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Quote of the Day || May 23, 2012

“No, really, I broke my kneecap skiing. I mean, playing volleyball.”

– Newark Mayor Cory Booker

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || May 23, 2012”

  1. Thuggery must keep the believers in line. Free speech for Obams is whatever
    Is to his advantage on even given day no matter what he blithering on about
    what a putz!

  2. Why not pick the mafia? They always turn a profit, there would be no more “leaks”, and they are always there to protect you. Dems just print more money, suppress any other thought, and want to take care of everything for you. It’s kinda like when you realize it’s not “a national debt” it is deferred taxation. You probably wouldn’t put up with more taxes or the mafia running the country… Oh wait… Someone is at the door. Be right b

  3. Mayor Booker is sacrificing a once promising career and lots of money support from investors in his area.
    Too bad…he should have stood up for what he said the first time.

  4. A little snarkiness from Andrea Mitchell this a.m. on Morning Joe! She said Obama should thank Cory Booker…not for what he said but for taking the focus off everything that went wrong at the NATO Summit in Chicago. First of all, it was only the third Summit held in the U.S since it’s creation in 1949 – and the first time outside of Washington. Obama planned it as a victory lap and photo-op with Pakistani President Sarkari with an agreement re-opening the supply routes into Afghanistan. As it turned out – No Deal! Sarkari wouldn’t sign it unless he had an apology for the 24 Pakistani solders that were killed by NATO troops back in Nov. According to Mitchell, Obama has been see-sawing back and forth for 5 months – offering condolences but no apology. She ‘couldn’t understand how the situation was so mishandled’! Obama refused to meet with Sarkari. Pakistan remains his biggest problem and he is clueless!

    Meanwhile, Karzai, who refused to allow Rep. Congressman Dana Rohrbacher into Afghanistan last month, was on Piers Morgan excoriating Rohrbacher for his hyper-critical stance on the corruption in Afghanistan – saying he needed to show ‘respect’ for his government!

    It feels like the twilight zone! If anyone sees Obama on the campaign trail – tell him to ‘call home’!

    1. Kind of surprised Obama did not apologize to Pakistan, figure he’d want to keep that apology streak going. Apologize to the Pakis for their loss and get the supply routes open, what is so hard about that?

      1. It’s different this time because it’s an election year. He knows he’s apologized too often, so this time he just put the word out that after the election he’ll be able to be more “flexible”, i.e. he can apologize profusely after November 6th.

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