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Obama Misses His Entrance

President Obama failed to appear on cue last night at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, California, a weird lapse for a president who may have been exhausted at the end of a marathon day of speechifying and campaigning.

Pool reporter Peter Baker of the New York Times offers a descriptive take on the scene at the late night fundraiser:

Your pool was brought into the Fox Theater, where the audience was being shown the campaign’s 17-minute promotional film. The movie ended with stirring tones, the lights came up and then … nothing. The stage stood empty for long minutes and no one came out, much less Potus. The crowd grew antsy and began chanting, “Obama, Obama!” Finally a woman took it upon herself to keep the audience busy, shouting, “Fired up,” followed by the crowd responding, “Ready to go.” After a few minutes, that died down. Then a man started chanting, “Four more years,” until that died down too. More minutes drained away with no one on the stage, no one addressing the crowd.

Finally when Potus was announced and entered the stage at 9:45 p.m. local (12:45 a.m. DC time), the crowd jumped to its feet enthusiastically. Potus responded to its energy. “It is good to be back in California,” he said. He then launched into roughly the same speech as in Denver.

At a fundraiser earlier in the day in Denver, Baker reported that “the room at times felt a little flat and Potus seemed a little tired.” What’s more, the crowd at the Denver event was smaller than the Obama campaign planned on, totaling only 550 compared to the 700 who were expected to attend.

Obama’s slog began at around 7:00 am when he departed the White House for Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he gave the commencement address at the United States Air Force Academy. He then staged three fundraisers, culminating in the final one in Redwood city, which ended for him at 10:17 PM  local time, but 1:17 am Obama Time – that is, Eastern Daylight Time.

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  1. Why do I have the feeling he will soon be taking ANOTHER vacation?

    Guess people have had enough of hope and change and are hoping to change people in the white house.

  2. Many of us have worked split shifts, multiple jobs, 24+ hours in a row without the assistance of staffers, Secret Service, limos, Air Force One and the like. My heart bleeds for this lazy…..person

    1. Excellent point! We are exhausted too, attempting to survive in an obamination economy with our values and freedoms thwarted at every turn!

    2. our soldiers, sailors, airman, and marines work tougher hours, with lower pay, more danger, lousy food, and a lot less support than this phoney who has coasted through life on a combination of affirmative action and politically correct bs.

  3. Poor dear. My husband has been putting in 80 hour weeks, and working through the weekend on another pressing problem. Except we/he have no vacation looming this weekend, etc. Or on the foreseeable future.

  4. He’s “exhausted.” Bush would have been called “dumb.” Poor Obama. Making so many campaign stops it’s just making him so tired. How about getting back to the white house and being president for a change?

    1. Oh, good grief, no! We are so much better off with him out of Washington and on the campaign trail. I can only imagine where we would be had he actually put some effort into being the preezy.

      1. Agreed!!!!! The longer he stays away from Washington (I’ll throw in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi), the better of the nation is. I shudder to think of the damage he might do if he were there more than he is now. Please, Barack – stay away from Washington or at least play golf everyday.

    2. I agree with you. If this was Bush or Quayle, the New York Times and Washington Post would have been printing how dumb they are and all the late night comics would make it the first joke of the night.

    3. Bush I doubt would ever have been that late. He was a very healthy man and older than BO perhaps MO is giving him a lot of grief you better get me 4 more years my wardrobe is only half finished!

    1. Sorry…I thought campaigning was his full time job, when he isnt focused like a laser on jobsjobsjobs.
      He is so full of ….well, he is full of it.

          1. indeed. campaigning is his only real job other than directing trillions of dollars to his buddy’s who kick it back to him so he can campaign. Perpetual corruption fueled with tax dollars. Can’t imagine how we got into debt.

    1. I’m not a typo Nazi, but I’d like to point out that you probably mean to say that you could NOT care less about the POS. What you said means that there is some amount of care still left in your heart for the POS — that you actually COULD care less than you do. It doesn’t sound like that is the case.

      1. The idiom is starting to change, as idioms do. The original phrase was meant to be taken literally: I could not possibly care any less about this topic. The new version is more snarky, more Jon Stewart: I COULD care less about this, I suppose, but not by much. I suppose it would be technically possible for me to care slightly less about this topic.

        It’s similar to the phrase, What else is new? As in, Hey, Biden said something goofy. — Oh yeah? What else is new? It is not actually something new, the person is just being ironic/sarcastic.

      2. Don’t sweat it. This is an example of English in which two opposing sentences seem to mean the same thing semantically. You’re not the first to discover it. I suspect this common usage is one reason foreigners find English so difficult.

        Actual meaning: “I couldn’t care less (even if I tried)” vs. “I could care less (but I’m not going to bother trying”.

        I suspect this common usage is one reason foreigners find English so difficult.

        A similar example is “Are you up on tomorrow’s plan of action?” vs. “Are you down on tomorrow’s plan of action?” First implies awareness and understanding; second implies acknowledgement and agreement.

        1. What manner of idiocy is this, who cares, you are quibbling over nothing. Try to stay on the topic which is the POTUS was portrayed as exhausted and he really was probably stoned or something else. I could care less.

  5. Poor Obama, he is not used to working so hard. Its been like two weeks since he has had time to play golf and how long has it been since he had a vacation, 2 months?!?!?

    He should take some time off and go to Hawaii or something. He could leave now and just go ahead and stay til say, . . 2020, that should work.

  6. Wow, the POTUS is tired after a long day. He should be well rested since that is the first long day he has put in since taking office. Long days are the norm for most of us working Americans under the Obama Regime. This guy is a joke and so are the reporters that dribble on about how tired he must be.

    1. You’re right, Jeff. One thing you didn’t mention though, and that’s that the reporters don’t seem to be able to spell ‘TIRING’ correctly.

  7. I guess that confirms it: Obama is ‘cueless.’

    Someone call the MSM! They’ve had 4+ years and they still suffer the same malady…

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  9. Like there isn’t a bedroom on Air Force One. Now, if he exhausted himself on doing the people’s business, maybe I would have some empathy.

  10. Oh poor dear—all the campaigning is catching up to him. BO just needs
    another vacation—I’m sure Moochelle is ready for another, as well.

    Too bad BO doesn’t feel the need to spend as much time being PRESIDENT, as he does CAMPAIGNING. He really is a vacuous soul—has no idea who he is or what it’s all about–was hoisted into job of prez without having a clue.

    Time to put an end to the OBAMA ERROR.

  11. Probably sloshed his way into a ritzy room at 3 am EST smelling like an ash tray full of winstons, urine, cheap whiskey,beer, sour lobster & butter… He’ll awake no earlier than 11 am lighting up a cig and feeling like the historical bum that he is!

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  13. It’s hard to believe that with this grueling campaign schedule, Obama is actually able to function in his elected capacity as President of the United States.

    Oh, wait a minute ……………

  14. Raising all that re-election cash is hard, gol darn work! All that while he has done so much to get the economy back on track, create jobs and make sure the needs of every American are being met. Poor guy needs a break. He, Michelle and the girls need to fly to Spain, frolic in the sea, do a little shopping, relax with some fine Spanish food and drink under a beautiful Mediterranean evening sky.

    1. Greece would be better. Seems like they could use some expert economic help. Who better to send over. Obama has been overworked trying to spin everything and con the media into continued obedience. Might be why Obama’s ideas seem to dizzy to the rest of us all that spinning has caught up to him and he couldn’t find his way to the stage.

  15. After so many vacations and campaign jaunts on the taxpayer dime it’s time we allow Barry to get back to his real job, community organizing. We’ll give you a glass of Tea and a long rest in November.

  16. And wasn’t he clever to have the taxpayers pay for part of this campaign trip by squeezing in a speech at the Air Force Academy. A speech, btw, that he used to bash George Bush.

  17. Obozo is a skinny, lazy little child who has never had to work hard in his life. I think what you are going to see is Obozo literally collapsing physically and mentally by mid September. He will NEVER be able to keep up with Gov. Romney, who is 65, and who does not have the luxury and pampered schedule of Obozo using the people’s aircraft AF-1, the White House and hundreds of staff paid for by the taxpayers. Mitt has worked hard in his business career, has had to multi task in business like I have, and has a natural level of energy required to compete in the private sector. Obozo does not. He has been spoiled his whole life. Now the real game is on!!

  18. Hey, three years of non stop campaigning is enough to wear out anybody but he figures if he wins one more it’s 4 years of golf and Martha’s Vineyard.
    Note: he was really outside having a smoke.

  19. Hey, he and I had similiar schedules. Headed to
    work at 6:30, dealt with thirds graders all day. Then
    picked up my own kids whom I took to appointments and
    school meetings. Went grocery shopping cooked dinner
    cleaned up house and finally sat down to watch the 10:00
    news. I didn’t miss a thing the whole day you wimp.

    1. yeah, but he’s president 24/7 and only gets a week long vacation in exotic places being waited on hand and foot. It’s not like being a mom is that hard!

      btw, I heard that when little Barry was in Chicago for the NATO event, he stayed at a posh hotel rather than going to his own home. What a douche.

  20. Ahh….Colorado….home to “medicinal THC”! Perhaps the President took a toke of the wrong “cigarette” while steadying his nerves and clarifying his vision for America, and, more importantly, the Teleprompter. Please, Mr, President, get off the camaign trail and get some work done with Congress!

  21. He’s depressed. No cheering crowds, no fainting women, no adoring colleagues, and Michelle’s always nagging him about vacations. The guy is such a chump. Kick the bums out and can we please have someone qualified to fix what dumbo broke?

  22. Or was he doing drugs?
    He’ll get plenty of rest come January. He doesn’t work. Riding in a plane giving the same tired class warfare speeches is not “work”.

  23. Halitosis Nero is apparently finding out after 3 plus years that bein’ preezy is hard work.

    Boo frickin’ hoo.

    But not to worry- he only has to keep pretending to do his job until January of next year.

  24. This administration is always late for everything….without apology to the people they keep waiting. F four more years!

      1. Oh snap. The delivery was a little harsh, but I kind of agree with you. Teachers think they work so hard. But get more days off a year than I get in probably 5 years. Cry me a river.

  25. It is sad to see a President so exhausted.
    Poor man needs a vacation from all that speaking, fundraising, and schmoozing with the folks who can bring big bucks to his coffers.

    Vacation time. Hey, I hear Cartagena, Colombia really rocks!

  26. Before this trip Obama had more campaign trips than last 5 presidents combined from Nixon to himself so of course he is tired and I say get someone that stays in Washington and works with Congressional leaders too fix 6 trillion debt and 39 straight months of Unemployment higher than 8% as this president in 8 months has had two (2) one hour meeting with congressional leaders while setting above record campaigning

  27. Poor guy, not enough perks I guess when busy campaigning on our dime. You never which failed policy he’s touting next. I can say this however, when Obama screws up the media says he’s tired, when a republican makes a mistake they are incompetent. Enough cheer leading aleeady media.

  28. The audience was probably full of recent college graduates that now are protesting they have to pay for their liberal arts degrees.

  29. So sad. I wonder when he holds his cabinet meetings. The man is propelled by things that build his ego. He has no following in Washington DC or in the rest of the nation. He thinks that if he just keeps moving everything is cool. He will soon conk out. Truth is, he is scared to death that people are beginning to catch on to his herky-jerky style and we will soon have an adult living in the White House.

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