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Michelle Plans NYC Media Blitz for Her Garden Book

Updated May 25 9:55 am ET

Michelle Obama is set to do a New York City media junket Tuesday and Wednesday for her new book, “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.”

The book will be released Tuesday, when she will be interviewed on Good Morning America, The View, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. On Wednesday she will appear on LIVE! with Kelly.

Cooking show host Rachel Ray also snagged an interview with Michelle, traveling to the White House where she videotaped a cooking session with the first lady and a look at the White House garden.

According to the description on Amazon, if you read the book, you will “learn about her struggles and her joys” with “lettuce, corn, tomatoes, collards and kale, sweet potatoes and rhubarb” while getting “an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at every season of the garden’s growth, with striking original photographs that bring its story to life.” She’ll include recipes and share “the stories of other gardens that have moved and inspired her.”

She’s not making any money off it – proceeds go to charity. But publicity goes to her.

The book is related to her “Let’s Move” program to improve kids’ diets.

Here’s Michelle promoting American Grown herself.

Michelle probably does enjoy gardening, but she’s also said to eat lots of pizza.

158 thoughts on “Michelle Plans NYC Media Blitz for Her Garden Book”

  1. Too funny. This may be irresponsible on my part — I just saw this quote on the fly — Michelle Obama — “If I could choose, I’d be Beyonce”. I don’t have a context. Giggles, and no surprise.

    1. Michelle Obama’s aides must have plastered a life-size poster of Beyonce over MOOch’s private WH mirror. MOOch doesn’t ever see herself.

      That’s the only explanation for her sloppy, ghetto, clownish, garish, drunken, greasy, tranny-hooker inspired appearance.

  2. I just put down “The Amateur” by Edward Klein, former New York Times writer and editor. After that read, no amount of garden tours, talk show chats, school appearances. or stump speeches will overcome the indelible image of her bad personality, rudeness, ignorance of protocols, and radical ambitions. Her media crafted image is crumbling along that of her husband’s false narrative as presented in his autobiographies. There was so much hope and inspiration in 2008, but their political capital is exhausted because of their own poor decisions and incompetence. Amateurs indeed.

  3. Her dietary suggestions indicate why she is such a gas bag…her book proceeds should be confiscated to pay for her rampant spending…what will she do without a private jet for her numerous vacations? Oh, that’s right, she has wealthy hollyweird friends…

  4. I wonder who came up with the garden as a way to flim-flam America into believing this callous, self-absorbed, meretricious woman cares one bit about anything other than securing a 2nd term ticket to the White House goodies.

    Hillary was a crook and a liar, but Michelle is prouder of herself than her country. Boo.

  5. Cool. A book about how she struggles with managing the migrant workers she employs to grow crap in her back yard. Sounds exhilarating.

  6. Do us a favor save some money, not yours, ours STAY @ HOME. We have seen and head enough. Want to really help ……. move out.

  7. Puke! Puke! Puke!

    Gardens that moved and inspired her — puke!

    Her struggles and joys with veg as she looked out the window to watch the gardeners doing the work — puke!

  8. ah that book would make a good fire-starter,but i would not want to pay for it,thats all a book writen by a communist america hating winch is good for

  9. Will Barry add his recipes for “How to Destroy America without Vegetables or Fruits” and of course his “Pretty Puppies All-in-a-Row Stew”?

  10. Why does everyone STILL pretend the White House garden is real? That ground is septic. Nothing can be harvested. It’s not a secret. So why this insistence on playing make believe over this stupid phony garden?

  11. She works on (looks at) the garden with her wh private staff for 5 minutes then goes to her wh private chef and orders a filet, two double cheeseburgers, a chocolate shake, an x-tra large sausage pepp pizza, and finishes it off with a whole fried chicken and a Crush while pondering her next extravagant vacation billed to the tax payer before a speech (lecture) on how Americans should feed their kids.

  12. Don’t forget about having to wait for Air Force 2 to gas up and then all that walking up and down the stairs and having to wear free designer clothing… That’s rough too…/sarc/

  13. Her struggles and her joys” with “lettuce, corn, tomatoes, collards and kale, sweet potatoes and rhubarb” …and scallions…and Italian squash…and beef jerky…and french fries…and brownies…and pork rinds…and BBQ potato chips…and Twinkies…and Snickers bars…and Slim Jims…and Vienna sausages…and ice cream…and Hostess cupcakes…and wallpaper paste…and boogers…and pork noobies…and beef schmookies…and that weird coagulated stuff that clogs up ketchup bottle caps…and…

  14. And what is this “folly” going to cost tax payers? This woman is a digusting, fat pig, yet she demands others curb their appetites. Please, what an embarrassment and liar.

    PS: Who cares?

  15. She will also extoll the virtues on her education of poverty stricken inner city children about whether it is good to have Kobe or Waghu with your arugula. She is truly a vile human being. As fake as her husbands Conn Social Security number.

  16. Other than a creme brule and lobster fest she will surely take part in, the visit is a complete waste of DNC funds. NY, CA, WA, OR with their abundance of liberals are already in the bag. But why should I point out the obvious to them?

  17. Why won’t this woman just shut the hell up and go away? I’m tired of seeing her snarling face splashed all over the news.

  18. I think Michelle could get some really good use out of some Iowa cow pies
    for the garden of course. Wonder if Bo remembered to bring her some from
    the heartland?

  19. Why do I have a hard time believing that the only thing she had to do with the Garden, the Book, the recipes was the photo ops. Is she still working in the garden in her $600 shoes.. is she wearing one of her $5000 dresses to cook up “her recipes”. I think the only thing I can believe is the story from her appearing on another cooking show, where, to the peoples amazement ,, she was chowing down before, during and after the show. .

  20. What a publicity hound. Never saw a First Lady who carved the spotlight as much as this harpie. Overexposed and overrated.

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