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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 24, 2012

8:30 am PT || Attends a fundraiser; The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California
3:00 pm PT || Arrives Des Moines
3:55 pm CT || Tours TPI Composites, a wind manufacturer; Newton, Iowa
4:15 pm CT || Delivers remarks on urging Congress to act on the “To Do List,” focusing on green energy
6:55 pm CT || Speaks at a fundraiser; Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center, Des Moines
8:20 pm CT || Departs Des Moines
11:45 pm ET || Arrives at the White House

31 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 24, 2012”

  1. He’s playing the clock out now. I have a sneaking suspicion he has already struck a deal with Hill and Bill – the winning lottery ticket! He can’t win without them, Bill in particular. Bubba had to rescue him when the Bush tax cuts were extended…and Bill will rescue him in Nov. BTW, check out MOTUS today – there’s a repulsive photo of MOO cow with her hand on Bill’s knee!!!

  2. Ever notice that when Obama tours a plant that has something to do with green energy, they file for bankruptcy six months later?

  3. Fundraisers, Fun raisers, I am totally posted out,. I am so disgusted with this Administration, I will be on leave of absence to regroup my thoughts. Tread on my fellow posters, you are the backbone and spine of this madness which is exposed by WHD courtesy of Mr. Keith Koffler.
    Best regards,
    Stephen C. aka Knothead

  4. What? No College campus rants scheduled? I suspect the TeamObama is looking to falling back to “Obama wearing hardhat factory tour photo-op” visits since the 1/2 empty college arenas are not working.
    Too bad TeamObama is going to miss Ohio this week ’cause Joe the Plumber has resurfaced as a congressional candidate. I want to see a rematch!

    1. I watched “Joe” as he was being interviewed by our friend RevAl on MSNBC. Joe is pretty impressive, communicates well and didn’t allow RevAl flummox him with pointed Dem rants.

      It was pretty funny watching RevAl try to trap him by twisting everything Joe said and Joe just swatting him down like a pesky fly.
      At one point, Joe said something like “I’m not running MrRomney’s campaign, I’m running for Congress”. He tried to pin Joe down on the union question and Joe just slipped right out of it. I like Joe.

  5. Wonder if he’ll comment on the Nikki Haley piñata incident?

    Looks like his union thug buddies are the ones waging the war on women.

  6. Fly all the way across the country stop in Iowa and back to DC. Why for the
    life of me people aren’t outraged by his daily trips and fundraisers I will never

    1. Obama is wearing the wings off Air Force 1 and I feel bad for the USAF flight & support crews… those guys must be working double-duty to keep AF1 ready for Obama’s ‘campagin trips’ most every day.

        1. That should be against the rules that is not their job at the pace this
          do nothing fool uses those men and women. Everyone is just a disposable use for him as he is dear leader…my goodness I can’t think of anything polite to end that sentence.

  7. oh boy more fund raisers and more talk on energy what a F-ING clown this idiot is he isby far americas worse president ever and i never have considered him my President ever this Idiot and his wife will be gone in November
    Thank GOD

  8. WOW 5 fundrsisers within 24 hours he must be so so tired from working so hard to Destroy America him and his union thugs and Liberal commies

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  11. I guess the dinner lottery was a bust and now he has to turn to Animal Learning Centers for fundraising. “Bark if ya’all love me out there!”

  12. Obama’s fundraiser tally since May 2011 is now at 139. (Mark Knoller, CBS). There is absolutely no way he can justify all this travel and expense to the taxpayers. I will be so glad when the first grifters are sent back home…

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