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Obama Misses His Entrance

President Obama failed to appear on cue last night at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, California, a weird lapse for a president who may have been exhausted at the end of a marathon day of speechifying and campaigning.

Pool reporter Peter Baker of the New York Times offers a descriptive take on the scene at the late night fundraiser:

Your pool was brought into the Fox Theater, where the audience was being shown the campaign’s 17-minute promotional film. The movie ended with stirring tones, the lights came up and then … nothing. The stage stood empty for long minutes and no one came out, much less Potus. The crowd grew antsy and began chanting, “Obama, Obama!” Finally a woman took it upon herself to keep the audience busy, shouting, “Fired up,” followed by the crowd responding, “Ready to go.” After a few minutes, that died down. Then a man started chanting, “Four more years,” until that died down too. More minutes drained away with no one on the stage, no one addressing the crowd.

Finally when Potus was announced and entered the stage at 9:45 p.m. local (12:45 a.m. DC time), the crowd jumped to its feet enthusiastically. Potus responded to its energy. “It is good to be back in California,” he said. He then launched into roughly the same speech as in Denver.

At a fundraiser earlier in the day in Denver, Baker reported that “the room at times felt a little flat and Potus seemed a little tired.” What’s more, the crowd at the Denver event was smaller than the Obama campaign planned on, totaling only 550 compared to the 700 who were expected to attend.

Obama’s slog began at around 7:00 am when he departed the White House for Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he gave the commencement address at the United States Air Force Academy. He then staged three fundraisers, culminating in the final one in Redwood city, which ended for him at 10:17 PM  local time, but 1:17 am Obama Time – that is, Eastern Daylight Time.

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  1. What stupid the chanters were. Or they were party apparatchiks.
    As they say in other part of the world: hope is a mother of the stupid.

  2. As a fiscal conservative, I simply glow all over knowing President Obama attends fundraisers with my money.

    Anything his campaign might pay for these events has to be a mere pittance when considering the total cost of moving him, his equipment and supporting cast.

  3. Don’t you know it takes a lot more energy to lie all day than tell the truth? Comrad Commissar Obama and his band of marxist/socialist know the end is near. HAHAHAHAHa – I don’t know about the rest of the great Americans, but when Romney is declarred the winner on election night, I’m watching the America hating freaks on MSNBC for the rest of the night to see them cry – hahahahahahah

  4. Rest assured we are more tired of him than he can imagine, the Nation has an advanced case of “Obama Fatigue.”

  5. Everyone here is discussing their hatred for someone. But there are. I comments about policy. Go figure, closet racists. Have fun with your bad feelings.

    1. not hatred, disgust, we are tired of you thinking you have any real grasp of policy as well. Race Card, now that IS lazy disputation. Go take a nap.

    2. Nobody’s buying your “racist” bull-exhaust anymore…

      Conservatives: Tell those democrats you know who may be stupid, that Republicans vote on November 6, and Democrats vote on November 7.
      YES… some of them are THAT stupid…
      Is it wrong to do so ?
      Morally… yes…
      JUST LIKE it is wrong for an inexperienced MORON to say that Conservatives are just people who are “…scared, and clinging to their guns & religion…”
      We need to exhaust EVERY LEGAL strategy we can to make sure that moron loses on November 6, and I DON’T CARE who calls me a hypocrite for engaging in DEMOCRAT TACTICS such as LYING outright ( Remember when Clinton LIED UNDER OATH twice ? ).
      In OUR WORLD, that’s PERJURY…
      All he had to do was pay a cleaning bill for a BLUE DRESS…
      Lying is LEGAL… Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, et al prove that every day…

      1. “All he had to do was pay a cleaning bill for a BLUE DRESS…”
        Clinton didn’t even do that…Monica still has the Stained Blue Dress.

    3. Closet racists! LOL!

      Yeah, I criticize The Once because I’m a closet racist. How funny that some people won’t give up the notion that dislike of Obama MUST be based in race — I think it’s because their support of him or their worldview is sunk in race to the point at which they view everything through race-colored glasses.

      How sad that our nation is poisoned by these idiots and their hatred of people who are not race-victimology propronents.

  6. Being president isn’t much for Obama, but it sure beats working for a living.

    The wheels are falling of his HYPE cart fast.

  7. Everyone here is discussing their hatred for someone. But there are no comments about policy. Go figure, closet racists. Have fun with your bad feelings.

    1. Typical liberal. You have nothing but the race card. Heaven forbid that people who are agianst Obama just might dislike his crappy record.

    2. You want statements about policy? How about destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, stripping the military, encouraging welfare state mentality, racially dividing the country, bankrupting future generations, passing the buck to the next administration, blaming the last administration, removing God from this country, bowing and scrapinng to foreign dignitaries, apologizing for our greatness, kissing Muslim butts? I could go on and on about Obama’s policies but I don’t think you would understand my point.

  8. This is significant – he must be backstage surrounded by people urging him to go onstage – or at a hotel refusing to leave. How freaked out they must be. The glamour job has gone so bad.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking… Rats are deserting the ship…
      Unfortunately in this bizarre circumstance, the rats were the ONLY things keeping the ship afloat…
      Someday, one of those insiders will write their book to tell us how that moron looked to anyone & everyone for campaign help, and about the day, the hour & the minute at which they realized they had been worshiping at the feet of an idiot…

      1. AND, we should ENCOURAGE those in the support-group of The Moron to write their book NOW, lest they be the 2nd, 3rd or 4th to come out with one, which would really reduce their chances of selling a bunch of them…
        Democrats reading this: If you know someone who is an insider on the staff of the campaign for The Moron, you need to tell them to PUBLISH IT NOW…
        We KNOW they’ve been keeping notes of all the stupidity that The Moron has been rolling out over the last 3 years !!!
        He’s been in CONSTANT CAMPAIGN MODE…
        You better get it out NOW, or you’ll be first issue IN PAPERBACK…

  9. “exhausted?” Perhaps… Befuddled? Losing weight? The little dictator is smoking dope again, or has AIDS, or both!

  10. I hope he doesn’t miss his EXIT, when the polls close on November 6.

    CONSERVATIVES: OUR MOST CRITICAL CONCERN AFTER HE LOSES WILL BE THE LAME DUCK SENATE…!!! A MAJORITY of them are those stupid, moronic, obama-supporting socialists who gave that inexperienced punk just about anything he wanted… There are STILL dozens of Senators who think obama was doing things right by spending us into an additional 5,000,000,000,000 of debt…
    oBAMA will be seeking to change ANYTHING HE CAN BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, and all the SCUM SENATORS who lost, and who no longer need to worry about what little BRAIN their constituents may have left, will be in full support of that inexperienced punk…
    For you democrats reading this: Aren’t you proud ? You put that CLUELESS MORON in office – now re-connect your brain & realize that HE CAN’T GIVE EVERYONE EVERYTHING WITHOUT TAKING EVERYTHING FROM YOU…
    Congrats… that MORON is ALL YOURS…

  11. What a busy busy man… Poor guy, you know what I’m going to do for him. I’m going to send him home to his kids this November.. Its the least I could do.

  12. Give poor Obama a break. Bless his poor little heart, having to work without a weekly vacation to some exotic country and his double dose of golf rounds.

  13. ATTN: Keith Koffer
    RE: Spellcheck

    “event was smaller than the Obama campaign planed on”
    -planned-… not -planed-

    1. I see the “Speech Police” are back. Too much time on your hands ?
      You must be a a 30K liberal arts middle school teacher.

    2. ATTN: a “grammer”
      RE: Spellcheck notice you provided

      While I try my absolute best to use the proper terms & words as they are traditionally used, I too occasionally do “booger-up” one or two…

      That said, I offer a compromise:

      Since the person you corrected was most probably a Conservative (per the content of his/her comment ), and that we have no idea as to his/her educational credentials, may I suggest that you correct that illiterate & stupid DEMOCRAT REPRESENTATIVE Hank Johnson who stated that Guam might “…tip over and capsize…” due to over population…
      Since there is obviously a BUNCH of “correcting” which needs to be done, why don’t you WRITE THAT MORON a letter & inform him ??
      It’s only fair…
      …guy who just works for a living uses the wrong word…
      …Representative who can LEGISLATE MORE OF WHAT YOU EARN AWAY FROM YOU thinks that the population of GUAM is nearing the point where the ISLAND MIGHT TURN UPSIDE DOWN…
      OH YEAH — that’s about the same, huh ?

  14. Oh that poor poor man… All that campaigning, all those endless $10,000 per plate dinners he must attend, all those speeches to millionaires…. It must be so hard!

  15. Let me tell you "exhausted"

    Exhausted is having lost your business, after having put all your retirement into it trying to keep it alive,owing more than you can possibly pay back, going bankrupt, and looking at working until the day you are simply unable to work anymore to survive, and hoping you can last another 20 years until you are 75. Exhausted is having no hope of being able to have the life your parents’ had, and accepting that you are working until you can’t any more, with no hope of a fruitful retirement.Exhausted is worried sick about your disabled kid, about who will care for him while you work, and after you are dead, since all the money you had for his security is gone.

    THAT is exhausted! Sorry, no sympathy, no pity, nothing at all for this guy and his wife. Move out of the WH, get out of our way,and maybe I will have some hope of resting one day again.

    1. Praying for you and your Family, its easy for a stranger to tell you to hang in there, it will get better. All I know for sure is that God loves, Bless’s, and will Keep this country.

      Please keep working and never lose sight of the fact that troubles will come. and they will also go.

    2. My prayers are with you. I hope things do improve. Wish there was something else that I could say that would be of concrete help.

  16. must be too tired from signing away our freedoms and deploying armed drones against us unruly American citizens.

  17. Oh was the poor man tired, did he need his blanky? Or was the putz staring at himself in a mirror, preening and primping before making his grand appearance?

    Regardless the reason, it was extremely disrespectful to make such a late entrance while keeping people waiting.

  18. Wow, it is a good thing we were not in the need of a decision to use the “football”. Can you imagine if he was too tired to decide if we needed to launch missiles or some other important decision needed to be made immediately? Oh, I forget myslf, he only makes decisions after he sees which way the political winds are blowing and his advisors tell him what to do. If this had been Bush all the media would be calling him a jerk or worse. Best to give Barry a permanent vacation in November.

  19. Yep, reading the same speech, pontificating like Mussolini cometh 2-3 times a day, unrolling and rolling one’s sleeves to show, ‘You mean business’ – the poor lil’ lamb.

    The day this empty vessel puts in a TRUE, hard day’s work I’ll eat kimchi. The real old stuff!

    I recall the CiC patting himself on the back for writing ‘most’ of his Nobel acceptance lecture. Err, ‘speech’. Sounds, ‘exhausting’.

      1. Hey, I’m an Independent though with Conservatives leanings as well.

        It’s encouraging to see, albeit small presently, Independents to speak up of this CiC.

        The guy reminds me of Chance the Gardener of, ‘Being There’.

        The most unremarkable, albeit nearly pushed (for he wasn’t ‘groomed’ or ‘destined’ to be in this place/ predicament) into this remarkable situation. It truly never ceases to amaze.

  20. Rev. Romulus Johnson Jr.

    He [Obonehead] was backstage with his head in a kilo of coke — folks he toots — what else could explain the megalomania!!!

    Never vote for a democrat — NEVER!!!

  21. Sounds a lot to me like an allegory of his presidency.

    This was not just One Tired Night…this is Four Tired Years.

    Its time for night night now lil man…time to get some rest. The nightmare is almost over.

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    1. At this point, the MSM is so far in his camp. to let him fail means they fail as well.

      America already sees it, and the MSM is terrified, these treasonous communists have no secret service detail and are already scared to death of the typical hard working American

      Hell hath no fury like a pissed off American.

  23. Doesn’t this just show his general disregard for the people of the United States, especially the people he expects to vote for him? Please let him go in November and let him have a long and restful vacation…..

  24. He should be exhausted he’s been non-stop campaigning for months now. I wonder when he might get back to working on his damn job.

  25. Rev. Romulus Johnson Jr.

    Obuckethead should take a week or two off, get some much needed rest — then QUIT!!!

    Demand that the Occu-dufus Omugabe and Holder resign immediately!!!

  26. Since most of the trip was for fund raising, I am sure the DNC paid for at least 2/3 of the total expense for Air Force 1, security, limos, etc.”

  27. Americans are exhausting themselves looking for jobs and struggling to make ends meet in Obama’s lousy economy.

    Boo-freaking-hoo. King Naricissis Maximus is tired.

    And poor MOOch! Barry bought her $5,000 earrings and she returned them for $12,000 ones. It’s in The Amateur.

    Those 2 frauds deserve each other.

  28. You guys in the media are something else. You feel compelled to defend this guy no matter what the situation. The ONE was “tired” from such a long and grueling day and therefore wasn’t quit up to his normal marvelous self. Give me a break!

  29. Obama is like those felons who steadfastly declare innocence, even as they watch themselves commit the crime on video tape.
    When Obama’s lies on tape aren’t reason enough for his true believers to vote him out, we’re in real trouble.

  30. Seems like the man is burning both ends of the candle with his ongoing fund raising. Suppose he has any interest in being President other than the opportunities it gives him to play golf and campaign? Sure doesn’t seem like he spends much time with his day job. Time to put him out to pasture.

  31. It takes an inordinate amount of relentless energy to destroy capitalism. Give the Marxist usurper a break.the puppet has waiting in secret Swiss bank accounts a billion dollars for his treasonous service to the global benefactors.

  32. Reading all the responses to this article, leaves one to conclude that Dick Morris is correct when he predicted the election in Nov will be the biggerst landslide in American political history and I will do my part to see that Obozo is voted out along with all the other Liberal Democrats who have ruined this country

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