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Quote of the Day || May 24, 2012

“Romney was actually in business to make money. What a slimeball.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || May 24, 2012”

  1. I read your article ” Obamas dumb logic on Romney and Bains “. Excellent. I believe that Romney has a good reputation as a businessman with focus on turning failing companies, limiting wasteful spending . He has also , even though he is rich, an oldfashioned frugality in his persona. This must give the Obama spindoctors a headache since their boy is the opposite of this, a spendthrift without business experience. I read in Weasel Zipper that Obama now starts to pepper his speeches with words like ” American exceptionalism ” and ” New American Century “. Almost Reaganesque. Oh, the chameleon.
    I don´t think he will get any help from Europe as it seems like Mrs Merkel will hold the new socialist president in France, Hollande, in short leash. It might mean that the Europroject slowly dissolves.
    We keep two beehives in our garden and the little rascals in one of the hives started swarming yesterday. Very early, but the weather is hot right now. It is a magnificent but somewhat frightening spectacle. I was thinking about the beehives in the White House Garden. It would be amusing with some swarming there. Especially during a live speech. A scared Obama, running around, swatting insects. Secret Service couldn´t protect him there. Great television.

    1. The fraud in chief is talking about “American exceptionalism”? It wasn’t so long ago – on one of his apology tours I believe – when he told a journalist “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I imagine that Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism and the British believe in British exceptionalism .” Odd, but haven’t been able to find the video of him saying that. Must be another bit of history lost in the black hole of leftist cover-up for this failure.

      Always enjoy reading your posts Swedishlady. You have a very unique perspective on American politics. My mind’s eye can see the great bee chase and can’t help but laugh!

      1. Thank you Susan. And I really learn from and enjoy your always interesting posts. I think that you are a conservative with great passion . I hope there is still many, many like you in the US. Let´s hope for an unforgettable bee chase very soon.

  2. Actually Keith, I don’t think legal representation is necessary to defend what everyone accepts as Obama’s core belief.

  3. “I made my money the old fashion way…hustle people and shakedowns. And when that didn’t work, I sent my Chicago “collection” squad to discuss how ObamaCare could assist with their pending medical needs should they not cough up the bucks.” BO

  4. Ironically Obama, the ‘neer-do-well’, has stolen the equivalent of Romney’s net worth (and more) from taxpayers to fund the hedonistic lifestyle he and his avaricious wife lead. It’s unprecedented in modern history! It could legitimately be called ‘the crime of the century’!

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