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RNC Ad Points to Obama Campaign Dishonesty

This is a pretty effective video released today by the Republican National Committee, demonstrating that Newark Mayor Cory Booker himself contradicted the Obama campaign’s denial that it had spoken with him to get him to revise his Meet the Press criticism of the Obama camp’s focus on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain.

The ad gets at the issue of trust and honesty on the part of the Obama campaign and, by extension, President Obama.

I’m wondering if honesty is an angle the RNC intends to dig into – broken promises, “evolving” positions, and so forth.

I’m also wondering if before accusing the Obama campaign of shading the truth, the RNC is going to somehow ensure its own spokespeople refrain from such tactics which, I’ve found, are practiced avidly across the political spectrum.

I can still remember being informed by the Bush White House that the war in Iraq wasn’t having the least bit effect on our ability to fight in Afghanistan. Sure.

But there are different gradations and degrees of this, and having looked at the original appearances by both Obama 2012 spokesman Ben Labolt and Newark Mayor Cory Booker – away from this ad, which splices things up – it looks pretty clear that Labolt is being dishonest or is not informed by his own people. Or Booker didn’t know who he was talking to when he got feedback about his Meet the Press appearance.

Spokesmen can be misleading. But they can’t be dishonest.

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    • Sadly, too many of them spend more time focused on American Idol, The Bachelorette, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Those kind of voters can do us all a favor and stay home this time.

      • Hey, I watch American Idol. I can multi-task. (wouldn’t be able to without the invention of the remote. How many commercials can you pack into a show?)

        • I know, Mike. Sorry that I didn’t word it as well as I could have, but I did say that some people “spend more time focused” on reality TV than the reality in Washington DC and our lives. We all need a break from the politics sometimes and need to chill out with mindless TV sometimes (usually HGTV for me). But, what I’m really frustrated about is the people who pay no attention to politics and make no effort to educate themselves on any issues or candidates, yet they know all the details in connection with their favorite reality shows. These are the same people who claim BHO is “working so hard” because they saw Letterman say it. They really have no idea about BHO or his administration but will mindlessly vote for him.

  1. Whatever MrRomney did or didn’t do when he with with Bain is lost to the general public when most Americans can’t balance their own checkbooks. The rarified air of high finance with hedge fund operators and venture capitalists floats right over most of our heads.
    Who lied and when they lied, what did they lie about or why did they change their mind isn’t going to mean anything unless it’s to make MrBooker look like a scared little girl who was threatened by the big bad wolf of the Obama campaign gurus.

    The Bain controversy is a nowhere issue with the voters; we’re concerned about jobs and the economy. If MrRomney made money or lost money,all that matters is that it was his money and not ours.

    • You are spot on srdem. Never gave a thought about Wall Street or high finance until the 401K came along in the 80’s. It’s still a potent ad that reveals the lies and deception of the Obama campaign.

      Great idea SnarkEsq. Conservatives need to go on offense rather than just swatting at flies. Obama henchmen turned 100 years of bankruptcy laws on their head by confiscating wealth from GM shareholders and turning it over to the union. The truth should be told about the damage the federal government caused when they basically nationalized GM.

      • Actually, I have to give credit for that idea to my mother. She mentioned it to me yesterday. She’s not online, but listens to radio all day (Rush, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, John Batchelor) and Fox news all day and night too. We’re constantly calling each other and saying, “Did you hear/see that?”, LOL. I actually read most of Keith’s posts to her, and I print out tons of articles to give her. It’s like a damn full time job keeping on top of this administration and BHO’s screwing of America.

  2. “Spokesmen can be misleading. But they can’t be dishonest.”

    You could have fooled me, Keith. I thought lying was a pre-requisite for everyone in the Obama administration. Lebolt, however, is not up to the job – I wouldn’t buy a used car from him.

    Ironically, Obama has turned Cory Booker into a first-class liar – he was so refreshingly candid on MTP – too bad. Poor Cory – he needs to find another house on fire so he can save himself! I wouldn’t vote for him to be dog catcher now. I wonder if Christie will do any more ads with him.

  3. Obama is doubling down on it. And I finally got the message (although some Obama surrogates apparently have not). Bain is not a bad company. Romney is a bad man. Sort of like a mantra, a chant, something to be practiced in front of the mirror. They ought to be able to handle that. Bain cannot be a bad company because of all the Bain people raising money for Obama and all the oh so many hedge funds that Obama took money from. Now about that solar company where a high level exec is married to an Obama bundler. They got some huge chunk of taxpayer money courtesy of Obama’s Green Bank, the DOEnergy. It’s endless.

  4. gracepmc….the Obama bundler you are referring to is Allison Spinner who is a lawyer at the law firm that represents Solyndra. The CEO of that law firm, John V. Roos was appointed Ambassador to Japan in 2009. No mention of Solyndra on his official website. Can’t imagine why not!

    The Solyndra story is unraveled here:

    • Thanks re. Solyndra. But I was referring to NRG Solar which received $1.2 billion from DOE. Bundler, Arvia Few. Husband, Jason Few, Exec. VP at NRG. Read it here and there, but there is a link over at Gateway I think. WDC “power couples” and all. :)