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Why Obama Could Well Lose in Arkansas Today

As you may remember, the Arkansas presidential primary is today, and President Obama is running on the Democratic half of the ledger against someone named John Wolfe, a lawyer from Tennessee.

And as you may remember, someone named John Wolfe might win.

In a local poll taken May 10 gave Obama 45 percent to Wolfe’s 38 percent, with 17 percent undecided.

Here’s the problem for Obama.

The poll queried Democrats. Only natural. But Arkansas is AN OPEN PRIMARY, meaning potentially thousands of Republicans with mischief on their minds can cross over and express their solidarity with Mr. Wolfe. All, of course, because of the chance to stick it to Mr. Obama.

So the poll probably understate’s Wolf’s support. What’s more, since the survey was taken, Wolfe has gained significant notoriety, and by now has some name recognition to go with his 38 percent.

Democrats have vowed not to give Wolfe any delegates if he wins, which hardly seems fair. So he may get some sympathy votes for being quashed by The Machine.

Losing a primary would be bad news for Obama, even in conservative Arkansas. It suggests a weakened candidate. And weakness is a bad selling point for politicians.

Also keep an eye on today’s Kentucky primary, where Obama is competing against someone named “uncommitted.” A large tally of voters marking “uncommitted” on their ballots in Kentucky would magnify a poor showing for Obama in Arkansas.

Add all that to the scare he already got in West Virginia, where a Texas prison inmate picked up 40 percent of the primary vote, and you’ve got a president heading from weak to something far worse: A little ridiculous.

15 thoughts on “Why Obama Could Well Lose in Arkansas Today”

  1. Maybe barry hussein should secretly call his “spiritual advisor” of 20 yrs.
    ( the beloved “rev” wright) and they can pray to allah for help…

  2. MrWolfe doesn’t have to get more votes than MrO to win; he’s already “won”.
    With all the pundit talk about MrO losing the White working class voters or this group or that one, the truth is that a whole lot of Dems don’t like where he’s taken our country and don’t approve of his handling of just about everything. The Dems always assume that anyone with a “D” registration is on board and will vote the Dem ticket. That’s not going to happen this year and it didn’t happen in 2010.

    The Obama campaign gurus will be watching the turnouts in the predominately Black precincts for indicators of how they’ll turn out to vote in November.

  3. The problem with Republicans crossing over to vote in the Democrat primary is that they give up the ability to vote for state and federal representatives on the Republican ticket. If all of their representatives are unopposed, then go for it. I did it in 2008 with Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos. Was so terrified of Obama winning the nomination I voted Democrat for the first time in my life. Hillary did manage to win the Texas primary so it was worth the effort. This same guy is on the Texas Democrat ballot, but I won’t be crossing over this time around. Got a chance to throw out a bunch of RINO politicians and send constitutional conservative, Ted Cruz, to the Senate. That is more important than sending a message to the loser in chief.

  4. I just landed in Arkansas, established residency and am catching a cab to go vote for Mr. Wolfe. And if there is broken glass in the path, I’ll crawl across it to cast this vote against the Poseur-inChief.

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