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Obama: Romney’s Words are Crap

In a sign of the vitriol with which he intends to wage this year’s campaign, President Obama Thursday evening likened statements by Mitt Romney to cow dung.

Here’s what he said during a fundraiser at the Iowa State fairgrounds in Des Moines, as recounted by the White House transcript:

Now, I know Governor Romney came to Des Moines last week; warned about a “prairie fire of debt.”  That’s what he said.  (Laughter.)  But he left out some facts.  His speech was more like a cow pie of distortion.  (Laughter.)  I don’t know whose record he twisted the most — mine or his.  (Laughter.)

Cow pies, for those of you raised in urban settings, is farm talk for excrement.

Obama also continued his bitter attacks on Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. While he was careful to say that private equity firms like Bain are acceptable, his jab at Romney suggested he thinks otherwise.

Now, the main goal of a financial firm like Governor Romney’s is not to create jobs.  And by the way, the people who work at these firms will tell you that’s not their goal.  Their main goal is to create wealth for themselves and their investors. (Applause.)

As noted in a piece today by the New York Times, Obama’s slashing style could backfire by diminishing him as president. Previous presidents running for reelection – including Bill Clinton – waited until much later in the campaign even to begin referring to their opponent by name

But Obama is just picking up where he left off in the Midterms elections.

During the lead up to Election Day 2010, Obama called on Latinos to “punish” their “enemies” at the polls, singled out businesses and the Chamber of Commerce for attack, and charged Republicans wanted to hand Washington back to special interests, destroy the planet’s environment, and had a plan to keep the economy in lousy shape so they could win votes. He even said Republicans don’t want African Americans to vote.

The dung metaphor may be a new low. But it’s not inconsistent with what we’ve seen from a president who presented himself in 2008 as above politics but who appears instead to be perfectly comfortable in the political gutter.

29 thoughts on “Obama: Romney’s Words are Crap”

  1. He is quite a piece of work.

    I am sure that we have had Presidents in the pass who were just as bad a bully as Obama. I don’t remember anyone, though. I know he was trained in the “Chicago way”, but common sense should tell him that he needs to measure his words. He is so embarrassing.

  2. Obama is in the dog house this morning. He neglected to explain the definition of ‘cowpie’ to the Moo Cow before she called down to the WH kitchen to order an extra large ‘piece’!

  3. Sounds like little Barry is scared? So scared he could cow pie. Oh dear. Or
    when he gets home MO will scare the CP out of him:). I’m done now.

  4. Let him run his mouth with his insults and derision. It will only further alienate those in the middle who deplore negative campaigns and attacks.

  5. I would have to say that the president should know cow pies when he sees them, after all he’s been dishing out bull sh*t for four years now. That should make him some sort of expert.

  6. We all know that when one descends to use the language of bodily functions one has nothing of substance to say. We also know that Obama uses the word invest, investing, investment in the strangest of possible ways — like the US government “investing” in Solyndra. As for Bain, the San Francisco Employees Retirement System and the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio are investors in a Bain Capital Fund as of January 2012. Texas also I believe but perhaps a different fund. In matters of finance — public or private — Barack Obama is in over his head. With Bain execs as supporters of his campaign and a former Bain exec Romney as his opponent Obama might be wading through a whole bunch of cow excrement.

  7. Keep it up preezy. He was speaking at a fund-raiser so he must have thought he was just speaking to them. He’s not smart enough to realize that those type of speeches are recorded and reported on. He has a short memory. His vitriol in the 2010 election backfired and he took a shellacking. Keep it up preezy and you’ll see an even bigger shellacking in November.

  8. In his effort to present himself as the “coolest” president evah, he has brought shame and ridicule on the office. November can’t come soon enough…

  9. We call them cow patties here.
    Someone else wrote that nasty speech….he does not have that kind of knowledge…his is much lower class than cows.

    1. Thanks for the link. This should be one of Mitt’s major campaign planks. If obama wants to go after Bain (which many Dems don’t agree with) than his investment failures with OUR money should be exposed over and over again. Just the cronyism alone is staggering. The DOE has over 100 criminal investigations going?? Wow. This should be the straw that breaks the grifter’s back!

  10. Everytime he opens his mouth he exposes himself as the narrow minded, devisive, arrogant, partisan, marxist, hack that he is. He thinks he is being clever and cool, yet he is so classless and clueless. Keep it up Barry-boy, by the time November rolls around your only supporters will be the obots and other similarly deranged individuals.

  11. Expect King Narcissus Maximus to become increasing unhinged as he faces the prospect of losing Air Force One and paying out-of-pocket for MOOch’s vacations and tacky costumes.

  12. This was a double insult. Not only was he insulting this “thing” called debt, he insulted one of the ways those in the Midwest make money. Drive by a feedlot is sometimes smelly and unappealing but to those who raise cattle that is “the smell of Money”.
    Way to go, Chicago City Metrosexual. Enjoy your Kobe Beef next Wednesday and never wonder where it comes from. Not classless, just plain ignorant.

  13. Keith, you might want to take a look at this. Rush is going ballistic. It seems that Obama’s 2008 national campaign co-chair, Frederico Pena, works for Vestar – a private equity buy-out company specializing in Latino media and communications. He was formerly Sec. of Energy under Clinton. Too many details to go into right now….but Obama has to be the most stupid person on the planet to attack Romney – or else he is politically suicidal.

    1. I wonder if Obama is starting to crack under pressure? He really seems to be coming unhinged. Can you imagine if the media ever turned against him?

      1. blondie, he’s start to sound like Chrissy Matthews.

        It will happen one day and I’ll have a big bowl of popcorn ready for it.

  14. Old Texas proverb… “Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.” As much as he was sweatin’ and hollerin’ in Iowa, you know it had to be hot one ;-)

  15. If ANYBODY knows what a cowpie would be, it would be barry hussein !
    He’s the closest thing to a human form I can think of!

  16. it’s a thug thang…voter fraud, unsecured ballots. election by theft. intimidation.
    well, that’s become the American way….kill your baby, starve your enemy, attack your religion, defame the Lord.

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