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Obama Schedule || Friday, May 25, 2012

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern

. . . wouldn’t mind sleeping in myself.

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  1. Yup, I totally called this when I saw the weekly schedule last weekend. After wrapping up NATO on Monday, he took off Tuesday to compensate for working all weekend with G8 and NATO (plus, he took off the Thursday before that). Then, Wednesday and Thursday were just traveling and fundraisers – five within about a 24 hour period. And now, of course, he has to take Friday off.

    Plus, I’ve always noticed how he manages to turn every long three day weekend (Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day) into at least four days off, sometimes five.

  2. Note to BO this is Memorial Day weekend. It’s for all those who gave their lives so we can be free. This is not your vacation not a golf weekend you of all
    people owe a great debt to our military so don’t think of it as fun for you and MO it’s not. Try to remember what this day means. The rest of American’s do
    every year.

  3. Next Tuesday, May 29th, BHO’s handing out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to thirteen people including Dolores Huerta, “a noted labor leader, civil rights activist, and co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez.”

    Other honorees include Israel’s President Shimon Peres, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, astronaut John Glenn, music legend Bob Dylan, and author Toni Morrison:

  4. President Obama, HE WORKS VERY VERY HARD potus seems to work like 20 hours everyday even on weekends, AND HE IS BY FAR THE MOST INTELLIGENT AND THE WISEST PRESIDENT THAT WE HAVE EVER HAD IN THIS UNITED STATES. He Should have a Lot of time to nap today if he would. He Probably won’t though.

    HE WAS IN CALIFORNIA, TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS THEN IN IOWA THE SAME DAY AT A WINDMILL COMPANY. ALL OF THAT ON THURSDAY. I WENT TO SEE HIS HELICOPTER ARRIVE HOME AT 11:45 p.m. on Thursday. I was on my way home from the gym on L street. I am Cinnaminjanetberry , a MUSIC CREATOR, DANCER , MASSUESE, WRITER, AND A SINGER. I ALSO CREATE GRAPHIC ARTS and much much more. Google me as Cinnaminjanetberry just like that. Potus Barack Obama, I hope to see you in the park today with Bo or Please come over to visit me today. I’m on the back porch all day long.

        1. THis is the same person who posted similar stuff a week or so ago. She’s got a websight and she’s trying to collect money for him.

          Crazy should really bring in the cash, I’m thinking.

    1. Is this satire? Isn’t it amazing that everyone has a full pallette of careers these days? No one concentrates on excelling at one skill, but must be a “music creator,” dancer, masseuse (how did that get in there?), writer, and a singer. Anyone one of these would be enough to fill a lifetime, including masseuse.

      At least this person is not also a journaler, poet, teacher, storyteller, drummer, etc.

  5. Just have time to give all you White House Dossier readers a quick update since my press office is only giving you just one small snippet from what is really a busy Friday! Mooch, sorry I mean Michelle and I are planning the mack daddy of weekend bar-b-ques (Got three dollars? Then enter the Barack Barbie Bash, your money goes to a good cause, Me! You and your partner, sorry they make me say that now, will be seated in the furthest reaches of the event so don’t worry about having your picture taken with Joey B.) We’re off this afternoon to pick some veggies from the White House garden, hey don’t forget to pick up Michelle’s new book next week! Then it’s off to get some brats, dogs and hamburger. Hey just read Dcinnamin’s comments, Big Shout Out Girl!
    Happy Vet.. sorry Memorial Day voters.

    1. Glad you’re having a great time on our dime BHO. Enjoy it while you can…we’ll be tacking an eviction notice on your door come November. You might want to tread lightly with taking a stroll to visit Dcinnamin on her back porch. You might just walk in to the WH kitchen one day and see a kettle of Bo cooking on the stove ala Fatal Attraction.

  6. Obama’s “Presidential Daily Briefing” is code for “Axelrod, how we doin on money? What was the take last few days?”

  7. The city slicker ended his marathon campaign week in Iowa on a new low. His vocabulary is ‘evolving’:

    “Mitt Romney gave Iowans a “cowpie of distortion” when he said he knows how to douse the nation’s “prairie fire of debt,”

    Obama is in the dog house this morning. He neglected to explain the meaning of ‘cowpie’ to her before she called down to the WH kitchen to order an extra large ‘piece’ of the (cow)pie!

    1. I doubt the effeminate one has ever seen a cowpie in his entire life. He’s just reading words off the teleprompter…

  8. ….ooops – meant to say ‘He forgot to explain the meaning of ‘pie cow’ to the Moo Cow’. (it’s all so gross)

  9. Good catch, Granny Jan! Of course he hasn’t given up smoking – just another one of his lies. He spends all of his time on AF One because MO will not let him smoke in the WH. The video of his disgraceful gum chewing at the Joplin memorial last year has been deleted from You Tube . He is so ill-mannered/boorish.

    Enjoyed your video ‘Obama – I Like It When It Snows’. Wonder if it snows on AF One – Obama’s ‘home away from home’!

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