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Obama Campaign Auctions Off Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton just sent Obama supporters an email saying that he has joined President Obama as first prize in the latest campaign fundraising raffle.

Here’s a portion of the note:

Pitch in what you can today to strengthen the campaign — and you’ll be automatically entered to join me and President Obama in New York City, with the campaign covering airfare and accommodations.

If our opponent succeeds, so much of what we’ve fought so hard for will be rolled back. Health care reform — which many presidents, including me, tried to pass and couldn’t — will be gone. Same goes for the opportunity for millions more Americans to afford to go to college, and a growing economy that works for middle-class families.

Was there a time when presidents didn’t raffle themselves off? Will the winner be able to throw a tennis ball at a target and dunk the two of them in a vat of water?

I think second prize is a blender, but I’m checking on this.

31 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Auctions Off Bill Clinton”

  1. Raffling porn stars could be added to the venue. Photos and more at Weasel Zippers (which is plural for Bubba, who is a weasel with a loose zipper).

    Bill Clinton just out-Clinton’d himself — posing with two famous porn stars in Monaco moments ago.
    Clinton’s in a Monte Carlo casino right now for a special “Nights in Monaco” gala event — and several celebrities are in attendance. . . including Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson. . . and a BUNCH OF PORN STARS.

    1. While former President G. W. Bush appears mostly only in photos with veterans, especially disabled ones. Oh yes he was the idiot President…..right.

    2. Sadie, Weasel Zippers has the full picture over there now; it was actually THREE porn stars! The Missus ain’t gonna be happy about this!

  2. Too funny… Ed Klein got the title of his book “The Amateur” from a comment Slick Willie made about Narcissus Maximus. I’m learning so much about the political class and their lack of ethics and morality. Everybody knows these two despise each other but they continue with their kabuki theater to keep the dough rolling in.

      1. ‘gator, that might just work. Its not porn if you can’t see anything…….Heh heh “Don’t worry Michelle, these are organic chickens’ feathers”…….Wait, I hear a knock at my door! Two TALL men wearing sunglasses and earpieces!

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  4. MrClinton doesn’t make the cut as the latest “pork-chop-around-the-neck” attraction; he’s more “bag-of-stinkweed” around the neck of MrObama..

  5. Maybe if Slick Willie and the Gay Prezzy wrassled in a tub of blue jello I might give a penny to see that. They bring real class to the presidency. You can always depend on dems for finding new and better ways to demean themselves, their office, and the country.

  6. When are the raffles for Al Goracle and Michael Eat Moore? Don’t put them in a dunk tank, though. If they fall in, everyone within 20 yards will get soaked from the splash!

    1. That is a great idea, Mari.
      I’ve got the slogan:

      And they would have to make a special booth for his girth.

  7. Mark Donahue Editor@The Daily Rash

    “Was there a time when presidents didn’t raffle themselves off? Will the winner be able to throw a tennis ball at a target and dunk the two of them in a vat of water?”

    Great line!

    1. I am just grateful that Obama doesn’t have a penchant for jellybeans.

      He’d have us guessing how many in the jar for a $3.00 donation and a chance to pick our favorite flavors.

  8. “Me and President Obama.” Really? Could we PLEASE use proper grammar?

    Good God above … and to think I voted for Clinton twice …

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