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Arizona Official Will Allow Obama on the Ballot

The state of Hawaii provided verification of President Obama’s birth to Arizona State Attorney General Ken Bennett, who had threatened to keep Obama’s name off the ballot unless Hawaii provided the information.

Bennett, who is running for governor and was accused of stirring the controversy to curry support among birthers in the state, told the Arizona Republic the information satisfied his demand and the issue is now closed.

“I’m happy that we got what we asked for and that’s what I was expecting all along,” Bennett said Tuesday night.

Bennett last week told an Arizona radio station that he had been waiting eight weeks for the proof.

12 thoughts on “Arizona Official Will Allow Obama on the Ballot”

  1. There was never any doubt here in AZ that MrObama would be on the ballot in November. IMO, this was just another way to show that we’re thoroughly disgusted and angry with the Obama administration’s actions against the people of Arizona.

    How did this all start? The “Chicago way” politics of punishing those who are considered enemies put Arizona right up there at the top of the list.
    We had the audacity to have a Arizonan run against MrO in the general election, we objected to his wife’s inappropriate attire on their “vacation” here, the University of Arizona refused to give PrezObama an honorary degree when he gave the commencement speech, and we had the misfortune of allowing a crazy man shoot and kill our own residents in Tucson.

    Add to that Arizona’s desperate attempt to stem the flow of millions of illegal aliens that poured across our border and threatened to bankrupt our state by using our humanitarian protections and services to cure their physical ills and educate their Spanish-speaking children. When Sheriff Arpiao’s attempt to enforce the laws against illegal aliens jump started the DOJ’s personal attack on him for doing so, it just got to be too, too, much.

    When the good people of Arizona got stung with the “racist” label for our anti-illegal alien law, we were dumbfounded by the false attack. We are are multi-cultural state and there is no animus between Anglos and Hispanics; one of our most popular governors was a man of Mexican heritage.

    We’re hoping for a validation of our contested law by the Supreme Court and a return to sanity from the federal government.

    1. Well said srdem. Arizona has been this tyrant’s whipping boy from the get-go. Good for Arizona that you keep thwarting his plans at every turn.

  2. Why was Obama from Kenya while writing his book, then changed the story after starting a Presidential run? Does he have a little problem like Elizabeth Warren?

    1. What ever was convenient and worked to his advantage. Getting into elite schools was probably easier for someone claiming to be born in Kenya vice Hawaii. Just part of his huge pack of lies.

  3. This really is nothing more than white noise to take our attention off what’s coming our way in a few short years. Would be nice if someone…anyone could ask the campaigner in chief to explain the EPA’s war on coal.

    Northern Ohio will be the hardest hit by the shuttering of coal-powered electricity plants. By 2015 FirstEnergy customers will be paying $357 per megawatt of electricity. As it is now, coal-powered plants are only generating 36% of the country’s electricity, versus 44.6% just one year ago. The algae king is dooming us to the sky high electricity bills he promised before he was elected. In my opinion, the coming Armageddon of energy costs is way more critical than whether or not the liar in chief gets his name on the Arizona ballot…

        1. Cult of personality. We live near a college town and I remember driving by the town square and seeing the young people carrying signs and chanting “Hope and Change” around the 2008 election. Downright scary…the kids behaved like zombies. Believe most of them have awakened from their trance since graduating from college and discovering there are no jobs out here in the real world.

  4. “The state of Hawaii provided verification of President Obama‚Äôs birth…”

    Barry is alive and walking around. That’s also verification of his birth.
    As to proving WHERE he was born, that’s another story.

  5. There is nothing I would like more, well, other than OBAMA losing in November, than to see it proved Obama was born in the USA. The ramifications of finding he is not are so huge it’s mindboggling. But I don’t trust someone who says “I saw the evidence”. Show the evidence. No juror should ever find a person guilty or not guilty based on someone saying “I saw the evidence” and at this point no one is going to believe it on Obama.

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