are the idiot. I get so tired of people throwing around how racist white people are. Before they (liberals) re-wrote the history books, BLACK people captured their own people and sold them to the white people. BLACK people are own both sides of slavery!!!!!!
          To he11 with color this President is the worst in HISTORY!!!!

          1. Chill out…racism exists on both sides… I’m not saying it doesn’t all I’m saying is that why so hateful.. Like I said I didn’t like bush that much but I didnt go spew hateful comments…

          2. President Obama’s intentional use of class warfare as a political strategy has ignited alot of negative opinions about his Administration. George Bush, whatever his failings, did not purposefully pit American against American.

          3. As a member of the military sworn to defend our nation and its principles, how can you support a president whose stated goal was to ‘fundamentally transform’ our nation? Why in the name of God would someone who claims to ‘love’ his country wish to do that? I have lived under oppressive regimes in other countries and know first-hand how unique our republic is. Those who support this statist have the blood of our once-great nation on their hands.

        3. What racist comments have been made? I have never seen any except a few stragglers who get promptly reprimanded if they actually make it to the blog. And then who knows if they are not leftist plants trying to discredit this blog? We know people from Kos Kids are not above doing so.

        4. move to panama….i can not bear those bloody people….i don’t care if they are red yellow black or brown…they have no class and they need to go. Consideration for others is not in their realm of thinking.

        5. 1775 is the answer to 1984

          RACE has nothing to do with it.

          How about his policies and his inabillity to lead anything let alone a country. Granted he is just a figure head and the people around him are the ones who influence most of his policy. Oh that’s right, he surrounds himself with leftists and crackpots who hate this country just as much as he does.

          Bill Ayers and a few other come to mind.

          You should really put down the kool aid that you’re drinking. I suppose you’ll call me racist for that comment, but if you don’t know where that term comes from, then you are just an idiot.

          This guy is worse than Bush, even democrats will admit that.

    2. You are the racist if you think that our disagreements with the actions and policies of the Obamas has anything to do with the color of their skin. Sorry, but your racism is shouting with every word you typed.

    3. You must really love you some government cheese.
      Come November, none but the government cheese eaters will be voting for Precious Token!

    4. I was accepted into college on my own merits and SAT scores.
      MOOch was accepted due to affirmative action and her brother’s legacy.

      I received raises in the workplace on my own merit.
      MOOch received a $200,000 raise because her politician husband earmarked money for employer.

      1. Wonder why we haven’t seen Obama’s transcripts ? Even if he was the Class Clown, he would be better respected knowing that he could lift himself up and achieve greatness, No? Heh.

        Geesh, years ago, for an entry level government position (GS-2 for high school grads) I was required to have a Top Secret clearance.

        I WAS REQUIRED to submit every part of my life since birth. Yes, from a state embossed BC to every address I lived at, every pre through 12 school I attended, the college I flunked out of, AND my current closest 10 neighbors at the time of my application. What a pain! But I provided it and got the job. :D

  14. Who are you kidding, the ticket is gratis quid pro quo for the Lincoln bedroom.
    And how much is this going to cost taxpayers, you know the ones who are underemployed or unemployed. He smokes pot and she’s always on vacation,
    its a hell of a gig for two avowed socialists.

  15. Wasn’t having Beyonce sing in the White House enough for her? Let her pay her own way — including the seperate travel and accomodations for the huge security entourage. That cost is well over $1 million. I’m tired of them not disclosing the actual costs of what it takes to protect them on their daily galavants. A team (dozens) of agents always need to travel in advance, and then taxpayers pick up their accomodations and expenses. One trip is more than the Obama’s net worth.

  16. so how much is it going to cost me so this spoiled bitch can get off on some dizbag singer of trash music for the “ethnic” crowd?

      1. Hey, Phil — a little hating showing in your comment?

        I lost respect for Beyonce when I saw in vid in which she was hopping and strutting around in hotpants, slapping her ass and singing, “If you like what you see, put a ring on it.”

        A song about the importance of marriage as a relationship between two individuals? Nope. It was a woman exacting a price for access to her ass.

    1. Don’t you mean Carter? Yes, this could be as bad as Carter/Reagan. It is hard to believe we got a worse President than Carter, but we did.

      Got a history problem, don’t you?

      1. Phil, these people are just mad because a black man is President; call it for what it is. Yes there ARE liberal racists but by far, the Democratic Party is a bigger tent party. The GOP wont work, in Public working more on abortion and birth control than the economy; its a pharse. These narrow minded people are the same ones who always get caught trying to blow up federal buildings or killing OB/Gyn’s, while theyre at church. This woman is a mother and deserves ONE DAY to take her kids to see there favorite artist. It’s not too much. When Ann Romney is jetting off to Paris and Brussels every third day, this wont even be a debate. Problem is she wont get that chance because Mitt wont win; if were talking experience, there’s only 4 men on earth that can claim the experience to take the President’s job. Read the facts; this man is doing a great job, period. No partisanship involved, just MATH and real DATA. If this country was the same as when FDR saved us from the Depression, the Jobs Bill would have passed and we’d be even better off. As it stands, until the ppl that represent unintellectual hatred get out of the way and people willing to work get to Congress, we’ll move slowly but cant stop this great man from moving us positivly in the right direction.

        1. Put down the glass of koolaid and slowly step away… Take a long look around you and see what these people have done to our beautiful country.

          1. Susan they can’t they are so brainwashed and deluded. It has nothing to do with race and never has its the worst job I’ve seen
            since Carter all he does is blame Bush and campaign

          2. Attention KMart shoppers. The race card has expired. The race card has expired. It expired Jan. 20, 2009. It cannot be used anymore. It will be rejected.

          3. Susan, I’m guessing it’s the vodka laced koolaid :)

            I would be Obama’s biggest supporter if everything Jason E. Taylor said is true.

  17. Hey, what a great idea!! Let’s all just jet on over to AC to catch Bouncey’s show!! Can somebody help me out with the plane fare? Things have been a little rough this year (and last year, and the year before that and the year before that and…) but I promise I’ll pay you back after Barry gets thrown out on his @$$.

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  19. If Moochelle wants to go anywhere, she should be given a ticket to travel on a Greyhound bus, just like the commoners she continues to mock! What a disgusting human being she is!

  20. And the tax payers pick up part of the tab once again. Sick and tired of sharing my money for el presidente’s family lifestyle to which they have become accustomed to…

  21. Romney takes north Carolina, Florida and Iowa… Obama takes Ohio Virginia new Hampshire Colorado Nevada… Obama wins by over 30 Ev

    1. I don,t believe you are military. no red blooded American would not be able to see threw this guy.when the Ft Hood incedent happened, the Bush,s were right there, until Obama could make the time to go. no president is 100% but this one has a real low score

      DREAM ON!

  22. moochele obama is very much like beyonce….she is a classless hack while beyonce is a “talentless hack”…there you go!

  23. Phil, Bless you and your common sense, your standard of ethics and your old fashioned American values. I have not read the other comments, I don’t know how my eyes fell on yours. But I was scrolling down to find an image I was looking for. I am SO glad I didn’t read those comments. He IS our President, she IS our First Lady as were Pres. Bush and Mrs. Bush. so yea. Thanks.

    1. Teresa, “None so blind as those who will not see.”

      You might learn a bit more about this conversation if you read the whoe thing, but then again, that would have to change your narrative.

  24. Maybe I’ve been in the military too long to know what you all are talking about… And honestly that’s why I love the military… We see no race religion or gender, we see mission first… I’ve been through both bush and Obama and to be honest I think both did a good job supporting us…I’m a taxpayer too and I have some concerns on where my tax payer money is going… It’s a bigger problem then the first lady… I guess I don’t really get into blogs like this and I can’t stand fox news or msnbc…

    1. I do believe that all of us who pay your salary would prefer that you never waiver from protect us as US citizens from any threat. That means we expect you to think for yourself. You may have to follow orders, but when it comes to being gullible . . . we don’t expect that.

      1. And that’s what makes us the best damn military in the world… Because politics does not play a role individually on how we serve… We serve one nation, one commander in chief under one flag… For that I get an ok salary, I can support my family and have a nice retirement and great benefits… If the military was to undermine our constitution which many conservatives hold sacred… What would we be? I am not gullible I follow the rules our fore fathers put out! Not every democrat is anti constitution

    2. Now I suspect that you are not in the military at all. I have friends of all colors who serve/have served, and they assure me that racism, unfortunately, is alive and well in the United States military.

  25. If she aspires to be Beyonce, what a terrible role model she is. That is why this country is not intellectual anymore. She could do so much better to encourage our young than to say something like this.

    1. mo and bo have totally dumbed down this country…can’t wait til they are gone…i mean really….he knows who kim kardouchian is for gawds sake….and she is going to see “bouncey” (lol) please help me Jesus!

  26. @Phil, first, thank you for your service. that said, I happened on this site following a drudge link and now check it out multiple times a day. the commenters here are not hateful racists – most are probably part of that infamous 53% who pay our taxes and are outraged at the wastefulness and ugliness of this administration, in addition its destructive policies. the POTUS himself doesn’t respect the office – check out all the pics of him with his feet propped up on OUR furniture or the FLOTUS using the blue room and other hallowed rooms at the WH for things like tugs-of-war with comedians, never mind the vacations at our expense. as for your comment about paying someone’s welfare bill – who do you think pays your salary?

    1. Thank you! My pointis that there is Wasteful spending on welfare benefits… That needs to have better oversight… I don’t think anyone is complaining about my 30k salary I make as wasteful.

      1. I certainly am not complaining about your salary – I think you should make much much more for defending me and my family. the point I was trying to make, though, is about the Obamas’ total lack of respect for US citizens and the plight we face. while I respect the office, I do not respect the first couple – they have apparently taken the “first” part to heart.

      2. Phil, it is our opinion that Obama has NEVER had any respect for our opinions. It is hard to respect someone who has shown disdain for us. The way the administration and the Dems in Congress pushed through Obamacare is one of the major points of disagreement and disapproval we have with Obama. He just has not shown he care about anyone other than his 1% friends and unions.

  27. we are haters of abuse and waste….we are just plain fed up with the vacations and perks these two have had during the past 4 years. Conservatives desperately needed.

  28. she is pure chicago ghetto trash…just listen to her speak…she almost slips into ebonics at times….this is the class of people currently in the white house.

    1. lol Chicago “Trash”. Shes the first lady, shes black get over it. By the way, Gov Christie is here too; hob nobbing with the first lady too. His wife will most likely be here and there kids will play together; wheres the outrage? Shes a wife and a mother and you people have NO class; women and children are targets in your socalled war. Dont be afraid; we’re only black people lolol. By the way; fact: this President has spent less on his policies than any President since Eisenhower; in REAL dollars, not adjusted for inflation which means he actually require LESS $ for his gov; WAY WAY less than W, WAY less than the God King himself, Ronald Reagan. Unless you crack a book, read a document youre not entitled to a political thought. What are u gonna do for 5 more years; Fight; try it. Obstruct? Youre Reps will be out of Washington bc your views are by far, the minority. You know it I know it; sour grapes. Whine Whine Whine. I love it. “I Welcome Your Hate.”-FDR

      1. she and her husband are unfit for office period. he can only read from a teleprompter and has not had an original thought in his entire life. She is simply a “ho” from the streets and acts like one. It will be a better time when they get booted from the WH.

      2. You obviously get your facts from the MSM instead of trying to find things out on your own or think for yourself. On top of your terrible grammar, atrocious spelling, and your playing of the race card, you regurgitate “facts” from talking heads such as Maddow and Schultz. When will you people start thinking for yourselves instead of following the MSM like blind little sheep? Did you know, for instance, that the absurd Marketwatch chart that Nutting created -that you are referring to- attributes all spending in Barry’s first year-to Oct. 1-to President Bush? Really? Since when is a former president resposible for what the sitting president has done? I believe that Obama is the one who proposed, lobbied for, signed, and spent the $825 billion stimulus bill. He came in and approved spending bills that Bush refused to sign and spent the second half of the TARP funds that weren’t needed. And just for the record, this MarketWatch nonsense is such faulty work that even the NYT is ignoring it.

        Here are a few articles that you could read to help you out:

        You spend much of your time screaming about how we whites hate that a black family is in the White House when you should be spending it gathering knowledge about what this president has done to our country. You think because he’s “black”, which he only plays up when it suits his agenda, that he’s doing something for you. Newsflash: All he has done is make you more dependent on the government than ever before. And, to allay your fears that I’m some closet racist bashing you because you’re black, I’m not. I’m bashing you because you are ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.

  29. So she’s taking her transportation and security crews AWAY from their families this weekend ? Why not invite her BFF Beyonce to Camp David for the weekend ?

  30. Alright I can see what this is… Last time I’ll get on a blog…wow! I enjoy having discussions as I don’t support every democratic idea… But this name calling “ghetto rats”, “Muslim”. That is uncalled for…good luck to everyone! God bless America! Aim high! Fly fight and win!

    1. You see where these people are Phil? Theyre the minority of Americans, a blog site for the real trash; when has a first Lady ever been treated like this; never but they’ll say its not racism? Sure, and my kids arent by racial either. They cant take it; from day one theyve acted this way so to say “Its policy” is a lie. In fact, its been since 2004 and I bet the numbers of these people have only grown smaller as they see that we are just like everybody else, just a different shade of skin. Ho, trash; really? The First Lady of the United States of America? This is the beacon of hope and tolerence of the whole earth right? Thats why your own people take your angry ground votes and $ but wont EVER give you a public mic to speak out of. Birtherism and the rest is ridiculous. Why do they continue to ask this way Chris Matthew asks Newt Gingrich. Newt: “Beats me.”; people with brains know what this is and whats really going on. This site is an example of unrestrained hatred by people who would see me in the streets and smile and nod, probably even speak; then go home and blog this vile speach as a coward would. I say the same things in public, on camera, off camera, on or off the record. You?

      1. Jason and Phil: first of all well come to the party. Your thoughtful comments are welcome here. As an admittedly intense political junkie, I nearly find it impossible to sum up another’ s comments with “Oh, he’s a hater” or “he’s a racist. ” Instead, there is a person behind these comments and sometimes not a person who is so “decided” in their opinions that they can not be changed.
        I will simply offer a challenge: Be polite, have a valid take, and keep an open mind. I will offer an excellent commnent next entry up “98th Golf Outing” Read and learn.

  31. Along with the others, I thank you for serving.
    The comments you find most offensive, I believe are the exception, rather than the rule here on this blog.
    And while I don’t need to prolong a discussion you are ready to be finished with, what DO you do with this administration, which leaks military/classified information again and again, for the sake of political gain?
    This president certainly has not seemed to me to be a friend of the Military (nor is he required to be, for that matter). But remember that one of the hallmarks of the 2008 Election was the number of “lost”, “misplaced” and “absent ” ballots of the Military.

  32. The Obamas since taking the WH have shown utter disdain for the average American. They pander to the “poor” (i.e., lazy-on govt.-benefits) and demonize the “rich” (except when Obama attends $30,000 a plate fundraisers in my home town of Seattle).

    They are Hypocrites-of-The-Worst-Sort. They tell us what to do, what to eat, and how we should get there (take a bus, a train, light rail, or drive a battery operated car)….yet they, The Chosen Ones do not have to abide by what we, their subjects must. Obama travels hither and yon under the pretext each and every time of it being either govt. business or a campaign stop. When does he ever keep his skinny *ss in the Oval Office?

    Michelle sees herself as a celebrity and one who should mingle with the Hollywood set as well as Music Stars. She has little time to be bothered by others who have suffered from her husband’s extreme socialist policies.

    Nov. 12th will herald in a thorough fumigation of the WH for our new POTUS and FLOTUS!

  33. Yea, we live in South Eastern Wisconsin, we thought we would go north for the weekend, but of course the gas is too expensive, then we thought about having a bar-be-que, but food is sky high from the cost of gas, So guess we will stay home and watch baseball in half empty ball parks as the tickets are too expensive to buy. So Michelle, had a good time, be sure and take your friends with you. Is your husband going to stay home and play golf again? I hope that the two of you can fit the time in on Monday for Memorial Day duties as you both usually look like you are in pain at these events. But it is your job in case you did not realize that being First Lady is not just about vacations, clothes and good food.

  34. Phil,I’ll have no problem putting a bullet in your head if you ever follow your commander in chiefs orders to come after American citizens.Other than that thanks for your service,if your really are in the service.

  35. Hula-hooping welfare Queen from Chicago’s South Side hits mega-million $$$ lottery! When asked who she would like to be in real life, she replies, “Beyonce – musicians have more fun.”

    America has been punked! Hope ole’ Granny has a good time at the slots!

    Wake me up when this nightmare is over!!!

    1. I’m thinking Granny’s lost haven’t seen or heard a word about her but
      remember when her dear daughter said she lived in the same little house till this day? Unless she’s a twin she’s in Chicago.

  36. If I could choose who I’d want Michelle Obama to be, I’d choose a Patriotic American. But sadly, I believe that’s asking too much.

  37. Is Precious Token going to be with her, or is he going to be back in the White House “doing blow, when you could afford it”?

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