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Obama Claims More Time in ‘Real World’ Than Romney

No, this is not one of my satirical pieces.

President Obama at a Denver fundraiser last night suggested he’s been spending his life in “the real world” while Romney has not. Here’s a look at what he said:

There was a woman in Iowa who shared her story of financial struggles, and he gave her an answer right out of an economic textbook. He said, “Our productivity equals our income.” And the notion was that somehow the reason people can’t pay their bills is because they’re not working hard enough. If they got more productive, suddenly their incomes would go up. Well, those of us who’ve spent time in the real world — (laughter) — know that the problem isn’t that the American people aren’t productive enough — you’ve been working harder than ever.

The point, I gather, is that rich people don’t live in the real world.

As far as I’m aware, Romney earned the vast majority of his money by busting his butt in school and sacrificing time with his loved ones by working incessantly ever afterward.

In his role at Bain Capital as someone trying to revamp companies so that they would be profitable, he dealt with every aspect of the real world, including workers, their salaries, businesses, customers, and so forth. What’s more, as an executive, his job was to run an enterprise and grapple with the joys and difficulties of managing his own employes.

Let’s look at Obama’s journey through the real world. He’s celebrated as a community organizers. But actually, HE ONLY DID THAT FOR THREE YEARS. Here’s his background:

1961-1983: Childhood and school

1983-1985: Real world participation, working for a year at the Business International Corporation, then at the New York Public Interest Research Group.

1985-1988: Real world participation, working as a Community organizer

1988-1991: Harvard Law School

1991-2004: Writing and teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. During this time he also had four years real world participation as a full time lawyer, though he handled relatively few cases, according to the Los Angeles Times.

1997-2004: State Senator

2005-2008: U.S. Senator

2009-present: President of the United States

So I’m counting about nine years of real world particpation during 30 years of adulthood.

Romney began his business career in 1976, and didn’t really part from it until he ran for governor in 2002. So that would make about 26 years in the real world for Romney. And during his time in the real world he also ran the 2002 Olympics and devoted a great amount of time to leadership positions in his church.

Obama spent far less time in the real world. His assertion makes one wonder – what world is he actually living in?

And yes, BTW, many people can’t pay their bills because they either are not working hard enough or they are spending too much. Not because The Man is oppressing them. That’s the real world.

26 thoughts on “Obama Claims More Time in ‘Real World’ Than Romney”

  1. Sadly, I’m not so sure I disagree with Obama here. If by “real” he means “majority”, he just might be telling the truth! Academia, government assistance, etc.

  2. Obama’s reality is nothing like that of the vast majority of Americans. He does not have a friggin clue. Him and Mooch are the worst kind of limosine liberals. Pretending to be just common folk and having all this BS empathy for the down trodden masses, just like the Kennedy’s. Thier hypocrisy is sickening. These terds are only interested in taking care of themselves and their elitist ‘friends’. The rest of us can eat cake.

  3. Hard work doesn’t amount to anything if you aren’t getting paid for it. Then it’s called charity.

    E.G. Ditch diggers work hard but they aren’t highly paid. If a ditch digger worked harder, he might have an earlier grave, but still he won’t be highly paid.

    Education is the way to higher pay. Do something that few can do and many need.

    Some young people look down on education when they see the internet wizards getting rich with little or no college. But those guys for the most part were breaking new ground in tech and Internet; colleges didn’t offer classes on those subjects anyway. So they taught themselves. America rewards those who help themselves. There’s more than one avenue to success.

    1. Might be true of a ditch digger but what about a farmer, plumber, electrician, car mechanic, or a truck driver? Individuals with those skills can be quite successful depending on how much talent, drive, and ambition they possess. Those college degrees don’t always pay off…as many recent graduates can attest.

    2. A university education isn’t for everyone. I’d bet a significant number of OWS squatters have useless university educations. There’s nothing wrong with community colleges, trade schools or apprenticeship progrrams. Electricians, plumbers and other skilled workers make damn good money. There is already a shortage of skilled workers and a glut of young people with useless BAs.

  4. “Real World”? = THEN WHY HAS NO ONE EVER SEEN ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s “COLLEGE RECORDS”??
    BTW, what the f#ck is a “Community Organizer in Chicago” mean? -Chicago is Democrat mob run city… like Chicago Dems. would allow some nobody punk like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ to “rise to power”?

    1. His work with the New York Public Interest Research Group shouldn’t fall under “real world” experience. It’s nothing more than another left wing student agitator group. Wouldn’t doubt if it’s another Soros front group.

  5. If Obama had spent time in the ‘real’ world he would have figured out how to budget his finances, balance his checkbook and read a balance sheet. He would have learned that he couldn’t keep borrowing from friends to pay his bills. He would have learned that ‘govenment assistance’ is only for emergency purposes – not a permanent lifestyle. He never would have spent half of his life teaching others how to panhandle from the govt.

    Obama finally fulfilled MOOshelle’s life long ambiition – to become a member of the ‘reel’ world. Movie stars, celebrities, limousines, jets, champagne bubbles, caviar and Kobe beef! They hit the mega-billion $$$ jackpot on the backs of the impoverished! Nice!

    1. They make the Beverly Hillbillies look like Royalty real royalty. I still
      cannot grasp that this great country is in the hands of fools and thugs
      and petty thieves. Imelda Marcos would be envious.

      1. Hey, the Beverly Hillbillies were decent people — that was the joke. Everyone laughed at them and underestimated them, but it was the people of Beverly Hills who were the villains.

        1. Honest and hardworking also generous and always willing to help.
          Wish we had them in the WH it’s just a bit bigger than they were used to including the cement pond. They’d do their own cleaning and cooking too:)

  6. Does anyone recall the Memorex commercial – the one that Ella Fitzgerald hits a high note and a glass breaks (caveat: the broken glass was a stunt). It’s the same thing when Obama speaks, he wants to hit all the high notes. Apply the same caveat again: It’s a stunt to get you to buy the product.

    Obama’s “real” world is as real as Mary Jo Druck a/k/a Reille (Hunter). ; )

  7. None of the politicians of tenure live in the real world. They live at a trough and spend their time keeping their royal lives intact.
    I also suspect, what with all these ‘bombs’ coming at once, (end of tax cuts, deficit ceiling, massive military cuts,) these guys could not even make it in the REAL world. In the real world I know, you weigh decisions on short and long term outcomes, and use something called strategic planning when proposing ideas and making decisions. You also do the work, and a staff is their to ASSIST you, not to do it all FOR you.

  8. There is campaigning and then there is the daily barrage of ridiculous crap like this. And most likely he and the people who will vote for him believe it. There is nothing real world about this man, this presidency, this campaign at all. Logic and fact mean nothing. It’s like fighting your way through cotton candy.

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  10. Great post Keith. It sounds to me that Mr. Obama-Dunham is trying to blurt out all the lines he will use for his upcoming 3 debates and focus group the one that don’t work. This is a doozy that won’t see the debate prep.
    It is sad that a lonely kid who drank, snorted, and toked through part of high school and most of college (it would appear) seems to believe he was living in the real world all along.
    A mind IS a terrble thing to waste.

  11. I have had jobs in which productivity made no difference — and some jobs where bosses suddenly required increase productivity for no more money. I suppose the answer was for me to get a new job — unfortunately that never occurred to me.

    I don’t blame Romney for my personal failures.

  12. I’m sorry..I DON’T count the unrealistic world of community organizing as the real world. It’s about as artificial as life gets, what with its ginning up people to be angry, soliciting free money from the government and blackmailing businesses to fork over dough so you won’t badmouth them.

    I mean, how could anyone seriously consider it work to load people up in a provided bus to stand in front of someone’s home and scream at them because you wan’t their money.

  13. “…know that the problem isn’t that the American people aren’t productive enough — you’ve been working harder than ever.” This is standard socialist doctrine. You can’t convince good people to take what they have not earned until you convince them they deserve it first. He can’t explain how to be successful because it takes more than hard work. As pointed out, ask any ditch digger…which I have done. It took me one day of digging ditches to get my priorities back in place and find a job that would allow me to go to night school. It takes many things to be sucessful it’s just the social government isn’t one of them.

  14. This man HATES the Flag of United States AND the Government for which it stands. He has already established the fact that he will say anything and do anything with no regard for the truth. He has absolutely no morals. The muslims were taught by mohammed that to lie for the advancement of islam was not only acceptable but was encouraged. He believes totally that the end justifies the means.

  15. Dear Keith, I am NOT a birther.But I am someone concerned about Obama’s
    admission to three prestigious schools. Was he admitted under any kind of affirmative action quota? Like Elizabeth Warren, did Obama EVER claim any other ethnicity or nationality? WHY has he spent a FORTUNE to have ALL education files SEALED? And what KIND of passport did he hold that enabled him to visit Pakistan at a time when Pakistan was NOT admitting people with American passports? Why hasn’t the press examined THESE questons? I hope YOU will look into these matters. Thank you.

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