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Michelle Plans NYC Media Blitz for Her Garden Book

Updated May 25 9:55 am ET

Michelle Obama is set to do a New York City media junket Tuesday and Wednesday for her new book, “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.”

The book will be released Tuesday, when she will be interviewed on Good Morning America, The View, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. On Wednesday she will appear on LIVE! with Kelly.

Cooking show host Rachel Ray also snagged an interview with Michelle, traveling to the White House where she videotaped a cooking session with the first lady and a look at the White House garden.

According to the description on Amazon, if you read the book, you will “learn about her struggles and her joys” with “lettuce, corn, tomatoes, collards and kale, sweet potatoes and rhubarb” while getting “an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at every season of the garden’s growth, with striking original photographs that bring its story to life.” She’ll include recipes and share “the stories of other gardens that have moved and inspired her.”

She’s not making any money off it – proceeds go to charity. But publicity goes to her.

The book is related to her “Let’s Move” program to improve kids’ diets.

Here’s Michelle promoting American Grown herself.

Michelle probably does enjoy gardening, but she’s also said to eat lots of pizza.

158 thoughts on “Michelle Plans NYC Media Blitz for Her Garden Book”

  1. Original title: Mean American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across the Country I’ve Never Been Proud of Before.

  2. This is wrong it’s smoke and mirrors to circumvent the equal time rule in the
    elections. She’s put herself firmly into the election outside the bounds of the
    FLOUTS so Ann Romney should get equal time are the Obama’s not all about
    the faux war on women? Next dictionary hypocrite will say Obama’s! Sorry
    I’m on my angry soapbox today:). Don’t we get tired of being taken for fools

  3. Charity is a wide open term for the grifters could be her designer or a PAC we
    will never know. She does nothing that isn’t self serving and a fund raiser in
    a shroud. Fool me once MO never again. By he way want to see an angry
    woman? It’s me!:)

  4. Nobody but the most devout Obot believes that she even looks out a window to check on the veggies that are tended by the Forestry employees.

    I do recall when she first proposed this phony garden that she was going to make the President go out and pull some weeds.

    1. Remember the garden gloves he bought her as a gift on one of his campaign jaunts? Betcha those went in the garbage can faster than the speed of light…

  5. Well, at least something in that WH is ‘American Grown’! Rarely, do the Obamas ever use the word ‘America’ – unless they are apologizing for her!

  6. Another book guaranteed not to be on my purchase list. What MO fails to understand is the vast difference between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and herself. The victory garden actually meant something in Mrs Roosevelt’ s day. MO only used hers for political photo ops and a chance to wear outrageously expensive shoes. The victory garden came at a time when the world was at war. MO’ s came at a time when they started a war on differing opinions.
    Ironic that she talks about inspiring community, school, and urban gardens while the EPA, Farm Labor Bureau, And Bureau of natural resources are causing American farms, dairies, and ranches to go under. Many of these having been held by generations of the same families.

    This is simply a couple of differences. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt brought the country together, MO does all she can to push us apart.

    1. A/O, outstanding point. The WW II Victory Gardens existed to help American families feed themselves since the larger farms were growing crops for the troops to eat, as supplies of these and other foods were rationed. MO’s “gardens” are because many American cannot afford food to eat thanks to the economy she and her husband have presided over.

  7. The profits may be donated to charity, but it will flow through the O’s tax returns to make it look like they are huge givers (and to reduce their taxable income). Just like with his kids book. That’s the only way they give, it’s never out of their own pockets.

  8. Good Morning America, The View and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday, and on LIVE! with Kelly

    PTL I don’t watch any of those shows. I’m good.

  9. WHat is kind of insulting is the idea that we need Michelle – who probably never gardened a day in her life before she did this little publicity-garden – to tell US how to grow veggies.

    It’s idiotic.

    1. I’ve said this for years. Oh how I wish someone would ask MO about the garden she had on her lovely double lot in Chicago. Surely, she created and tended to her own large vegetable garden in Hyde Park. You know, it’s for the kids and all. Since she flies around the country telling schools and parents everywhere to start their own gardens we can assume she’s speaking from experience. I’m sure she must have begun gardening back then, with having that large piece of property and caring so much about eating healthy and feeding her kids their veggies. It couldn’t be that she only promotes gardening because it was handed to her as her “cause”, along with a huge staff to do all the dirty work for her while she only showed up for the occasional phot ops with the bussed in kiddie. (/sarcasm)

      1. Forgetting the details, but their was a piece of adjoining property to Obama house that the crook Rezko (now in jail) practically gave to them, and now I know it was probably for a garden

  10. Remember when she made a big production of showing her “garden” on Iron Chef America. The insinuation was the veggies used came from the wh garden? She had the wh chef pair up with Bobbie Flay. Turned out none of the veggies came from there. It was another photo op for her.

    1. She also pulled the same stunt on Top Chef. It later came out that none of the vegetables used in the Top Chef challenge were from her garden. I remember one of the cheftestants giving an interview after the show was over and he said production drove them down there, made them pretend they were getting veggies from a garden, and then they went back to New York and got veggies at Whole Foods. LOL

  11. Michelle quote of the day.
    She tells People: ‘That’s been my one goal: I don’t want to be caught dead in a bathing suit.’

    I agree with her also Weazel for the last line ;)

    Why couldn’t she enlarge her goal to include shorts? But seriously, this woman is no less self-absorbed than her husband and every bit as ugly on the inside and outside.

    1. Michelle quote of the day.
      She tells People: ‘That’s been my one goal: I don’t want to be caught dead in a bathing suit.’

      OMG, that’s her freaking way of trying to relate to (pander to) the women of America. Talk about out of touch! Guess what MO? Your “one goal” has to do with your effing vanity but the one goal of MILLIONS of American women and mothers is for themselves, their husbands and/or their kids to obtain JOBS! What an out of touch, condescending, elitist witch!

    2. Btw, it’s too late, MO has already been photographed in swimsuits.

      I remember this one; it was taken in Hawaii, just outside the door of the home they were staying in, in December 2008, right after the election:

      Then, their first Hawaiian vacation after the election, in December 2009:

      I think she’s been in hiding ever since that one. Or, more likely, strict orders have gone out to any and all press to back off MO on her many vacations.

      1. On that second photo, I meant it was the first trip to Hawaii after the inauguration, not election. December 2009, their first Christmas in the WH and the first family has to travel as far away as they possibly can.

      2. I like caption to that first picture:

        Our lovely First Lady is much too classy for a string bikini; a classic black one-piece suits her perfectly.

        Ha ha ha .. yea, as IF.

        1. Hahaha

          Yes, thunder thighs and a big orange beach towel are so classy.

          Add MOOch’s do-rag and it’s just class over the top. Snort!

  12. The subtitle of this book was changed a couple of months ago:

    The book’s subtitle is now “The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America,” changed from the original “How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools and Communities.”

    There’s more about the book here, including the launch of yet another website:

    It’s all just more campaigning, getting BHO and MO’s name and face as many places as possible, on as many TV shows as possible, on as many magazine covers are possible, etc. From day one, the omnipresence of both of them has been relentless and nauseating.

  13. Charity?

    Unless she intends on not claiming that on her taxes, it’ll simply be a write off for her… So technically she’ll still get paid for writing the book. Not including royalties.

  14. Wonder how many copies the State Department will buy to give out as gifts guaranteeing her a spot on the NYT bestseller list ?

  15. Enough . . . “We The People” have had enough . . .

    April 26, 2012

    Dear President Obama,

    Recently, I’ve learned that in Egypt they are on the cusp of passing a law that would allow M u s lim men to fo r nic ate with their d e ad wives up to six hours after clinical death. And all of you people called me nuts for wanting to n u k e these people after September 11, 2001. We will see what you say when they try to bring a similar law to Michigan. I wonder what would Sandra F lu k e say? At least the dearly departed wife does not need birth control. Not now anyway. Madness is endemic to that part of the world. In a cold second the irrational becomes the law, and then those least able to defend themselves, in this case women, become even further the object of subjugation through a final act of desecration.

    I would like someone out their on the left to explain to me why they think that fighting for one side of the same muslim/arab coin is good. When we are in fact fighting for people who, at every opportunity, demean in some of the most vile and repugnant ways I can even imagine women, yet we fight on. Admittedly, where the big green machine goes we create pockets of safety for women to exist. But to think that the left in this nation has it’s priorities in order is to commit an act of insanity as giving anyone on this earth the right to fornicate with their dead wife.

    As I’ve said before little surprises me now. But, I’m still shocked by this. Not because the middle east is chock full of animals, but that we would create the conditions for them to roam free and abuse women. All the while sitting at home and arguing with the “Sandra Flukes” of the world about whose paying for birth control when it is as prevalent as toilet paper and about as expensive. But, that is par for the course in a nation whose First Lady has commented on how she fantasizes on how she wishes she could just walk out of the white house and never come back. Most of America is wishing she would do that holding the hubbies hand and go directly to the airport for a nice safe flight back to Chicago. Or even Hawaii. We wait patiently to vote for Mr. Romney because in this nation, when a government runs amok, we do something others only dream about, vote them out.

    On November 6, 2012; we will be voting for one Mitt Romney like our future depended on it. Because it does.


    Joe Doakes

    1. :)

      April 25, 2011

      Dear President Obama,

      I’ve long held the notion that you could screw up a gravity toilet. Considering the primary force that effects the evacuation of waste is gravity that is an exceedingly difficult thing to do. Yet, as recent events have demonstrated I think I may have been understating your apparent and growing incompetence. There are days that I’m convinced that you were promised a bonus if you can collapse the US Dollar, and a double, if you create the conditions for an Islamic Caliphate to be born. I still can’t get the question out of me head: Why you are running so soon? The election, if you allow it to happen, is 18 months away.

      My theory is that you have not convinced the political class that you can win. So as of your announcement you are in the process of a “test campaign.” A dry run of you will. Even before a Libyan bombing mission, even with a liberal democrat as President with the middle name Hussein, the pilots practice on a simulator to make sure they hit their marks. So why not pull out the greek columns for some more nauseating “I’m-Un-American-And-The-Rich-Suck” speeches so you can prove to your backers what suckers the liberal left truly is constructed out of? I mean they paid upwards of $60,000 to sing you a song to your face which proudly proclaimed that they have no place to go but you. I guess hooking up the battery cables to Ted Kennedy is out of the question. My guess is you’ll do this until October of 2011 then it will be “go no go time” for your challengers Hillary Clinton and Evan Bahy. If your poll numbers are in the low 30’s or the 20’s you are done for. Because if there is one thing your real handlers know it is who to bet on and when to place that bet.

      I’m confident that the American people are ready to pull the ejection handle before you can bomb the American psyche with another piece or expansion of the welfare state. We even hired a guy to weave your parachute with a hammer and sickle on it so when you float down on “your peeps,” Eric Holders words not mine, you’ll land safe and sound. Though if I were in your shoes I would be ready for some rough stuff because in those countries they do not have a Constitution or a Bill of Rights or any thing resembling a rule of law. So you may think you have landed in paradise, but you know what happens when you call some place paradise. You can kiss it goodbye. Makes you wonder why liberal democrats work so hard at destroying what so many have suffered so much for.

      Not me though. I’m no rocket scientist, but I know a pile of steaming excrement when I see it, and I certainly know enough not to step in it.


      Joe Doakes

  16. You go on ahead with the rabbit food there, Moochums. Meanwhile, I’ll be indulging in a Double Quarter Pounder, LARGE fries (without the sea salt), LARGE Coke, and an Oreo McFlurry from McDonald’s.

  17. The mighty Boa simply can no longer stand the Bride of King Kong and her outrageous appetite for attention….

    We have O’Bozo crying and moaning that she not be targeted in the campaign yet he has her campaigning constantly.

    She didn’t grow that HUMONGOUS a$$ by eating turnip greens…..

  18. If Obama gets re-elected you can bet that if you have a home garden, you will be either taxed, need to get a permit (tax), or get EPA or Interior Dept. approval (tax).

  19. I got my first laugh of the day when I read this piece!!! Somehow picturing Michelle Obama as “Mary, Mary.quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” is such a delicious sham it invites all sorts of comparisons. How about Marie Antoinette and the gardens of Versailles? Or the old old story of “Maude Mueller in the Fields”. And then there is Martha Stewart’ claim that she does it all? Just where in So. Chicago did she first feel the soil between her fingers? I’d love to see the designer outfit she wears to do her “back to the land” gig. Please say it isn’t the snakey glitter ourtfit of her meeting with the “young folk”. ! I weonderif she’ll wear overalls for her gigs with the doting interviewers .

    1. She’s a real American Gothic [heavy emphasis on the “Goth] recalling her in the gawd awful black and red dress. And BHO .. just photo shop him holding a golf club instead of a pitchfork.

  20. She’s only trying to help us. After her and the OJT president get through crashing the economy, we my well need these gardens to feed ourselves.

  21. I hope the *real* gardeners who tend the garden get credit. They should be the ones going on tour and teaching about gardening. If she had any class, she would bring one or two of them with her, profess her own ignorance of growing anything, and let them talk.

  22. AH YES,,,peel away the exotic tastes.. expensive vacations ..and indifference except when the cameras are running..and she just like one of us.

  23. Then why do her and her husband eat so much lobster, steak and other hi cholesterol foods when she is not out touting healthier foods?

  24. “The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across the Country Growing Stuff that CAN NOT be EATED because the soil was CONTAMINATED and I was Too STUPID to Purify it.”

    There! Fixed it for you Michelle! I know Affirmative Action folks need EXTRA HELP. I read your so called THESIS, and have seen better writing from High School Freshman.

  25. “She’s not making any money off it – proceeds go to charity. But publicity goes to her.”

    All “celebrity” books (which are usually 99% ghost-authored) with proceeds that go to the titular author’s pet charity are like charity car-washes: they take income away from those who do it for a living and actually put a few out of business.

    1. Donating her book proceeds to charity is also a convenient way to lower the amount of personal income tax paid to the behemoth federal government. The exact same thing the lobster queen, her hubby king putt, and their flying monkeys are berating the rest of us for trying to do. Hypocrites…

  26. Oh good, a garden book by Michelle. I have a thought for the title: Gardens of the Rich and Famous. Champagne and caviar and tomatoes at the people’s expense. Subtitle: My a** is big but I will tell YOU what to eat.

  27. The garden serves her purpose! Here we are straightening the deck chairs while the ship is sinking!!
    This upcoming election will produce no different conditions if we don’t get out and campaign! Donate! Go door to door! Ask people to vote! Ask if they are registered to vote! Register them yourself! A click of the mouse won’t do it! We can’t just sit at our internet! We may not have it much longer if we get a Deja Vu!!!

    I don’t want to live on my knees, do you?

  28. Wretch. Michelle Harvard lawyer, who cannot practice since she turned in her license – we will never know why(?) then became a $300,000 a year healthcare strategist working 3 days a week in a Chicago Hospital (where she executed a neat strategy to dump indigent patients outside Cook County limits) now an agricultural-nutritionist and national blithering-blabbing lecturer in $450. tennis shoes! Sweet.

  29. Does anybody believe Moochelle has ever cooked anything, much less know how to garden? After looking at that photograph I may not be able to raise anything for a while.

  30. “According to the description on Amazon, if you read the book, you will “learn about her struggles and her joys” with “lettuce, corn, tomatoes, collards and kale, sweet potatoes and rhubarb”

    Her ‘sch-truggles’ are strictly limited to how much lobster and Kobe beef she can eat, how many vacays she can take, how many designer clothes she can purchase per day, and how much make-up she can pile on her cheek implants. Admittedly, she has never spent one minute in the kitchen – she hates to cook and brought her personal chef, Sam Kass, to the WH in spite of the fact that there are several Wh chefs at her beck and call night and day!

    1. The Obamas continue to capitalize on books about their lives. What could be less interesting? Then you can’t verify any of it because they bury all their records. What I would like to know is the LSAT scores of Barry and Mike here… I don’t need books on celery or “my black daddy socialist” There is nothing about the obamas that I want to know about other than their SAT scores and LSAT scores. I can quantify those and muse about Harvard and Princeton’s “super special” admissions standards.

  31. No wonder this country is so messed up. What a bunch of racist nuts most of you are. Why don’t you get out and so something for your fellow man/woman instead of showing here just how stupid you really are.

    1. Ah yes, the race card again! Libtards must always resort to the race card when they are getting whooped on their liberalism and failed policies.

    2. jenjen – would you mind pointing out a few of the racist comments in here?

      I would love to “do something for our fellow man/woman” – something like what Michelle did. I’d work at a non-profit for $122,000.

  32. Must she continue with this insane food rant? Is it a law that the Obamas have to polarize Americans whenever they open their mouths?

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