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Obama Ditches the Press

In a striking breach of protocol, President Obama today abandoned the press, and his whereabouts were unknown for a some period of time.

According to the pool report, Obama left the Andrews Air Force Base golf course without the press vans that accompany him everywhere. The vans proceeded back to the White House on their own.

From the pool report:

The pool does not know first hand when the president left the base, what route he took, or when he arrived at the White House. We were told that he arrived at 5:58 pm and went to the residence.

The White House told the press pool that the president had left at about ten minutes before the pool, which departed at 5:45 pm. The pool arrived back at the White House at 6:13 pm.

Sometimes the vans must play catchup to the president if he gets in his car ahead of them, but the pooler reported that the vans in this case had been waiting for half an hour.

The White House has offered no explanation as of yet.

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  1. Hmm, BHO left Andrews without the press, and the pool was told that he arrived at the WH at 5:58 pm? Sounds to me like he flew off somewhere else and they didn’t want the press to know about it yet? AC with MO??

        1. She’s probably been there with the girls and her friends since last night, and they flew him in separately tonight. That’s why he ditched the press pool at Andrews today. They didn’t want anyone to know where he was going, at least not until after the fact

          1. Exactly. Btw, I’m looking at Twitter and a lot of people just tweeted within the last five minutes or so that MO and the kids arrived in their box seats. I’m not sure about BHO yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaks in once the concert begins.

  2. Probably looking for his old drug dealer Ray. Maybe he used up all his “blow” before that last campaign event he was a tad bit more than fashionably late for…

  3. At 3pm today, Jake Tapper tweeted that MO and the daughters were in AC:

    Jake Tapper ‏@jaketapper
    A source tells ABC News that the First Lady and her daughters are in Atlantic City, NJ, on a private trip to see the Beyonce concert.
    3:10 PM – 26 May 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry · Details

  4. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. And remember when the van filled with press was deliberately driven to a wrong location?

    1. I’ve been looking at Twitter mentions of the Beyonce concert, (at the risk of losing some brain cells), and they’re all gushing over MO and the girls being there. Beyonce just hit the stage around 10 pm and it doesn’t look like BHO is there. I also see people tweeting that Oprah and Gayle King are there, as well as Will and Jada Smith, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. So, since she sees herself as just another vapid “celeb”, MO just had to be there tonight.

      1. I know that’s got to be tough on you, but I would like to thank you for your diligent efforts. You’ ARE a trooper. There is no way the few brain cells that I have left could manage such a feat.
        I do have a question. If he’s not there, where is he? I hope he hasn’t fallen of the wagon, since he has finally gotten away from the “ol’ chain and ball.” You know what I mean guys? PARTY!

      2. Wow. Thank you for your heroic efforts at keeping us informed. I couldn’t do it. What a bunch of third-rate-brained celebs. MoochMORE fits right in. Wonder if she’s wearing something to top the too-tight crotch-showcasing wonder that she wore for those kids awards.

    1. Ha, good one, Granny Jan!

      I had heard about that his “twoosh” remark, but hadn’t seen it yet. This guy really is the Doofus-in-Chief!

    2. Excellent Granny Jan. See the twerpy twooshing douche-bag is still chomping away on Nicorette gum. Did he really say “chow” as he shook hands with the young lady, or are my ears deceiving me?

      1. Thanks, I thought he said to her, “good job” but I listened to it a very high volume. I saw the original clip on Weasel Zippers and the funny comments gave me the idea for the video.

        The only press in the room was his own so I think he let down his hair. I think he is really like the in real life: a total, immature, narcissistic jerk.

  5. Oh dear, that boy playing around in the White House is embarrassing beyond words. I am convinced that he never stopped smoking pot.
    I read ( Drudge Report ) an article by Peggy Noonan ” Mitt Romneys moment”. She has interviewed Romney and he – again- comes across as a hard working man devoted to free enterprise and traditional American values. He says that he has also learned to be very careful with words. So, if he is allowed to focus on what he does the best, the economy, with the ambition to ” usher in a period of economic vitality”, I hope that his supporters and campaigners will indulge in exposing Obamas hidden documents, hidden contacts, hidden money , hidden life. And that he is ridiculed most of the time because that is what he deserves.

  6. Just like he did in 2007 when the Bilderbergers were in town.
    They’re in town again this week in Chantily VA
    He’s getting his marching orders
    Where’s Hillary ? She was there last time too ?

  7. It has been previously mentioned in the comments above, but I’m going with the Reggie Love angle. When “the lady” is out of town, its time for a quiet evening in the residence with “the body man.”

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  9. I saw a longer version of the pool report and it mentioned the POTUS “breached” the press and they were going to file a complaint ?

    Yeah, right.

  10. Infantile and arrogant. The concept of public servant continues to elude Barack Obama. And he probably thought the MSM wouldn’t dare report this anyway.

  11. He’s so darned cocky – I don’t think he cares what the MSM reports anymore. He’s ‘Mr. Cool’ now! He knows his ‘base’ of hip-hop kids, rap stars, Hollywood celebs, and welfare cheats.

  12. I think Kieth was abducted or something for getting to close to the Osama administration and instead of filing a Sunday night post he is waking up in a crate of bananas somewhere on a island in the south Pacific… Shoulda never been so adamant on reporting on the Iman’s golf games and the royal grifters vacations… Why else hasn’t he posted since Saturday!!!! I smell a cover up coming from Jay Carney already.. Musta been those evil republicans…

  13. So where has the IIC (Imbecile-in-Chief) been for the past 26 hours? Did he, or did he not, sneak off to join his Beyonce-wannabe wife in her private casino box in AC? Hopefully, he is in seclusion in a witness protection program drafting his resignation speech! His performance this week has to be one of the worst debacles in ‘Presidential’ history!

    1. Thumbs up, Girly1 on the IIC.

      Where’s Waldobama? Where he always is – in Lala-Land planning his next scam of the week. He only has til the end of June to reach the “youth” vote until September. The college grads are not going to be happy waiting tables this summer, since they won’t be able to find their career job.

  14. Hawaii Won’t Send Official Confirmation Of Obama’s Birth To Arizona.

    Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is saying he is “stunned” that after eight weeks election officials in Hawaii still have not provided him with even so much as an Email confirming they have proper documentation on record regarding Barack Obama’s official birth certificate.
    Because of their lack of official reply, Bennett is considering keeping Obama off of the Democrat ballot in Arizona! “For some reason they haven’t been willing to say yes,” the Bennett told radio talk show host Mike Broomhead. Bennett said he’s received over 1,200 Emails from his state’s citizens asking him to require Barack Obama to produce an original birth certificate. “This is impossible to get,” because states only provide certified copies of the original document. But the State of Hawaii apparently won’t even do that or even Email confirmation according to their new rule changes. “Hawaii can’t or won’t answer…do you have a birth certificate for this guy?” Bennett said.

  15. Can’t a man duck out for a smoke? If the press got a pic of Barry with a Newport hanging from his lip, his name would be mud when he got home.

  16. He had to go lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Jihadi, and he didn’t want any reporters interfering with the solemn, sacred ceremony.

  17. This is not the first time Obama has eluded the press pool.

    Remember back when he disappeared on his way to his daughters soccer game near by? The pool was ready and waiting to leave the WH, when they got the message that Obama had already departed for the soccer game. The pool immediately left to catch up, upon arriving, the game was strangly over already, the field empty of players and spectators. Obama was not there, and had supposedly left to back to the WH. And no WH explanation as to where Obama had really gone.

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